It´s Pay Back Time: “Hard labour as professional offenders, in order to clean own acts and handle difficult peoples, environment and conversations” –

The reasons why I divorce (2012) from the ex-husband (1985 – 2015), his “family problems (social worker)” and some members of my family (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), but still in place TODAY (31/8/2015) the bullying, abuse, lies and defamation of character against me and mine.

Sonora Dinamita “Escandalo”

The problem in our community exposed by the same abuse of government staff, politic affairs and broken society, that acts as the ex/husband and his sister social worker.

The reasons why, Euro and the European Union was born, in order to keep hatred, intolerance, abuse, violence, malicious spread, bullying, hate propaganda, intimidation, dysfunction in the mind, envy, ASBOS and bullies apart and stop wars (WWI, WWII, etc), to no avail.

Particularly when such profession, professionalism and education unable to tackle REAL problems of our society, but BLAME victims (as immigrants), someone that is unable to understand environment (as immigrants) and someone that is unable to grasp level of abuse until too late, far too late (as me), because qualifications, by peoples that should know better (as the ex/husband mother told me of her own daughter social worker: she is a social worker, she should know better, really by killing my unborn children and brother with spread, that is how she should know better?), restrict them from the reality of the job and employment prospectus: “World Crisis” –

etc ..

Here I am talking about the last generation that need to start all over again as my note explain properly and not the new generation as my children, that need to pay for parents: “family problems” like the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family that took advantage, against me and mine ( ) and reasons of my divorce. As in my opinion unfair, when they were not even born as my children, but peoples who actually did the “criminal damaged” to society need to contest in a court of law, because there is no way that I will start all over again, but the criminal activity!!-
It’s always somebody to blame by the bullies and their own bullshit ( ) but not the real culprit ( ) and choose peoples that are unable to hit back as me and mine by the ex/husband and his sister social worker – community affairs, or immigrants hurt badly by politics affairs ( as the Middle East, but NEVER, Never, never, of NEVER – LANDIA the real culprit and peoples that destroy our beautifully world, content and very happy children, healthy environment and peaceful land, but we need to flee, flee, flee, and flee by the bullies!!!” –

Where the ex/husband mother told me that I was like a daughter to her, in order for me to get all the blame of her real child and confuse environment. So as you can see: “I will not start all over again, but the criminal activity”-

As we can see today Immigration matters and victims of war (Mexican, Middle East, etc) need to flee own countries (Middle East, Mexico, etc) and face restrictions as borders, but in my case, I am an illegal immigrant in my own land: “United States of America”- As the “newcomers” do not remember when own parents arrived to us/America, not us/America to them, but forced to live in Europe by restriction laws and when we applied the same when they (“newcomers”) arrived, anyone? –

Even with the UK citizenship, I need to start all over again, by the same making of government staff, politics affairs and “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, but not the real peoples that commit crime to society?-

So as you can see, I will not start all over again, but the criminal activity of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, “family problems (5 boys, the river, etc)” in which community and the world is funded by the millions like them ( ) and I am/was frame, or blame after by their own bullying to society (me) in the past (neighbour’s daughter sister detained under the mental health act, when I am not a social worker, my unborn children and brother killed and only God knows what more!!).

Today is far too late, as everything and even services in the trafford (NOT stockport area where the ex/husband sister social worker lives presently, but trafford!!) area: badly purchased, manipulate beyond recognition by such corruption and abused to extreme measure by the lazy council staff, that expect me to do everything for them!!-

As the ex/husband told me when on divorce times, that wherever I goes, I will be there, so no point to rush my departure, as the UK law is unable to tackle such abuse, by the racism. So as you can see: “I will not start all over again, but the criminal activity”-

In a short space of less than one (humble) week:

– As example one: bank and solicitors (27/8/2015).

I need my bank statement to prove matter legally and requested the bank staff the same with my “name”, in which solicitor told me no cash figures will be displayed in letter?- When arrived to the solicitors, the paperwork from the bank was missing the date and solicitor spoke with bank managed and gave instructions. When I arrived to the bank to collect the paper just before closing times, as solicitor gave instruction, the managed asked me again of the matter!!- I simple exploded, as this time was not my spellings, broken accent, or any other excuse by the bullies, but such peoples that do not take instructions from nobody!-I refused to leave premises, until the (bleeding) paper was not ready, even by closing times. I asked the bank managed if he spoke English, as solicitor gave instructions in own language, not mine (Spanglish), then solicitor letter arrived with Spanish name?!!- see letter.


