50 Shadows Of Pure Earl Grey Tea, British Chocolate Cookies, English Heaven Cupcakes, Scotch Pancakes and Devon Ice Cream.

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La Montaña, Roberto Carlos ..

I am trying to make this note as easy to read to all minds, age and even gaps in culture. Particularly when there is children of any age around, that habitat in our community and get access to services in the area, including the internet. My aim: “Children can read, but not see what is the matter, because is not point to hide things, as sooner or later they will know, the full facts”- Since younger my own children have all the facts in life, before the teachers told them. Why?- Because I am my children’s mother and there is not better person to speak of “changes in life”, than us. As you can read the news today, school teachers not only give sex classes to small children at respectable schools, but some predators perform the full act with our youngest civilians. Including and not extent religious sinners, that leaves the present Pope to carry alone the crime of the rest (http://tinyurl.com/pavwj5s), when is not his fault, when it was not his time, when is not his personal matter, when is not his problem and when illegal in law, any law worldwide?-Violence against any person regarded of colour, disability, age, religion and even status is wrong, but when against children is the lowest of the low!- I wrote extensively into the matter and is the coward bully that need to get legal help, not us the victims:


So as you can see, The Queen Elizabeth II, The Holly Pope Francis and The United Kingdom State (any State worldwide) can not carry on this way and the (local) government staff hide the law as usual, together with the bullies that abuse society of any age. As mother myself, where my children were victims of bullying at school, when I requested help from the headteacher, but ignored. I need to move my children in the same way as me today “out of the area”, in order to prove to them and whoever concern the matter, that is not me the problem, but “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that brings members of my family and friends to the UK, free of tax payer, with a wave of lies, tales and defamation arrive from Mexico, Germany, Cancun, Canada, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opal_Property_Group Where I believe all this abuse in law towards the community by the social worker sister of the ex/husband (carol parker), together with her aides against society (me and mine), a lethal weapon. Because my family and friends need someone to open the UK door to them and I will never over take my hospitality in this country, never!-

I have not seeing my friends of school years soon after I left my education (1978), to work full time in banking. I have not seeing my family in Mexico after emigrate (1985-2015) the UK, except a few times and my passport (mexican-british) shows times and length of time (5 times in 29 years). My children saw own cousin before Christmas 2014, since after the christening (1994)?-I have not seeing the ex/husband family and when married was a few times during the year, nothing else!- My sister (soco) was a neighbour, but lived in Germany, when arrived to the UK after her second divorce, she was detained under the mental health act (http://tinyurl.com/k6vrk8a) by a social worker – sister of the ex-husband, not me. “I am a simple career for elderly people, not a social worker”- What I understand the “family problems” of the ex-husband and his sister social worker is a mix of lethal confused groups, that work together in the criminal activity, blame me and mine of matters – excuses that happened to them in order to cash, when is not me, but themselves. Today, such mix of lethal weapons that act as groups with the aid of the ex/husband sister social worker, try hard to pull my children in the same wave-land, in order to hide all the past and walk away as nothing. Such groups of mix of lethal weapons that belong to the social worker sister of the ex/husband, but trying to frame him, me, or whoever is on the way, because the following link, http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg did not made itself, but someone that works for the community, as social worker (sister of the ex/husband). I was told years ago by the ex/husband that his sown sister social worker was acting for him, then he lost his job, knee, house reposes, marriage, unborn children ( http://tinyurl.com/oa4h28l ) the lot, but blame me, when I am the same as him, so how?!-

The ex/husband and his sister social worker problems belongs to society – state, as own parents passed away (RIP) and I am divorce now (1985-2012). “Neither myself or my children are qualify for such matters of family problems that are a bunch of lies, tales and defamation against society (me and mine), in order to cash. As mention before, me and my children will never go against society in general as form of weapons, tools, or take the law, furthermore when is our blood, relation, father, mother, family, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, or even neighbours”- I am not responsible for the full actions of “family problems”, when unaware of matters since day one (1985-2015), but trying to use, blame and frame my children after the sick job was done?-When link, http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg of abuses started before the marriage (the kiss, 5 boys, the river, etc. http://tinyurl.com/loz3gsc ), as I was cancelling the weeding, if we remember!-I can probe legally by the law of the matters, as I did a full investigation myself after my divorce (2012), copy of paperwork left in charge to a professional, because Trafford council staff refused to investigate. http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg I believe the mix of lethal weapons, groups and matter lies as mention before with “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that brings to the UK the worse of the worse against me as he told me, and as follows:

