Help The Age: “Our Dear Parents Haven’t Spoken To Anyone, For Months To The End Of Love” ..

I am the small child positioned between my parents and my elders sisters are positioned on the top of my parents, followed by their own helpers, one in each side.

Yuri, el golpe traidor

This note position my own family, because it will speak regarding a report: 1 million older people haven’t spoken to anyone for a month. I am not trait-ion my own family, but exist issues that need to be address – relate properly, because I believe strong that in law, I have the rights to clear my name and the names of my own parents from anyone, anybody, or anyhow, that wants to discredit our reputation at any cost, selling our family names for nothing in order to hide own matters. If my own family went against my own parents principles, today is the perfect day to clear the air and expose the true. If there is a problem with this note, to seek direct to peoples that caused the confusion, but never at any time, anyone asked my side of the matter, but went against the law for any reasons, set of reasons and grounds, which is a crime in our society, leaving me with no form of defense in the United Kingdom. Now trying to use my own children to confuse even more, when all hate propaganda against me and mine based on lies (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, the kiss, the china girl, etc), started years ago (1985), not now (2015). Now, if you think it’s me the problem, I advise you to clear the matter in a court law and bring your own cheque book, because I intent to charge for the defamation, lies and tales!-


My response from the note of “Age Champion”: How you are going to become an “Age Champion” when the reasons parents are left ALONE relay on work commitment and family life by their own children, with NO set time to see the elders. I can not see what government has to do with this matter, when is the responsibility of own family, nobody else!-As a career for older peoples in the past, I have to press hard families to make commitment with own parents, not the government, but own children to care about own parents. In fact for introduce the matter, I lost all my caring jobs, as was against regulations, but “normal” to live as yourself mention here, with no/one to visit, from which planet those bullies are coming from, because those rules are set from the council, any council of the UK. On the top of that matter in full public display, I was insulted by a neighbor, which rules the neighborhood house #11 (sherway drive ), that I “abuse elder people” when on DAG Trafford council meeting and following link explain properly. What surprise and confuse me even more is those peoples that falsely accused my reputation in full public display, represent disabled peoples ( of the United Kingdom?-

Trafford Council (scandals):

My question is: where is the probe of the matter that “I abuse old people”, but badly defamed my reputation, as not me, but own children that leave parents alone, totally alone, as the ex/husband sister social worker that was the main career of her own mother, but the woman suffer several falls that landed in Stockport Stepping Hill Hospital and her own medical records should explain properly, with several health issues, even to lose own body parts to please her own daughter (“as teaching her a lessons” as link explain, part of own family tradition?- and I was to blame. In fact I lost all my jobs because of such lies, when it was not me “who abused old people”, but carol parker, social worker, which is the ex/husband sister and her own mother full time career, but neglect. Today, the social worker sister of the ex/husband, carol parker said that she do not want to get involve anymore with “family problems”, after she left a complete trail of destruction within the family, from both sides: “By teaching us lessons (”, also by her own lies that started from 1985 – 2015 with: 5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc:

etc ..

“I am very independent woman and I hate to be in my own children’s shoes, but not the rest and I feel simpatico as we all need company, love and respect”-My own mother was used by all my ELDERS SISTERS with no form of respect in the matter, as “pass the parcel?”-I refused to PLAY the game totally, as my own mother had everything to live a comfortable life, not begging in every single house of my ELDERS SISTERS, but stolen all her money, possessions, properties, reputation and blame someone else’s (me, or my brother ) after, as usual. When in reality my own sisters even habitat PRESENTLY inside my mother’s home (33 poniente #315 Puebla, Mexico, see the pink house also, Cotija de la Paz Michoacan, Tierra Blanca, Ver, etc), so it was not me, but I lost all by their own FALSE accusations against my reputation?- I loved my own mother to bits (, and she stay with me longer as possible in the United Kingdom when visiting. As I was unemployed when my mother came to visit, with no form of subside as cash, no job and small family, in which I received ZERO financial allowance by the ex/husband for their own ukip and all my jobs stolen, one by one (yuyis kept my previous job at the bank, eBay passed to betito, customs and excise given to javi, boyfriends, or man relate to me in the past passed to pepita jr and “la primiada”, carol parker ex/husband sister social worker, kept all my jobs within old peoples, etc, by such peoples that pretend to be family, but lie the curse of the law, with not form of remorse, respect to anyone and care (see cards ) within family environment.

