MP David Cameron: “UK police requests access to phone calls, emails and private correspondence” ..


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While many emails, phone calls and correspondence mean nothing to worry about, but unfortunately, the “privacy of your own life” is about to expire. As UK police requests access to phone calls or emails, granted 93% of the time. The problem of such peoples as police officers, council staff and government bodies using your own personal data with any excuses and communication is against the law. As such professionals need to gain access to your permission “first” according to the UK law, before consider spying against the community, also they need to have good grounds in law to stop and even search. The matter of stop and search, also access to private information as emails, letters and phone calls, reflects in medicine as well as the United Kingdom law with police officers, or whoever concern matters as profession: “As such professionals bodies need permission first from patient – client before, considering accessing, or even sharing personal data”- In fact illegal and against the law to gain access to the community private matters, without own permission and consent first. Every single professional that gain access to their own profession (as gp’s, doctors, police officers, social workers, council services, etc) in the UK need to sign a document, with the matters of “client confidentiality acts”, even swear the bible for the same reason/s not matter which side of the world lives the professional (Mexico, America, Canada, etc) apply the same rules, laws and responsibilities not difference, “irrelevant in law, when breaking the law”-The UK cannot change the law over-night to accommodate requirements, but need to be vetted by the same community – society. In which, I am unable to understand how my own family from Mexico and the social worker, sister of the ex/husband from the UK gained access to my own personal ID, doctors, gps, dentist and everything of mine, as all manipulate matters with endless lies against my persona, from years ago (1985) – up to today (2015) the same abuse, when against the law and profession. As the ex/husband mother told me many times of her own daughter: “She is a social worker, she knows very well what she is doing, really?”-I set this blog and the reasons why I set the blog as the abuse of “family problems” from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me way out of question legally. As the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers went against my reputation, without a proper court hearing in order to have my side of the matters, “as the law state, dictate and order”, but removed the law – area ( from me in order to clean my name today. When the UK comes with clear, clean and set of bill of laws, rights, responsibilities obligations, so no need the abuse, but passed the law, when we have the magna carta (, “for whoever wants to pass the law” – As I am unaware of what kind of “tales, lies, defamation, confidentiality acts, control freaks and even manipulation”, used the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me and mine, in order to hide themselves from malice and release myself from such ordeal, abuse, tales, hate propaganda, racism, and intimidation, breaking my reputation badly. As such lies of the ex/husband sister, social worker against me, hunting me (,worse than an animal the abuse, because this matter demonstrate with HRH Princess Diana of Wales, not just me. “I am unable to understand why to use the system to access the community private affairs, if the matter is not a real treat from society, but government staff”- The tread from the Middle East groups called ISIS (as example) which are feed from the government to protect own financial (££$$$) affairs (, nothing else, as the community is unable to gain such equipment, tools, resources, computer system, machinery, etc. The lies from some government staff against Middle East peoples is way out of imagination, I rather not to think what could happens now when all comes to the open and furthermore, how many victims of war the abuse of Bush and Blair cost the world, as they started with war of Iraq, Iran and now Syria and victims keep arriving from the Middle East? – My life is not different of such foreign peoples, that abuse own profession against victims as myself. As you can see the photos in the following link goes against with the reality of such lies from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against my reputation, but I lost all today in the same way as the Syrian peoples. In law refutes such claims against me legally and even indicate otherwise, but hurt my reputation badly, where I lost all. Particularly on times, when was not permissible at any cost “confidentiality acts” but explain “patient – client rights and permissions”-As against the law the abuse from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, hiding my human rights with the help from CAB staff. As the abuse to society (me) shows today the same pattern of neglect and bullying to community affairs, so no excuses, because is not just me that suffer the abuse ( see links ), but the whole complete country and even the world as mention before, with the Middle East crisis. In fact by such brutalities the reputation of The Queen could be in taters, when the woman can not be in 20 places at the same time: “the head of the country, work for government affairs keeping the order, also mother, grandma, great grandma, sister, aunt, but everyone knows full well own place, position and even responsibilities within the community affairs, including professionals, so no excuses!”- As no matter how much control into our personal lives, but can be controlled and monitor by another countries against the UK ( As refuse entrance, exactly in the same way as you banned me (, with no reasons, grounds in law, or any other requirements, but lies, tales and defamation against my reputation, that hide the bully of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, with endless “confidentiality acts” the cowards and who came to my aid, nobody, not even speaking my own language as Clegg and his wife, but alone in a country that is not mine and the bullies that feel so good hide with the rest?-I have two weeks to remove myself from my present position and as victim of crime (war) from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers imaginary lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the palm tree, the dishwasher, etc), that I lost all today, even when looking for places to live and stay (as the following link mention ), also removed any opportunities from me by the same bullies (see link, that I am not in the position to carry on playing games, but expect the UK government to sort the mess on my behalf. In order for me to gain financial compensation for the lost (my unborn children, reputation, opportunities, education, employment, small business, removal of the area , etc), justice, memory, reparation and non/repetition of the same abuse towards me and mine, including my brother’s life, sister detained under the mental health act and my children bullied. So the same as me with the mandate from the ex/husband to remove myself from what I consider my home, as the divorce settlement is not finish yet with wrong paperwork – name, also lack of pension status and etc, that, the UK government got 2 weeks to repair my life, with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, but is not negotiable the mandate, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

