FRANCE problems with Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Islamist radicalism, etc.


Libertè – Ègalitè – Fraternitè.
Liberty – Equality – Fraternity.
Libertad – Igualdad – Fraternidad.

Napoleon Bonaparte : “La Marseillaise” ..

It’s reported, that the French President, François Hollande said “As I speak, terrorist attacks of an unprecedented scale are taking place in the Paris region. There are several dozen dead, lots more wounded, it’s horrific.” –

PARIS: Emergency declared in FRANCE, as “coordinate terror groups” invaded the beautiful and stunning well loved worldwide place. It’s reported the massacre,explosions, shooting that took place in PARIS, where 158 + bodies (RIP) found everywhere with carnage blood as a result and all borders closed, with emergency cobra meetings!” –

– By the level of VICTIMS in one sole night that we can easily call abuse, from whoever created and masterminded the operational genocide against own country of hospitality, but wrong and should face the law.

– By whichever are your reasons is not plausible in law the massacre, crime, criminal activity, criminology, as the law is not invisible, untouchable and difficult to get but accessible to all.

– By whoever is the concern of any political – government issues, matters, policies, principles, regulations, terms and even conditions, but not the way to approach one to another in political fields with full genocide, that lacks proper communications and targets poor judgement, expressed by different cultures, traditions, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, country of birth, language.

– By whatever is your personal matter in politics and government affairs, issues, fields and resolutions, but we should always aim for PEACE and gain, “open communications” all the time, because the world is feeling the hands of those victims oppressed, so please respect!!-

It´s a difficult task for me to go with FRANCE, as French national woman that was my mother, because you can see her own father ( in the following links, which was a “French Lithuanian Descent” living in one of the most unknow places of Mèxico.

Charlie Hebdo (RIP).
etc ..

In the other hand, I come from the same JEWS (ARABS) background of the Middle East, that expanded centuries ago to Spain (, but our ancestry still exist, mean I feel horrendous for the Middle East peoples, particularly such peoples that made the escapade in full public and for “public concern” of the same abuse that originate from the first world countries, as you can check links and perdonate not even small children (RIP)?-

Middle East (Syria, etc).

I will change nothing from my notes as those times when wrote the matters, may we could change and save the world from own destruction, but today, how we heal all the murder, crime, massacre, abuses, etc?-

As Mexican born is very difficult for me to understand your ways of life, as I was blessed with FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES, starting from my own father, that together with his friends in politics affairs, as the Mexican President of his time, Lazaro Cardenas del Rio and his brother Don Dàmaso Cardenas del Rio, opened the doors into Mexico to hundreds of thousands of victims of Franco from Spain (1939 – 1975), also it was the only time my country Mexico regained own citizenship, mean the original Mexicans could hold to own land, hospitals, education and the most important services FREE of Charge to my peoples, etc.

Unfortunately those time passed and left in memories, destroyed by the new generation, including the PEMEX.

What nobody see today is the actual war in the Middle East (Syria) left by the same peoples that stated the crusade years ago, with “war on terror” if we remember?!-

I am not saying that the Middle East “terror groups” are with no sin, but such peoples were hired by the same political – government (Blair and Bush) and for to protect their own financial resources, as in the Middle East is oil and in my country Mexico that stand the same blood bath is aparenly” drugs (when in reality is PEMEX = oil ), but same first world countries politicians that create the kind of system and nobody can stop now? –

I don’t think the elders (including my parents) could accept today, as form of payment for all the hard work and battles (, in order to give own children the very best start in life, when they were left in thousands of unrepearable memories (WWI, WWII, etc), flows of tears, battered to death by the same wars and surround by hate propaganda that bring such strong forces, that over passed years with flaying colours and for own children to destroy all in seconds? –

I don’t think it’s right and apologies, because of all the respect to my own parents, “however way they done the matters”, but I will pass and I will not contest this matter at any time, in memory, justice and respect to my own elders and even your own elders of Europe and around the world, full stop! –

etc ..