My own mother ( was full aware of my financial problems when married and my small children need to endure hardship, “as I did my best to bring them alone with little cash”, also my ELDERS SISTERS knew of my matters as they were intruding all the time in my personal life (as you can see the level of abuse), to no avail and falsely accused?”- I knew my own mother was very rich and she did not need to beg to her own daughters, but visit family only. As I told my own mother so many times to keep cool with us, because she was afraid all the time, as she confide and told me herself of my elders sisters bullying approach, the same the ex/husband own mother that landed in the hospital so many times?- “I will not buy this horrendous attitude against own parents and I will contact the police immediately if necessary and my own children are full aware of the matters, because I never create my own to go against society, neither my parents, so which grounds, rights and reasons my elders sisters came against my parents, also the social worker sister of the ex/husband?”- The ex/husband has to walk the line with me all the time and I watched him like oak when he spoke to his own mother, contrary of his sister social worker that should know better, as her own mother used to tell me, to no avail.

I see them both women, as my own mother’s in their own ways, different, but they were there with me. The problem my mother has was that she did not love any of her own children, if anyone tell you different is pure lies, because she suffer a lot when on child herself. I understood on that time and even today of the issues, no problem. I pardon my mother from day one and I respect her own matter and I even thank her for sharing her life with me, but some sisters and brothers (because we were all full aware of my mother’s past life, not just me!) could not relate and went against each other, as you can see the level of abuse. I tried to help my own mother as much as I could, but I will not disclose the matter any further and I place the blame direct to her christian worlds. The ex/husband mother ( suffer the most horrendous war (WWII) ever existed and all of them came with flying colors consider the amount of abuse and murder display (70 million victims of WWII), that many times need to control matters by, “teaching lessons”- Unfortunately at this present time complete abuse attitude (“teach lessons”), by the ex/husband and his sister social worker against society (me and mine), when there is a court of law to clarify matters, but hide in “confidentiality acts the cowards?”- Because we are not in war anymore and the ex/husband mother in the the same way as my own mother, “confide to us their own past life”, but went wrong, horrible wrong, as own children went against each other, as you can see level of abuse.

The level of abuse within family members still interminable, but kept my mother with little respect, as if she was a burden to society when she has everything, used as “pass the parcel (one month with one sister, one month with other sister, another month with another different sister, etc?) scheme” that my ELDERS SISTERS fermented, because the mother of own husband’s would never be treated that way, so why my own mother?”- The rest of the family calls me “rebellious” when the matter comes with not revolution at all, but calls “dignity”, furthermore when it was my own parents badly affected by the elders sisters attitude, confusing the rest. My own mother was unique, I LOVED her to bits and I would never hurt at any time, less alone that way with the “pass the parcel” attitude and with so little respect, by my elders sisters that cash with me all the time “based on lies of my reputation”, when it is them not me, but use all kind of bribery, abuse, hate propaganda, lies and even emotional blackmail?”- Please tell me if any old person would not suffer mental instability, with children that hurt parents badly and there is thousands in research for mental issues, when should address matters in a court of law to stop abuse, full stop!!!?-Are we confuse, or even mental (bullies) nowadays, that can not assimilate one matter to another, because our parents deserve respect, no cash in research for mental issues, but the full power of the law, to stop abuse, full STOP!!-