– As example two: view of property.

I am purchasing a property and reasons why of the solicitors letter, but allowed and entitled within the law to see more properties as I wish, until exchange contracts. So here we go to see the place, with time (5 pm) by the staff and when arrived nobody was there, as interference by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and my children unable to see matters, maybe to be frame “after” of the matters, just like me in the past – present!!!??? – It was a 5 hours journey trip from and to, not five minutes and when called the person ( Joe Wynne) who gave the appointment, refused the lazy bum to show me the property?- I have the taxi driver as witness of the matters, that patiently (with thanks!) was waiting in the car for hours, until the Estate Agency lazy staff arrived. I wonder the reasons why property (31 vine close and 19 sherway drive), never was sold and how many peoples are living like me, unable to purchase?- I leave to you the taxi firm and witness of this matter, a credit to their owners, excellent!- In which the appointment was given to me by the state agency staff, not me to then and I hold email. Why I need to probe matters (!!!!!!????) because everything I do is questioned by the interference of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (now using my children, after years of criminal activity!!), into my personal life and in order for them to control and even frame me after, so I need to explain!-

Hi Rosario,
Could you view tomorrow at 5pm?
The closest train station would be Darlington.
It’s a village quite a few miles out of town though.
Post code is TS21 4AQ
Kind regards,
Joe Wynne
Sales Consultant & Valuer
Venture Properties Ltd
T:01325 363858
D:01325 731121


I believe the matters happens as “excuse” because, I am living presently in what was my previous home, until I can purchase something for me, but how, when the control freaks INTERFERE into my private matters and feel free to harass, stalk and control me with any excuses to continue abuse into my life (as illness!). When I am trying to move, they (family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers) stop me with their own lies, paranoia and unjustly actions, that is against the law. “Because after considerable time over the phone (the taxi man as witness), that escalate to a horrendous abuse to me by the Estate Agency staff, when I only wanted to view property and came with an appointment for the matter, but a revenge, by the same “family problems (of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers)” that tells peoples how to act, say, etc.

– As example three: Estate Agency.

In which I intent to purchase property, as soon as I understand what they intent and reasons of the solicitors letter, etc.

Aug 25 (6 days ago)

-Me: I believe the person you have to deal with the matters as you mention here, it´s not me, but the person that is going to do the legal paperwork and she is asking for you to contact her, in order to start. I am enclosing details again, thanks! –

-Estate Agency Staff: I understand, I have tried to speak with them.
I need to see some proof that you have cash to proceed, have your solicitors seen this?

– Me: Hi Lora, I appreciate everything but I am not the solicitor and you have to learn to deal with solicitors direct not me, because I am a simple buyer, not a Solicitor, or Estate Agency staff and I refuse to do your own jobs that you get paid for the matters, not me. It is your duty to communicate with the solicitor direct and deal with my matters. I believe I have nothing more to speak over the matters, as we have an agreement over the property and accepted. The next stage is not me, but the people that will do the paperwork, so please speak to them direct and ask them any questions you may have, regards Rosario. .

-Estate Agency Staff: Hi Rosario,
I think you have misunderstood the situation.
It is fine to deal with the current solicitors. I have already spoken with xxxxx, and there are no problems, this solicitor is fine.

The standard procedure in Estate agency is to gain proof of funds for the purchase you are intending to go ahead with. Meaning if you needed a mortgage we would need proof of this, or in your case, cash, we ask for proof of funds to make sure you are able to proceed with the sale. We do this with every purchase.

If you were selling a house you would want to know that the person was definitely in a position to proceed and not wasting your time.

I understand this is something you are obviously not comfortable in doing. So I will wait for your solicitors to see the proof of funds and then I will speak with them. There is no problem.
And there is no need to find new solicitors. The current solicitors will be fine.
I have sent all relevant paperwork out to the solicitors yesterday.
Everything is fine.

Please reply so I know that you understand the situation.