An email from the Prime Minister, David Cameron (with thanks!), with my full respect to his wife and family, also regarded police accessing emails, phone calls and correspondence. I hope the next email from the Prime Minister to me is regarding an offer for a proper employment in politics affairs ( ), with thanks!

Dear Rosario,

When we came to office in 2010, Britain was on the brink. Our task was urgent: to rescue our economy from the mire. With that economy now going in the right direction, we are once again on the brink – but this time, on the brink of something special. We have a golden opportunity to renew the idea that working people are backed in this country; to renew the promise to those least fortunate that they will have the opportunity for a brighter future; and to renew the ties that bind every part of our United Kingdom. We now have the mandate to deliver that renewal. And it starts with today’s Queen’s Speech: a clear programme for working people, social justice, and bringing our country together – put simply, a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government.

The first task of a One Nation Government is to help all working people have security. And nothing is more crucial to that than a job. A new Bill will help to create two million more jobs this Parliament. That means there should be a job for everyone who wants one – in other words, full employment. To help people get those jobs, we’ll train them up; three million more will start apprenticeships over the next five years. We will also reward work by letting people keep even more of the money they earn – for the first time putting it into law that the Minimum Wage is and always will be tax free. That will be alongside a five-year tax lock which means there will be no income tax, VAT or National Insurance rate rises in this Parliament.

The second big focus of this Queen’s Speech is championing social justice. That starts with education: a decent schooling for every child, no matter where they’re from. Our school reforms in the last Parliament were bold; one million more children are now learning in good or outstanding schools. In this Parliament they will be bolder still: taking over and turning into Academies not just failing schools but coasting ones too, as part of our new Education and Adoption Bill; opening not just a few more Free Schools, but 500 more. Of course, there is nothing that embodies the spirit of One Nation and the cause of social justice more than our NHS, which is there for everyone, whoever they are, regardless of their ability to pay. So we will continue increasing spending on our health service, by at least £8 billion a year by 2020, and make it a truly 7-day NHS.

We will also continue our welfare reforms that help people into jobs, reducing the benefit cap further, to £23,000. Our reforms will incentivise work – so people are always better off after a day at the office or factory than they would have been sitting at home. That’s true social justice – not handing people benefit cheque after benefit cheque with no end in sight, but turning workless households into working households; the misery of unemployment into the purpose and dignity of employment; and the welfare system into a lifeline, not a way of life.

Third, this Queen’s Speech will bring every part of our United Kingdom together. Our legislation will make sure this recovery reaches everyone, from the oldest industrial towns to the remotest rural villages. Our High Speed 2 Bill will help bring our great northern cities together in a Northern Powerhouse that rivals the biggest cities in the world.

For our different nations and regions to coexist as One Nation, people must have more direct power over the areas in which they live. So our Cities Devolution Bill will allow them to bid for an elected mayor, with far more sway over planning, transport, policing and health. We will have a Scotland Bill, a Wales Bill and a Northern Ireland Bill, and will put into practice our promises on devolution – making Holyrood the most powerful devolved Parliament in the world. Governing with respect means respecting the wishes of the English too. That’s why we will address the fundamental unfairness devolution causes in England, by introducing English votes for English laws. And the UK will have more control over its affairs, as we bring forward proposals for a British Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act. We will also legislate to have an EU Referendum before the end of 2017, putting the question to the British people for the first time in 40 years: the European Union – in or out. Underpinning all of this is security. With an Extremism Bill, an Investigatory Powers Bill and a Policing and Criminal Justice Bill, we will keep our people safe.

That’s our legislative programme. It’s challenging but doable; optimistic but realistic. It’s the bold first step of a One Nation Government – a Government for working people. And this is the Britain we’re setting out to create: a Britain where you can get a decent job, have a good education, buy a home of your own, have dignity when you retire, and feel safe and secure throughout your life. In the last Parliament we laid the foundations for that; in this Parliament we will use them to build something special. We’ve now got the majority we need. With this Queen’s Speech we’re going to get on and do it – for every single person in this great nation.

So – if you haven’t already – please join the Conservative Party today, and play your part in everything we’ll achieve together in the next five years.

Thank you,

David Cameron