My beautiful Syria world treatment, by Europe’s darkest hours “as you were told before by me” and the abuse will live forever in a generation to come: “Exodus Times” ..

We are living in two worlds apart, from the reality of the human necessity, human conception, human resources, human classification, human reality, human benefits, human transgression, human perception, human changes in the world and you make me feel totally different from your own creation. Particularly, when your cold heart is present to witness murder, bullying, intolerance, abuse of power and profession, crime, criminal activity, genocide and world devastation, that lives presently in the background of our lives, unable to see it, but real and exist, when arrive to our shores (RIP) to remind us of your hate to Humanity! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Syria, children in agony عذاب أطفال سورية ..

I wrote in the past so many times and “before” anyone (, regarding present matters of the Middle East victims of war and documentary, videos and blog removed (2 times!) due to copyright excuses, but “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family that aid each other in the abuse: “Destroying everything that is mine (1985 – 2015), with malicious spread!” –

Exactly the same as political affairs – (local) government staff that wants to hide massacre in Syria – Middle East and my blog, “free to read but not to copy, exposed abuse!”- So where was the crime from my blogs, exposing what we now see as, “crimes against humanity” for the public and for “public concern”, but removed (2 blogs). I am not hiding this level of criminal activity by “family problems” in which my brother ( and unborn children passed away (RIP), also by world leaders that destroys ( life, with “war on terror”, if we remember well. = Today we have the results (RIP), as the links and photos explain:
etc ..


What the worry is the billions of money donate to aid of the same situation, distribute to charities, instead of the real victims of war. Everything is write with my fullest form of RESPECT and FREE advocacy for victims of war and aim to make conscience of the crimes, abuse and such form of terrorism.

As one child alone gets millions ( in payout, while millions of children at war gets not payment, but washed ashore ( RIP) alive, now do you think that is right?!!!! –

– I condemn any kind of abuse and extremism towards desperate peoples that got no means, money, tolls and/or form of defend themselves when abroad (, with language differences just to start, without mention no food, no work to sustain and no nothing (as myself in the UK), but forced to be apart from own family, culture, country, people’s, traditions, language barrier, roots, food and all thanks to George Bush and Tony Blair ( ) “war on terror”- I remember very well when started the lies from Bush and Blair war on terror in the Middle East, followed by intolerance, murder spree, crimes and without any form of respect, left such countries totally “DESTROYED” and without recognition! –

– As I can see myself easily with Syria, when “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family planned my future (1985 – 2015), forced me to exile my own country Mexico in a form of exodus times and used me in order to cash for their own benefits, with endless lies, tales – tales, defamation to my reputation (the kiss, 5 boys, the river, china girl, dishwasher, palm tree and etc), acting as real, but all imaginary, all in their own twisted – twisted and malicious mind. “As if true of such lies (5 boys, the river, etc), why I do not hold in paper the charges of the matters in a proper court of law, where both of us sit in the same bench and give our statements in writing, but hide the cowards in !”-“As who will go against own peoples, blood, family, brothers, sisters, parents, traditions, society, community and even country of birth ( ), in order to eat and inflict pain to the lowest possible ways, forms and shapes, keeping all that is/was mine and given to the liers, tales – tales, defamation (5 boys, the river and etc), without asking questions from my part at any time, not even today (5/9/2015)?-

What if the same abuse inflicted to you and yours (1985 – 2015) and nobody can stop the abuse itself as illness, but ready to assist and command an army, when it suit the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, as Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Stalin to own peoples? – How would you be feeling, by the murder spree of your own peoples, violation of human rights, intolerance, stalk, spam, hunt, lies, spy, tales, defamation, rape, racism, crime, criminal activity, ASBOS, criminality, humilliation, bullying, corruption, control of all that is your own personal matters, expose everything that is your own personal stuff in full public display, blame me of everything that happenes to them since day one ( and forced to live in the United Kingdom with no form of protection in law, by the same abuse of power and position?!-

As all was done that way by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, in order for the bullies ( to eat, sponsor the enemy and keep control of all that is not yours but mine, push my family to comit crimes against their own (me and mine ) to a point of no return, desolation, insolation, exclusion, margination, racism, bullying, criminal activity, etc. I was forced to live with shame when it was not me who done the matters, dominate by a full reign of terror hide in the background (see photos), by endless bullies ( and own bullshit (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), that lasted for more than 30 years (1985 – 2015) the ordeal of abuse, today such cowards hide in “confidentiality acts” – Where my part was never – ever told before in a court of law – just now, never in communication with such liers (5 boys, the river, etc), as remember they removed all from me, so how?- I was forced to live even with neighburs problems, when it’s not me the problem, but the bullies!-

In which the total control of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my “family and their own problems” against me, lasted more than 30 years (1985-2015) the ordeal of lunacy, excessive, paranoiac, abusive, behaviour, in real, inhumane, cruel, the worse ways imaginary to mind (as industrial accident twice: hand and back with the purpose to inflict pain to me, as ASBOS does to society) by dictators, way out of the view of the rest to avoid witness, used “confidentiality acts”, even forced to live in poverty.

