Princess Diana and Charles, Prince of Wales own daughter state, as rumours? ..

I believe strong that HRH Princess Diana of Wales made two very strong children, capable of anything and to handle as such in a professional way, exactly as own mother.

Lady Diana 1961 – 1997

Every single doctor the same as any professional need to comply by the law, duty of care and swear alliance to own practice, exactly in the same way as me when I become UK citizen, in order to protect The Queen, Country, Land and Glory. Stealing is a crime not matter reasons, except when on financial necessity (financial necessity mean “poverty”), furthermore something that belong to your own body, persona and identity without the consent, knowledge and permit of the persona. Here I am talking about Charles, Prince of Wales and HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), that become a surrogate parents without knowing, “if the person is in reality own child?”- In my honest opinion in this matter there is many ways, branches and leads that can take us to know the truth if the child belongs to HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales by medical exams, even by blood example, to dismiss any kind of question legally. However, I am not a doctor to comment any further, except as student of UK law. In fact as Barrister in law, in order to do advocacy to HRH Princess Diana of Wales, as I had been taken her as my own surrogate sister, because of the similarities in life, but without the social class, beauty and stardom.

Nobody has any rights to break what God made it, nobody!

Now in law, if truth that the samples were stolen from Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales, then, pretty very much, this is going to cause a big mayhem in our society and the doctor will lose his own career – licence for good, he is going to be stricken out of medicine, remove from the list and expose as example to the rest, behind bars, because the times of abuse (clone) long time passed. Where professionals are mature enough to take responsibility of own actions and understand properly own profession, so no excuses. In my opinion as Psychology student since child, by my own efforts the study of mind and behaviour of the doctor that stole the samples comes with no reasons in law, except to humiliate the victims (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles), the Royal family, brothers (HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry) and sister, “if the child is real”- As the doctor broke any kind of trust, imaginary to mind. A doctor is not allowed to speak of own patients private matters in full public, as the American doctor is doing now, not matter which country, because Europe, Australia, America, Canada and even worldwide holds the same principles, even in medicine, so no excuses.

I am amaze of the power of this woman made of rock, to live a life in order to please the rest,
when she had no necessity, because she was not on duty! ..

The reasons why, I believe in the case of Stephen Seddon was wrong ( As own father was death, when his own GP spoke of his fears in a court of law “without his permit, consent and knowledge” breaking the law. As we don’t know if it is true or not of the “secret” from Stephen Seddon father to his GP, based on “fears of own son”, or motivate vendetta, but landed in prison. The GP broke the law and “confidentiality between Dr and patient”, that should not be exposed (even in public), by the Judge as the father of Stephen Seddon was death, not alive to give evidence, consent, permit, but his GP?- A very similar matter happened to me, when the ex/husband and his sister social worker were trying to impose me a mental capacity act 2005. As I wanted a cash settlement and the divorce, but broke regulations, code of practice, duty of care and licence, particularly when a social worker should not get involve in health matters (as she works in NHS, Hospital, Health and Medicine). As social worker is not allowed by the law to request such mental health act (any mental health acts, or capacities), let alone to practice direct with a “family member” in this case my own sister that landed in the hospital, by the same “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family. In fact, the removal of own jobs (solicitors, barristers, gp’s, doctors, etc) with immediate effect for the abuse of power and profession.

David Solicitor Mental
The letter that expose the capacity to lead own profession ..

In a pretty very much the same way, happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles personal matters, a broke in professional standards not matter reasons, full stop!-Can you imagine if years after someone bring this to your attention, when you left all the trust in the hands of a medical professional?-Exactly in which position you are supposed to be and your children, and your own family and your own principality – state and everybody involve, including the child if true and what the hell are you going to tell everybody?- In order to avoid this matter again, we need to set standards and the law properly, adjust matters to avoid another circus display and abuse, as the rest of victims that are falsely accused (Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Rosario Castellanos de Parker, Stephen Seddon, etc) and force any professional to act upon the law, not just pass the law: “As against the magna carta, rule of the law, UK constitution, human rights acts and etc”- The confusion circus display is not just the child, but own parents as well, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales is not with us today, but a similarity, to bring unrest to her own children (HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry) and family environment, as they mean nothing to society to be taken seriously, to be taken with respect and to be taken with the full force of the law?-

Alastair Swain
The letter that speak of true professionalism ..

If it’s true that HRH Princess Diana of Wales has a child, why she never become forwards when her own mother was alive and why now?- As every child in this situation that want to know own blood relations with respect, but why too late as 30 years old?-I do not question the child, but parents that create this matter, including stolen private matters?- However it comes, the matter need to be probe “first” in private not in full public, until the samples comes clean and doubt becomes 10000% free of anything. “We do not know the reasons of abuse of own practice in medicine, but irrelevant in law when create life without the permit, consent and knowledge of the relevant parties (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles)”- Now in this time and era no need to act this way by the doctor, unless peoples – couples (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles) can not procreate properly and/or by free choice, that is not our business. As I believe this is why and the reasons why of the procedure in medicine, when taken samples. Not the “samples to be taken” in order to create confusion – abuse as now, but with the “full permit” of the victims (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles), without passing the law, but acting upon the law and rules of medicine. Now correct me if I am wrong, with the samples only, as not my subject: “Medicine, never was and I am not interested”, but the apparent child was born, so if it’s true, then I am not wrong!-

CAB and Solicitors
CAB ..

I hope, Prince Charles understand fully well what I feel right now, as all my personal matters stolen from me by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family. “I do not wish my position, to anybody, not even my worse enemy, so why the rest to me, when all is lies?”-Where I have to come in full public to clean my name, as even the law was removed from me, everything gone today!- Exactly the same as when someone steal part of your own body and spread into pieces, making a mockery of yourself in public, violate your own birth rights in full society, because this is how I feel right now. This is how I was left when removed of my unborn children, this is what was the intention from the beginning of my life after emigrate from Mexico to the UK, as if all was planed, in the same way, as stolen private parts of our future King of England. I believe strong that The Queen Elizabeth II and Her loyal husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh (with respect) deserve better, as good mother and father worldwide, as excellent example to today’s society, as the best humanity peoples of the world. I have nothing more to comment until samples are taken, from the child that proclaim to be part of the Royal Family, and until then, the last result also is taken to identify the same child, mother, sister, aunt, or whoever the person is in our society and with respect, in my opinion,

David no position to buy my part

I believe the person involve in the photo looks like HRH Princess Diana of Wales similarity, may sound not right to you but done before (clone). I am not into any medicine, never was and I never will be, neither I am saying that the person involve is the child of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles, or deny the same, because this is not my place, with respect to whom it may concern the matter, as need to be probe in law. If I have the law, I will demand to know the true of the matter asap to clear the air and in order to gain stability again. As looks as HRH Princess Diana of Wales knew of matters well in advance, but never mention in her memoirs of any child?- However, I protect HRH Princess Diana of Wales Imagen and her children, me and mine, without suffering reprisals. As I am allowed by law to protect, expose and clean my name, also to speak on behalf of people that are not with us today, but left us legacy to follow/s. When I said this as such, those people that depart as Lady Di, deserve to be heard and listen and take notice, with respect, but the gravity of laws can not be altered. When I mention Lady Diana Spencer exactly in the same way as she is well known worldwide, with strong white and pure light and the same kindness – goodness to the dismay of the rest (envy), even if I never meet her and with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

David Statement 1

HRH Princess Diana of Wales, RIP.