Would you be happy to be “passed as parcel” in order to be charge cash for your ukip, as my own mother was, as mention before she lost all, everything and my actual sisters still lives in her own home presently (the pink home 33 poniente #315 puebla mexico, cash, properties, jewelry, etc) not me, but falsely accused?- The same properties, jewels, cash and everything that we all signed for my own mother to keep after my father passed away and left no will, so why the Elder Sisters enjoys my own mother financial benefits, when the rest are left in the limbo? – I can assure you that there is professional peoples that are holding such paperwork as a form of witness, that a sister passed to me years ago and for my acknowledge of the matters, as I live in the UK, but blame by the same family in Mexico, UK (ex/husband sister social worker, etc) and everywhere?-I am not fighting financial cash here, but settling the record straight and protect my reputation, also to make sure you all knew that I loved my own (parents) mother to bits, but could not keep her longer as state before: no cash, no job and no nothing thanks to the elders sisters, so how?-I was left alone even after my own children were born, as the ex/husband told me: “They are your children you look after them, so what changed today, that all hard work is done and finished?”-The reasons why the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers tell you not to mention matters to me, because all is lies for them to eat, educate and live super well (cancun, canada, germany, etc).

In fact my own mother did not need to be a burden to society as she was wealthy, but enjoy her retirement life with tranquility, peace, respect and love from her own family, that all she ever wanted!!-Why my ELDERS SISTERS removed that freedom from my own mother (soco, mara, me?), then to be place the blame to me after destructive behavior or whoever was available, when my own mother never removed our liberty, she never blame nobody in the family and treat all of us with full respect since younger’s, consider all the matters (shit) that she comes from?- When all of us enjoys the best education money could purchase, but my mother demonstrate to be more educate than the rest of us, starting from the elders sisters that should set a good example to the rest, to no avail. I think that I will never forget and I will never forgive my elders sisters for all the “destructive behavior”, within my family and members of my family, as you can see each other with problems, or relate (ill) problems somehow, except the elders sisters that lives super well and eats – steals all from us (pilar guerrero, hazz, parker, maricela, my friends, mela friends – red cross puebla society, travel agency, etc), based on emotional blackmail, bribery, financial pursuit, lies and even kills ( for our things with no form of respect, but not their own husbands family (corona, azpiri and matamoros), except us by the bullies, that aid by “la primiada?”-

Am email from a niece to me to probe matters, “lack of respect” and against own family?-
Subject: RE: 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 19:30:02 -0600
Gracias Paty apenas fue el miercoles misa pa mi abuelitos y José, el 27 cumplió mi abue 10 años no?? y el 23 José unos mese, tons tuvimos misa, no te había contestado pues nos fuimos a Acapulco de puente aunq esta medio riesgoso x la inseguridad q se vive en el país y allá esta muy feo casi ya nadie sale en las noches y el turismo ha bajado un poco no se puso como otras veces, sin embargo la pasamos descansando ya q la gde. se me había enfermado de paperas yo igual estuve malita pero grax a dios la prox semana voy a llevar mis estudios pa q me los chequen!! nada malo Beto!! jaja… este año no puse ofrenda como otros pero igual rezamos muchos x toda la familia!!! y claro q tienes tu casa pa cuando vengas a México!! sabes q te estimo y quiero bien!! saludos a todos x allá los de Coco y claro uds. recibe bendiciones.

The nada malo Beto!! jaja… was made that way by the elders sisters, “as a joke” to the rest, when my sister (soco) has problems with own husband (hazz) that was exposing her, when in reality was Beto Hazz that went out with a woman and broke his marriage bows, not my sister at any time. I have another email from my elder sister daughter (pepita jr), where she “warned me” and months after my brother was killed?-This is the kind of blessings (see email) that we received (.. voy a llevar mis estudios pa q me los chequen!! ) by “la primiada” as my elders sisters left us (the rest of the family) in the mercy and hands of their own children (without our permit, consent and knowledge) to continue schooling against own family and fun (nada malo Beto!! jaja…), but not to own husband family isn’t (corona, azpiri and matamoros, etc)?-