-The Opal groups http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opal_Property_Group is/was a connection to “family problems” in order to frame me. As before mention I lost all my jobs, unable to know the grounds as the law state, but 2 peoples came out of the car, where I was working (Mary Wall) and pointed to me. Again the same defamatory individuals, as all was hide in “confidentiality acts”, by Trafford council staff (see link, http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg ) and the ex/husband sister social worker. “Every single job happened the same, “unable to know the grounds of dismissal, by hiding the crime, criminal activity and abuse in confidentiality (cowards) acts?”-

– The Caritas and Legionaries of Christ (http://tinyurl.com/pavwj5s) are the same groups used by the ex/husband, his sister social worker, friends of mine (stolen by the same family and turned them against me!) and members of my family as “la primiada” (http://tinyurl.com/po4esg7). As years ago out of the blue, the ex/husband told me that I will be left with the worse of the worse from Trafford council staff, Christians groups and his sister social worker was representing him (lost his job, knee, etc)?- http://tinyurl.com/przppq4 I was never told of reasons, grounds in law of the abuse and why of such hate towards me and mine, hide with “confidentiality acts” the cowards, as if they were not acting properly in their own right mind?- http://tinyurl.com/nbbwal6

– My brother died ( http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy ) soon after the “family problems” abuse erupted, maybe when the hate propaganda arrived the United Kingdom, which I tried to stop as contact a solicitor (see Dobsons Solicitors # 4 http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg ) to no avail. I believe strong all is a connection of what I mention before, plus a government plan – job, as family (mexican and british – social worker/NHS, etc. ) works for such places. I do not care where peoples work, but the criminal damaged to the community as me and mine.

– The Legionaries of Christ comes from my mother’s birth place (Michoacan) and used by my sisters to dominate her persona badly with Christians matters, also the ex/husband mother used the religion a lot locally (Stockport church), and at the end of the day, all was based on lies of my reputation by the ex/husband sister social worker and helpers: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, the palm tree, etc. Excuses to cash and bring such lethal weapons against own family (me and mine) to the UK, as unable to understand reasons in a proper rationed mind, because you never goes against your own blood, never!

-When I was reading of the Legionaries of Christ to my HORROR, I found a similar person that was my best friend when younger (http://tinyurl.com/nvg8l9a), but not any-more, because you never sell a friend. Such peoples do not deserve any kind of friendship and all the class in primary school was telling me to ditch her, nobody wanted to be near her – not even in high school where you would expect more maturity, except me?-I hope all the class remembers this matter, as today, I lost unborn children by lies, tales and defamation against my persona. As this friend of mine told me a few years ago, by the use of this system (FB), not in person but hide as usual, that I spread tales of her persona. Again, it was not me and I never care of any size, otherwise I will never offer my friendship in the first place. “I was not ably in law (any law) at any time, to offer my friendship to anyone, because nobody does the matters in real life, so in which grounds in law the hunt, stalk, follows against me and mine, even the UK in order to cash?”- http://tinyurl.com/pzgop64 Not just happy with the ordeal of school times, as nobody wanted to be relate to the friend (tere solana) at any time but the rest of the class was pulling me to their own side (yes, the whole complete class in primary and high school!!), then we need to see each other hide as her own mother would not a-probe of me, as if the rest of the class a-probe of her?-

I want to thank everyone at the school times (primary – Rosario and high school – Central), you made me fell so special, you put me in a place where I do not deserve at any time, because I was the same as you, but as usual, without me doing anything at all to win such friendship, you always wanted the best for me and such peoples is what keeps me going today, cheers!-