– Me (again!): Hi Lora, I have an appointment with another solicitor to check my documents in place and legally, in order to process the next stage, then the solicitors firm will draw me a new quote for the conveyance, as due to the blunder of the matters?-

Finally, I need to sign a document to the new solicitor that I accept new quote, time and date for completion. I believe when all is done, the solicitor will start matters all over again and communicate with you, to do the legal paperwork, which is out of my reach, as I can not purchase my own property, even as student of law.

Please this time use the correct staff, to deal with matters and between solicitors, as the rest it’s not mine, but yours!!!!!!-

I will give to the new solicitor your letter as well and for them to be aware, but until all is signed and accept new quote.

So as you can see going fast, but the solicitors business is not my matters, but yourselves and whichever way you want to place the property, as I understand regulations at work.

Thank you for the patience and I will keep you posted by friday afternoon (by friday afternoon I went to see the other property, but where is the crime of my actions and within the law!), Rosario,

I understand that you may find amused by this circus display, that comes from a community officer as the ex/husband sister, social worker, in order for her to communicate with anyone of the family, services in the community by her paranoia (to protect her brother, when he lost his job of 27 years, dentures, knee, etc: “What a LOVE!!!!”-) and continue stalk my life, control all mine and frame me after by peoples that bully me “first”, instead to take the bleeding phone and said; HELLO!, without using me as excuse, by lack of how to deal with people’s, community and even services?-

Now as member of our community, I am not a little girl, or small child to be told what to do in order to satisfy the paranoia, illness, stalk, greed, ambitious, control and dysfunctional of the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family that are using now my children, in order to blame them after and hide the amount of abuse in the past, neither the ex/husband is a little boy to be controlled like puppets, which is 5 years more than me in age (Carol Parker, social worker and I, only 4 months apart in age) and fully capable to deal with his own personal matters with freedom, instead to use his sister social worker, to give her endless excuses to come against me and mine ( ), because it’s against the law to use profession to attack members of the public like me and mine (children) and from day one (1985 – 2015), now divorce (2012) for the same reasons, as I am not going to play own games, but expose to the public the abuse and “for the public concern”-

I am NOT doing something against the law in the UK to be followed everywhere, with paranoia, lack of trust and endless excuses by the social worker, sister of the ex/husband and her desync-functional attitude, neither I am not doing anything that other peoples have not done before me in this country (UK: Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland), but such (low) people’s (ex/husband and his sister, social worker) love to show me off as the “problem”, in order to continue stalk, control (freaks) and knocks the doors to all mine, win points and kill my own. As I am full aware of the relationship between the ex/husband sister social worker and the wife of my brother, in which I do not need to tell you who won, better to say, which brother won!-

I am getting sick of the continuous and non-stop abuse of the ex-husband and his sister social worker and I don’t know who is dealing with this matter, but me and mine (children) unable to handle, but themselves. As own mother said of both of her children as bad as each other and fight all day none stop!- I have nothing to hide and deal with matters in a court of law, where both cases are full aware of matters and charges, instead the cowards hide in “confidentiality acts” –

The letters stand ( as form of guarantee direct to the reputation of The Queen Elizabeth II and for any matters that can arise, by the government staff, politics affairs and even society in general. The following letters also stand as “prove legally” that I did my uttermost, in order to stop “family problems” and “on time” and in order to save my brother’s (RIP) life, to no avail (you need fb account to see link).

As migrant myself from Mexico, with British citizenship, I am unable to take this matter of “immigration (” any further and request those responsible of the chaos (Bush and Blair), to be heard in a court of law and for charges against humanity. As we see millions of migration and evacuation nowadays (1/9/2015), exactly the same as WWII times. In which. we should thank migration to bring to our personal attention, “the influx mass of self destruction to own countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, everywhere and somewhere” by the two Politicians: Tony Blair and George Bush “war on terror ( )” and blame direct to government staff, responsible of the holocaust and genocide of today, not victims of war, as the immigrants. The sad reality that started as excuse to destroy the Middle East and Afghanistan by Blair and Bush “war on terror (”, today is an stoppable “mass of Victims destruction ( )”- In which the International Courts should step forwards to account those two (Blair and Bush) responsible of own actions, spread and madness.

As I said all my life, “I never fight for men, they fight for me (with thanks)”, even as old lady, in fact I am not interested, until “family problems” finish and for good, so like we said in Mexico: PICALE! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.