And maybe the reasons of the real war is for cash donations: “David Cameron and senior ministers to get dedicated plane” ..

Because as I said before and years ago, the Middle East war started in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and all those “wars on terror (bush.blair)”, now calls “terrorism”, but to protect own financial resources …

With respect to everyone “New Debating Zionism”, but what’s happening to all over the world presently with – “terror groups” – including my country of birth Mexico, also France from my mother’s side and the Middle East by centuries lost when on times, “forced and removed from own land” is coward, violent, brutal, horrendous, cruel, bully, intolerant, criminal and extreme abusive.

At the end of the day, “We are all come from the same GOD, the same FATHER ABRAHAM, the same ROOTS and the same TRADITIONS, not matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Chinese or even Portuguese, but we are all one infinite creatures, so please respect!” –

What I mean to say HERE and NOW and in plain English is that, we “all belong to the same race” and we are all brothers and sisters and nobody is better, or worse, but somehow one kind of peoples “believe” and the other “perish!!!” –

So please highlight me into why of the WARS, crimes, murders, destructive behaviour, abusive bullies that are forming groups and more groups in order to destroy our living creatures, because all from them TODAY is TOTALLY destroyed, starting from the Middle East (syria, afghanistan, iran, iraq, etc), Mexico, now Europe as France, etc, why, why and why the destructive behaviour, “one to another” and who will win at the end? –

Zionism was created from the ELDERS of ZION victims of the same “destructive behaviour fanatics bullies”, that comes from centuries ago and LOST ALL today, including the Middle East.

It is TODAY that such victims from the Middle East that lost all from centuries ago, as you call them ZIONISM, but need to re-start all over again, “invent themselves all over again” and in order to regain culture, tradition, own peoples, country, land, etc.

“The Elders of Zion were forced and removed from own land as you know them as ISRAEL today” with no mercy, no pity and not nothing, very much the same as Syria today, and Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan from yesterday (BUSH and BLAIR “war on terror”), so who holds the tomorrows – France? –

Today to have Israel small land is a matter of “questioning” by some groups, “when in reality, it’s own HUMAN RIGHTS” very much the same as Syria, Afghanistan, Middle east, but continue trying hard to dismiss and even remove of what belongs to such peoples (JEWS/ARABS).

I do not proclaim war, but PEACE, when on friday (13/11/2015) France and on monday (16/11/2015) Syria bombed, then tell me why our Lord gave us “communications” to use, “one to another” and in order to gain our liberty, freedoms, settlements, agreements, laws, respect, tolerance and above all PEACE?-


I only want to comment a small note to FRANCE with all my full respect to may concern the matters, that I did not wrote more than 400 notes in my humble blog and in order to highly, protect and care my Mexican peoples from present living conditions – situations and I mean the ones that are poor, uneducated and with no financial representation, but myself (somehow?!!).

I will not be intimidate with anyone that comes and bully my own Mexican peoples with tales, lies, defamation and in order to STEAL their own living wages, with matters that hangs for more than 300 years, as I believe we are living in a civilized country: France and Mexico.

In other words and in plain English, you hurt my Mexican peoples and I will expose your bully tactics and extremist approach against such peoples as mine “Mexicans”, that come with no form of defence, tools, or financial gains to fight your BULLIES back!!-

So it’s your choice, your time and even your moment, but FRANCE is not STEALING what belongs to my humble Mexicans peoples and “since, from and after” the “Aztec civilization” – no way! -

What we are trying to implement direct to my humble “Mexican peoples”, to come forwards together with the same society that we all habitat and earn their own living wages in “what is and belong to them only and by ancestry (Aztec Civilization)”, not for FRANCE to come and STEAL from my peoples their own living, ability, only form of resources, ideas, ideals, traditions, way of life, etc.

So please in the name of God respect what is not yours, in that way, we will avoid more unnecessary wars, extremism, fanaticism, abuse, bullying, intolerance, hate propaganda, murders, crime and even criminology!! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.