However, I never told the friend (solana) of the class matters, as it was not important to me “size and all”, but she came against me and mine, without a court order and to know the reasons and grounds in law, but helped by the ex/husband and his sister social worker “family problems”, together with mine, for all to cash (see photos http://goo.gl/EKx8d5 ). What’s worry me unfortunately, the state of mid of such peoples that went against a disabled women as myself that wanted a normal life like everyone else, because I was born normal!!- I do not remember at any time, not even today, that I went against anyone, otherwise the whole class would never demonstrate such warm towards me. It is not as bad the need to support my own sisters envy, but the rest as well (teresa solana)?-As premium for her own lies (teresa solana) against me, she was to keep her own child and I lost mine, which did not belong to me only, but Sergio Gomes Pintado, as she told me of this matter a few years ago (“I was to keep my child and you did not because of our family affairs: how she knew of the matter, it was planed?”), without thinking the level of envy, malice, spread and hate. No wonder together with my family, they are so much alike in mind, like weapons of mass destruction?- http://tinyurl.com/lnm9vnl I would like to ask in which grounds in law this man, Sergio Gomes Pintado and myself need to lose unborn child by bad spread, hate, lies, but unaware of the matters on that time, then I arrived to flor house to be used my unborn child as cash machine (see photos http://goo.gl/EKx8d5 ), what a sick society we create?-

The same as the rest of “family problems” that came against me, instead of such (cowards!) peoples that were bullied, “Have Some Guts” and speak direct to the bullies, but why me and mine, as form of revenge (dad can you tell him?- http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr .. of the ex/husband!)?- So as you can see not just happy to introduce such world that do not exist in real life, (with respect), as such people celibate, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controversies_surrounding_the_Legion_of_Christ but we need to deal with Magdala Center in Galilee and who pays: unborn children?- http://tinyurl.com/paznlh4 I hope it gets demolished the Magdala Center, as such peoples killed, murder and destroyed my unborn children’s lives with HORRIBLE spread. The 50 Shadows of Grey looks as such friend (tere solana) told me of another friend of us marielena – (“magdala as tere solana called and relate of Fr. Juan Maria Solana Rivero”) mellado sleep with a priest when in “retiro” and somehow their own mother’s becomes friends of my elder sister’s and even marry into the same clan (Julian Gali – Bojalil) and I was forced to leave all of them by spread?-

Now in response of the same matters (http://tinyurl.com/qyhlegn): Fight the Power of 50 Shades: Here’s What YOU Can Do! … When people will understand to divide matters? … As one matter speaks of religion principles as the note speak and another matter very different is 50 shades of grey, which is a “personal PRIVATE fantasy” from the author, to the rest?- Where FOR GOD¨S CREATION, what wrong with you peoples and your sick, pervert, believes and minds?-The English peoples for example, so rigid with the slogan: “No Sex We Are British” or “Marry – Abuse Young Children?” ( https://youtu.be/qfjbmq4vOWU ) Nobody condemns, speaks, or talks about the crime matters of sexual abuse to minors, anyone?- However, in real life a simple “fantasy” like 50 shades of grey, that will not leave the bedroom, but a repress matter YES and before you know, becomes a crime, when sleep with young children!!?- https://youtu.be/OD5IfyepMcE If you are all so sick and disagree with that matters of 50 Pure Earl Grey Tea, British Chocolate Cookies, English Heaven Cupcakes, Scotch Pancakes and Devon Ice Cream, then don’t forget to speak to God and ask him the grounds of reproductive life, including those that murder my unborn children with bad spread!- ( http://tinyurl.com/movht4n ) As we are ALL surround by weak minds, predators, child molesters, sick repressed, that hide with minors, instead to have a healthy life that will not leave the bedroom and with respect. “This is what deter me from writing full time, as the lunatics, can not see the reality of the matters, can not see the fun in the contest, can not see the reality between real of unreal but kill with spread, can not respect life but murder, can not respect author rights but destroys all (birth) rights, can not take the real words but twist in depraved ways, forms and even shapes” –

This note has nothing to do with “church, religion, vatican, or similar”, but intent to expose cruelty to human peoples, even my unborn children. My parents believe the spread, in the same way as the rest and this was demonstrate with the need of myself to expose and stop intolerance in society. I take no responsibility of such peoples that kills human people, even with spread, because murder is murder in any language. As such peoples could communicate with me at any time, because they know full well were I am, but playing games to cash. In order the law to know my side of the story as well not just them and have a chance to clean my name, but passed the law and everything, with criminal activity, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.