Where the english system for his peoples, then why unable to tell me this matters by the ex/husband, before I got married (now divorce), or pay my contributions?- I was never allowed to visit my roots, have friends, or enjoy life, as I need to live the same life of the ex/husband sister social worker (1985-2015) and pretty much the same with my children now: one has boyfriend the other unable, one has all the friends, the other unable, etc. When in reality all that was mine (friends, family, jobs, etc) passed to carol parker, social worker sister of the ex/husband after married (1985) and today (2015) divorce, people asked me of my matters, but all removed to give to the lies, tales, defamation and ill spread (5 boys, the river, etc) and in which grounds in law the abuse, very much the same system as Syrian peoples, by Blair and Bush “war on terror”- “All my jobs removed” by the same bully ( standards sister of the ex/husband, the rest of “family problems” aware of matters, but swear secrecy, unable to tell carol parker, even when her own mother lend me cash. So no jobs, no cash, no system and no nothing in the UK and how I am supposed to survive removing all my human rights, with two small children to feed as the “ex/husband” told me: “they are yours, you keep them” and by holding the Holy Bible. So what changed today and in which grounds in law the assault to my persona, by the ex/husband, his sister, social worker and helpers, attacking always all that is me and mine (unborn children, brother, etc), why, why and why?-


Where today I need to start all over again ( as I was told by the council services as this comes by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that are using my children in the matters, after years of total destruction to me and mine, as read the Holy Bible date. As I was looking for trafford accommodation (2010 – 2015) but removed from the list, without my permit, consent and knowledge and in which grounds in law the matters, assault, abuse and hate propaganda?-

I need to pay for hundred of lies, tales and defamation (5 boys, the river, etc) aganist my persona, from groups of bullies (, that used me as “meal ticket”, in order to suceed, study, gain fortunes, work and live well, murdering all that is – was mine, but unable to gain access to justice, because the english system is for “english peoples only?”- So with respect, return all the Pachucas, Mexico, english nationals back to the UK, also America as the system is for us as well, not just foreign peoples. We are in position to share no more our holy land, until better standards are given to foreign nationals as myself.

As the ex/husband put that way and conditions of my unborn children need to wait, for his own sister social worker, carol parker, to go to mexico, then to get married, to study, to have a life and all mine killed, perish, or destroyed. It’s now that I understand fully well, that I was married (now divorce) of what you call psicopatas. In other words, I fall with the worse of the worse, in order to please “family problems” and very much the same as Syrian – Middle East peoples, with “war of terror” by Blair and Bush and I am not going to start all over again, but the bullies!-

I feel an empty space, when all me and mine destroyed today without repair, but such lies (5 boys, the river, etc) still alive, content, happy, rich by the tales and continue abuse as lack of protection laws, even when against the law, because “everything of the english system belongs direct to the bullies (”, even by use of wealthy foreign peoples, that live presentley in the UK.
As the world would prepare to give hospitality to foreign nationals (with thanks!), but “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, ask me why I chose to live in the UK (england, scotland, wales and ireland) and that’s including citizenship and rights of time (1985 – 2015), but still no time to stop the bullying (, interference, abuse of power and profession, hate spread, intolerance and now using my children to cover own criminal activity and abuse of power and profession from the past??-

So why the UK peoples choose to live in my beautiful country Mexico, Pachuca, or the United States of America, if anyone can explain that to me!!- When I ask you to start all over again in my homeland, as trafford council staff told me a few years ago ( and repeat by one of mine, without using the law to address any “family problems” as the law intent, as the law command, as the law is there and not invisible, afraid, or even hide.

Housing campaigners denounce ‘shocking waste’ of homes ( lying empty while millions cry out for shelter (me) in the UK not Pachuca Mexico. As if we knew of the matter of me today, my father and Presdent Cardenas del Rio would not open the doors to hundreds of immigrants from Spain, during Franco’s time (, but suffering lack of services and “homeless” in the UK, as myself today.

Saint, Bob Geldof must be feeling guilt, in order to give a full public apology in the way he treated his ex/wife, then offer his house to migrants after, not before.


The Pope Francis ask forgiven to termination (abortion), when you arrived too late to save all me and mine, instead to control all you and yours! – As the same God you are talking about, pardon me and long time ago ( ), with beautiful and well adjusted children. Particularly when my God’s knows full well, where all the “family problems” came from (see photos of My Holy Bible and links) and with respect to may concern:

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Now with request to “terror groups” of the Middle East is the same promotional campaign made by politics affairs, as the 11/11 in America and “war of terror” in the Middle East, that works for Bush and Blair business oil affairs. The same matters happens in my country Mèxico ( and many countries of the world holds, “terror groups” for the same reasons, except us in Mèxico is drugs and made by the same political situation to preserve own finances, by first world countries and leaders.

I have nothing more to say over matters, except, that I spoke before and years ago over the Middle East affairs, requesting to stop the war, particularly with my beautiful Syria. I believe strong that world leaders should use a way of communications, between themselves, instead to steal own resources based on abuse, as Blair and Bush “war on terror”, even centuries ago the world trade at the Middle East was made based on respect, tolerance and peace, in which we should learn by the ancestry, not just blame, steal and kill.

I give to God what is to God and lucifer what is to lucifer. Yo le doy a Dios lo que es de Dios y al diablo lo que es del diablo, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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