We want to speak on behalf of our humble, “Queen Bee” ..


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We want to speak on behalf of all our little brother´s and sister´s of the whole wide world and Bee’s are not exception, because nobody is left out in our BIG KINGDOM ! ..

When I set foot the first time in a Mexican Country (Mexicali) that lands and borders with an American Country, from that split moment, I could feel what everybody LOVES of that place and is the FREE SPIRIT syndrome, that the rest of the world lacks at this present time and comes thanks to the Americans Natives of my stunning country Mèxico and the whole complete noble American land, that represent each and one of their own Tribes. http://tinyurl.com/neuluwr

It is something that you need to see it to appreciate by yourself and believe me of the power of love, that comes from such country that stand as America, in order to understand brotherhood and sisterhood in a dimensional place, complete totally different, that the world stands today. In fact, an opportunity to see a complete world transformed, after the “newcomers” landed to an American soils, from a poor background and stricken war European country. http://tinyurl.com/psmme3f

As such people´s, as you call the American (Mexican) Tribes, represent PEACE of the whole wide world in existence, including every single particle of our living life that matters and sweet our life: like our “Queen Bee”- In fact, the American tribes are the creators of life as a whole. Such peoples can actually speak with the unknown peoples, blessed with such power and not because they are different to any of us, but MASTER knowledge gained from parents to children, including respect. “It is a process that you need to keep alive, or the knowledge will fade”- As single particle of life and reasons why, we are here in today’s world, with our Mother Earth. Such peoples could speak direct to animals with no problems at any time, furthermore can control them worldwide and not to be controlled by such strong force, that gain knowledge by our living MASTER, passed from generation to generation and the beauty of the matter will take your breath away in today’s time.

But what happens when such force is killed, as 400 American Tribes perished (RIP) when the “newcomers” arrived and the world today, holds in one balance, but not the other that is missing?- Exactly the same happens to you and me, our mother earth, animals and complete living existence when destroyed, because unbalance the rest, not difference to our humble: “Queen Bee” ..

What I am doing now is to revive, what the newcomers killed of those 400 American tribes and take such (murder spree) matters seriously, because calls: “Holocaust”- Can you imagine the world today, if such peoples survived the massacred, basically our troubles will be over and finished long time ago, but killed (RIP).

I think, it’s time to learn and listen to our inner force, to believe strong what is right to us in present times, not what is best to the rest of the peoples, but us. We need to learn to stand as “solos” as one of the best “entrepreneurs” started alone and from ground zero. As what happens when you are in groups, one pulls the others, or vice-versa and slow matters, or place matters in speed motion that the other is not ready for such force, speed, or matters.


I am not saying business in groups is bad, in fact, we are all the time doing business with each other, so no problems. What I am saying is learn to live by yourself – be your best friend and not try to hang into someone else’s in order to survive, in order to prove matters, in order to bring wealth to your life, but you and your inner force.

In other words and in plain English, be you, love yourself, encourage your inner force to anything that you want and don’t feel guilty to give all to you, you and you, in order to give all to the rest after, but never before. It is what we say in different words: “be original and not mediocre, be yourself and not someone else and in that way, you will learn not to regret matters, because at the end of the day is one life, not twenty and so is today, not tomorrow!”-

Furthermore, learn to listen to your inner voice, as the rest will come and tell you what they want for your own life, but in business ventures, you are the entrepreneur, it is your own call, cache and your trade mark, not them. And at the end of the matters is not them, who will pull the strings when things goes good, or when things goes bad, but you and yours alone, nobody else!- So learn to listen to your inner friend and learn to feel the fear of anything, before it’s too late and waste your life doing nothing, due to fear, due to regrets, due to ignorance and due to many things!-

My children calls me: “cheer leader” not I am not, but someone that learned in life “to go for it” instead, “to wait for it” and how, just by promoting yourself. How do you think those business ventures and entrepreneurs gained such notoriety, millions and stardom, including such well known names made in our society, if was not thanks to “promoting themselves” – And please do me a favor as a young – old entrepreneur, don’t accept “cheap work” but put yourself a “real value”, think of all the good things that you are capable to give to our society, instead of the bad bits that can shape with experience after and furthermore, accept NO for an answer from nobody, before anyone tells you otherwise. As any business ventures can go right or left and at the end of the tunnel nobody knows what will come after, so better give a try, or learn by the experience, but feel the fear & go for it!!!-

In fact, learn to “feel the fear” when new matters comes to you way and do it anyway, without reserves, without feeling guilty, without accepting anyone’s ideas, without frontiers and without barriers, but learn to be you, accept you as your “Best Friend” and furthermore be you!- Hug yourself when matters goes well and do not overestimate – underestimate your capacity, by grilling yourself after failures, because mistakes is what shapes and makes us to be, the very best!-

We need to learn to say no to anything that bothers us, without feeling reject, intimidate, different, or place us as, “victims of our society”, but act upon our own believes: what is inside you – your inner force. In life, we might have to take one step backwards, in order to bring hundreds of steps forwards and do not let people to make you feel uncomfortable, different, failure, or problem. As we do not know what the good, bad, or hell such peoples went “before famous”, but reject any words from anyone, from any background and from any pole of the world, “not matter how good, bad, experienced”, but you.

Try to be the very best entrepreneur in your life, in the best of your ability, without going overboard on the matters trying very hard to impress the rest, in order to be the experience person that you want and achieve in your life, forget the rest for a little while and how they made their own millions and compare results later, when you gained your own beacon in an honest way, without stealing from the rest, without the “copy of carbon of the rest” and without the extras lies, tales and defamation to climb ladders of stardoms, but you!- http://tinyurl.com/q7rwwot

“The original entrepreneur, leader of your own business, solo tradesman, the best man – woman that ever existed and however you want to call your own history at the end, is up to You, only You and above all is You, nobody else!” – Can you feel it, GOOD, now go and get what you want from your own life and the world, accept no for an answer, be yourself and feel the fear anyway, but do it: “Your own way and time!” –


The American tribes master such words and worlds since the beginning of the world and all by themselves, that I believe strong their own philosophy should be accounted in any educational program to AID the liberty, freedoms and peace of our planet. I had been studied all by myself including the Aztecs Philosophy of life basically all my life as Mexican born, including the way used their own Political affairs, with respect to generations to come and based on the basic taxes only.

Incredible you may think as our identity was killed when Hernan Cortes arrived, not just the 400 American tribes perished, but us Mexicans Aztecs in the cleanse programs. Fortunately, some ancestry of our American (Mexican) culture exist today, before it fades as, “The Queen Bee” (https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/save-the-bees) and time to preserve, what is and belongs to all of us, from our Mother Earth, which is our planet.

The American (Mexican) culture holds the secrets to reverse any mankin wrongdoings, to live again in peace, harmony, contentment and gratitude within our existence and inner peace. Such peoples holds so much goodness to life itself, that will take every single one of your breath away and from your own existence, because they see life in different motion of the rest, as MASTERS of the unknown worlds, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.