What my own mother did to my ELDERS SISTERS as bullies, in order to be treat that way to the rest of her own children (me), but keep us with the best. I really hope when my elders sisters passed away, the rest of us don’t see the big opportunity as they did to us, with help from helpers (carol parker, norma hazz, la primiada, etc)!- As I lost all thanks to their own lies teaching the rest the same criminal standards, abuse and bullshit, even my Lord did mercy to my parents long time ago, before their own son was killed with no form of mercy, by one of their own?- “I will never forget and I will never forgive my elders sisters for the level of abuse, crime and distortion within our peaceful family environment, including the ex/husband sister social worker, no wonder the match works so well, almost as in heaven”- I wonder when I will receive justice for my unborn children, that perished in the family holocaust, by the elders sisters own attitude against own family?”- Where the rest of us within the family background need to pay for ever my elders sisters own hospitality at their own homes, when in reality was to pay own children school fee’s, food and good life to kill all mine (brother), including my unborn children, as we have all (pink house The £2000 pounds that the elder sister (josefa) pay to me was to cover the other sister (flor) that left me with the mess of clothing, not me to them, but them to me, but used that “excuse” to charge me everything, until the last penny and bring to the UK a wave of hate propaganda against own sisters (me and soco). Please notice their own matters, not mine: .. voy a llevar mis estudios pa q me los chequen!! – El injerto was done by the elders sisters (anny y josefa) taking advantage soon after my parents passed away, because nothing came from me at any time against them, but acted as bullies, a reflection with own children!- Exactly in the same way as my mother lost her home, by the elders sisters, as bullies. Some members of my family detained under the mental health act, by the same elders sisters after my parents passed away, as bullies.

Unfortunately, I can even tell who killed my brother from the same elders sisters own family and include the email of “warning” that she sent to me. As mention before is toxic groups that during the years formed within my family, from matters stolen from my own past life, as “excuse of endless lies (the dishwasher, the palm tree, the river, the 5 boys, the kiss, the china girl, etc)” and even school friends (teresa solana senties,, when I never saw them again since 1978 – 2015 and own children born in 1980’s, but blame by own parents, where today is “warning” to society, as nobody is safe, by those bullies. I had been in Mexico a few times, before my brother was badly hurt (2010) and still today in the UK (2015) for the same reasons, but blame of his death?-When all hate comes from elders sisters and their own children: “la primiada” against the rest of the family, that formed those toxic groups, because my own God made justice to my own parents, even long before their own son was killed, by one of them and it was only just time?- I want to clarify that my parents never killed, or acted wrongful against anyone, but to mention that my parents son received justice by my own God, years ago by the same family, individual, or person that killed my brother and was only time!- I want to believe strong in this matter, in order to continue my life, knowing that I did the right thing, as nobody is going to play games with me, or my reputation. “The reasons why I refuse to see anyone of my past, until this “family problems” are addressed properly and by the law”-

I have no regrets on the time of my mother, as I was left with no cash, no job and no prospectus, by the elder sisters that stole all mine, but my own mum played a visit to me anytime, no problem, as her own Mexican passport should shows. But if I have the law, I would be charging my elders sisters and the ex/husband sister social worker (as she was her mother main career) with neglect, abuse, ill spread, lies of reputation from victims (me) in order to cash, to impress, to impose, to hurt, to blame, to incite hate and confuse the environment. As both mothers (my own mother and the ex/husband mother) knew of my reputation badly, when all was lies as mention before, in order to cash and abuse own position. I feel sorry for both mothers (my mother and the ex/husband), as both of them abused – confused to the end, with endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) against my reputation, within such family in order to live so well, the reasons of my divorce, as I am not playing such games, full stop!- If anyone was badly affected by my own mother’s attitude, I can assure you that was not my mother who acted wrongly, but my elders sisters. So please go and address the issue direct with them, because my own mother was brainwashed with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, the dishwasher, the plant tree, etc) as mention before and any issues with me, in a court of law to clarify, with thanks! .. Rosario Castellanos de Parke