The Queen Elizabeth II was the first to lay a wreath on sunday, honouring members of the Armed Forces (RIP) ..

London Tower, The River Of Blood (RIP).

Nini Rosso – Il Silenzio

The Cenotaph of London,
a tribute to fallen soldiers,
Remembrance Day:
“Through this space,
a shaft of sunlight falls,
at the eleventh hour,
on the eleventh day
of the eleventh month (RIP)” –

Remembrance Day (Poppy Day ) is a memory day, observed within the Commonwealth of Nations States, from the end of the First World War and in order to remember, the United kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and beyond the seas own: “Armed Forces”-

Such valiant people that stand as War Veterans ( and contributed shape the Armed Forces, also restore the peace of today’s world and as such died in the line of duty, with my fullest respect, including my brother’s life (RIP).


As anyone of us, who lost our peoples in such tragic circumstances as my own brother, amerit today to pay our full respect in public, because nobody died in their own country, let alone when that country enjoys peace with the world, as my brother in Veracruz, Mexico, or anyone in the same position of my brother (RIP).

While I try my best to understand the hate propaganda that rips, kills, murder and destroy nations, families and even communities (, today I can only highly matters and expose disturbances, including the present government status, with the case of DWP staff direct and indirect to us UK citizens.

I paid UK taxes when worked, even today as present when shopping need to pay TAXES and contribute the nation, but only a few benefit.

Such wars as WWI and WWII with respect, but complete alien to me as Mexican born, that no matter how hard my parents show us such hardships times and also abundance of everything when in Mèxico, but then, we will never be in the position to understand fully well such hatred, malice, abuse, crimes, criminal activity and criminology, may be fermented perhaps from parents to children after war times and in order for the children to understand the freedom of today, that nowadays lies the norms within own children, society and community affairs with little respect towards the elders “that went to war (WWI, WWII, etc) for nothing”, like the ex/husband and his sister social worker against me and mine as foreign national, but excluded even soon after, own parents passed away (RIP)?-


The reasons why perhaps, the European union is in jeopardy today, with a fine line ready to break for another war (, by such contempt that is a long legacy, after the WWI – WWII finished and left peoples in different turmoils of minds, that who will blame them when received no psychological help “after” the end of such hatred wars (WWI, WWII, etc), but left alone to own devices, consider the hate that war delivers to human peoples in extreme measures.

Where the ex/husband sister social worker told me years ago, before divorce times, that her own mother was “senile”, perhaps she was – but who I am to blame such matters in the hatred war that lived the woman, perhaps explain why even today such illness passed from parents to children, including the ex/husband and his sister social worker, as the woman that told me to call “mother” passed away last year (RIP) and the “family problems” very much alive today, 8/11/2015, so who is the “senile?”-


As if that is the case of “senile”, because the ex/husband keeps frightening – bullying me, with any kind of meaning of the words, insinuations, mislead, tales, lies defamation and in order for me and my family to succumb after (as this was the case with the dishwasher and my brother perished soon after), then by law, I should use the same malicious intent, bullying, ( ), words and approach towards – against him and his sister social worker, that since before the divorce told me “represent him” in all his personal matters and Carol Parker works in Macclesfield hospital.

Where the ex-husband told me the British Rail travels from Macclesfield where his sister works (in order to fright me as bullies does to victims! ), all the way to where I habitat now, perhaps the reasons why, the Scottish government sits now in the House of Lords ( and in order to protect, stop and act fast for the benefit of Scotland, as I am UK (British, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) citizen, not just Mexican born.

After the divorce, I should not depend from the ex-husband but as removed all from me including my brother, that makes me to depend on themselves, in order to control, like Hitler to victims of war.

It is a simulator of the Krays brothers ( ) against the community (me), with the ex-husband and his sister social worker, (as own mother told me of ex/husband and his sister social worker = fight all day long and as bad as each other, but for me, they ACT as the Krays brothers, controling the complete community, that brings such disturbances!!) ), as “if we are in war?”-

Because of the matters mentioned before, I should feel no afraid of anything while living in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) and the reasons why to celebrate today such FREEDOM, LIBERTY and PEACE, thanks to the BRAVERY of hundreds of good men / women that went to war for our benefit, including our elders as you and I parents and with thanks!.

In which my blog highly such wars (with “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers) corruption, malpractice and violence within the UK government and beyond the Seas, then I owe nothing to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her husband Prince (King) Philip, neither them to me at any time, because all was done to probe my matters, expose criminal activity and clean my name, also to my family, that falsely accused me of my brother (RIP).

The war is over and well left in the 1945 to be exact, but live within our community, that carry the legacy, then perhaps to start thinking properly when employing peoples, as the hate carry on in circles, affecting badly the young generation of today.
etc ..

I hold a blog with full correspondence and I request The Queen Elizabeth II full permit to make books, with protection rights as it is my material and expose the malpractice, corruption and abuse from professional peoples against me and the community, as I intent to gain the following:

1- Protect The Queen and Her husband Prince (King) Philip of Edinburgh of any malicious spread, intent and gossip towards and against them and from anybody, mean even own family, politics, government, community and society in general and beyond the Seas.

2- To enable me to have my side of the story and publish in public such materials, in order to clean my name and gain a decent income with my own writing and cash exactly in the same way as my case was to such corrupt individuals lies, tales and defamation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against me and mine (unborn children, brother, etc), that erupted since arrived the UK (1985) and still today (2015) “family problems”, from British born ex/husband and his sister social worker, that should know better (as own mother told me of both of them, hundreds of times, to no avail) towards and against me, in which both of them, even try to use my own children.

For crimes being committed in the name of xenophobia:

Whatever is left TODAY from war times is a non healthy passage of life, that we should learn from it and avoid repeat in today’s standards, within the rest of human peoples as myself (Mexican born) unaware of such hatred that destroys HUMANITY to the lowest of the low, that destroys your SOUL into two parts and that destroys your DIGNITY in extreme measures.

The modern government and politicians want to challenge such FREEDOMS (Theresa May’s), that the ELDERS (with thanks!) went to war “for and in aid of” which is to finish any violent excuses against the rest, that however you takes the matter/s in today’s living standards, but was not the same standards as today in the past living standards and vice-versa, but create a world of TOTAL and complete confusion, when trying to adhere such principles as today.

Furthermore as today’s’ standards whatever, whoever and whichever, Theresa May’s intent to challenge is a big threat to our privacy, even (incredible to believe!) of a simple – simple reading ( ), when this is the reasons why, the elders went to war for, to have ALL the FREEDOMS, ACTS and PROTECTION LAWS, but never – never, to destroy our liberty, freedoms and peace.

So I ask with my full respect ( Theresa May’s ), that in order to advance in progression in today’s motion, but based on trust to each other, stop twisting words, stop bring your own xenophobia to the rest of pasifist peoples and furthermore respect your own elders peoples of the past, that went to war for you today to have all the FREEDOMS in the world and not to hide your malicious intent, over and over again, until another war waits for all of us, due to same government staff ideas, ideals, idealism (into how the human race should be, etc?) and stereotypes.

As what was your ( Theresa May’s ) yesterday is in the past and long – long gone, please get over of such paranoia, hate propaganda, hatred, violent world, intolerance, abuse, xenophobia, bullying methods and thank your Queen Elizabeth II ( and her husband, Prince Philip that destroyed such crimes, criminal activity and criminology, but it will never come back and it will never be today such policies, also it will never reform the UK with any new laws, but open government, as the system standards mean to be always open and the reasos why we study politics affairs, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.