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I am writing with my full respect to every single victim of Bill Cosby if that is the case, but at the same time, I write on behalf of the man who is sitting in a court of law alone and charged, because in law, both sides need to be given own statements, before going to public, until either of the parties are found guilty of lying, or raping the law.

In my case, the “family problems” of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers deny me “the law abide right” to take the case to the courts, where all of us sit on the same bench and read the same statements, charges, malicious spread, lies against me, because nothing of such false allegations against me, has been probe in a court of law, but destroying my reputation to the lowest possible ways, as the corrupt people hides, either in my children for help, or with “confidentiality acts” the cowards, bringing a wave of defamation acts against me from all over the world, in order to charge cash, but nothing probe in a court of law? –

Now with the case of Bill Cosby, I am full aware of the American system regarding the reputation of a person to go that lightly in public and for public concern, as if the man was a nobody but a well respected superstar, particularly of the charges that serious damaged and repercute his imagen, leaving him with no form of defence and not offence to the victims which must be devastate the ordeal, but we are dealing with an old man, not when Bill Cosby was younger.

As a career for older peoples with experience in mental issues, but the reality is that the victims of Bill Cosby are targeting a very vulnerable old man, that is incapable to deal with such matters at the present time, very much as young child of a tender age, like Ronald King case, that rely on services to look after him and his wife, but was left alone to deal with his own old age, plus his wife, not wonder he snapped!-

Bill Cosby case is different in the way develop as Ronald King, that was charged with murder of his wife, when he was entitle by law to receive services in the community, in which he was paying for in the care home but “neglect”, contrary of Bill Cosby “neglect” when charged in full public – live performance, with not court hearing, no judge and not probe of legality from more than 35 victims in his case and at this lengh of age, not when younger days, but when incapable old age?-

My question is: Would you sit a small boy or girl in a court of law charged with murder, or sexual issues against him/her, not because own parents will come and defend the small child, so why old peoples neglect with no form of defence, protection laws, proper care in the community, but take light own matters as “neglect”, which is a crime from the caring world, but somehow they jumped over the case of Ronald King, with no form of defence but charged, now is Bill Cosby time?-

It is me, or the law in both sides of the atlantic are taking the piss (sorry the word, but unable to find another in the English dictionary, particularly, when I was in the caring world years ago and was put under scrutiny – pressure, but not the rest?-) from old peoples, as Bill Cosby and Ronald King, with little or no decency at all, regardless of who they are, age gap, probe – reasons over matters, nothing at all!-

As I am a great believer that colour of skin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender is not a passport to gain a better life, but equality to all.

I, the same as the rest of T.V. supporters from the Cosby Show, find very and extremely difficult to understand the charges against Bill Cosby. A man as Bill Cosby, where every single episode need to be check and double check by himself, “before” going live on full T.V. performance, but for who you taking me for and the rest of his own peoples that he stood for in the past, today “neglect”, but what a decency?-

Apologies to the victims of Bill Cosby, but I have the freedoms and rights to defend the person that is left with no form of defence, when on advocacy, if I think this case is leading with insufficient probe over matters, without suffering any kind of violent outburst, intimidation, corruption, intolerance, abuse, etc.

When I said this matters, because I remember very well when Bill Cosby show need to keep all his T.V. family cast on the lead, as on the time (1980’s) when the show was performance, he had a reputation to deliver to his own public, in which was not a privilege to be of colour on that time and even this time, but a basic necessity to survive such kind of public and promote good “family environment”, or he was out for good. In small words and plain English, Bill Cosby was like “father” figure to all his cast, for anyone to come and tell lies, tales and defamation of character.

The matter mentioned before, reflects as one of his T.V. fictional daughter and not sexual nature, but as “black sheep – revelios without cause (In the late 1980s, Lisa Bonet was simultaneously the coolest of The Cosby Show cast and the black sheep of the fictional family. The then-20-year-old actress endured a public fallout with Bill Cosby thanks to a “racy” movie called Angel Heart, marriage to fellow black hippie Lenny Kravitz and pregnancy )”, which is one matter in law (black sheep – revelious), very different to the other matter (sexual nature) and the judge need to define properly.

The matter has nothing to do with Lisa Bonet and my apologies if she may think so, but to probe in law of the “good reputation” that Bill Cosby need to keep on his live T.V. shows: “The Cosby Family”, nothing else! –

When I watch the video of one of Bill Cosby victims (, reflects my sister (mara) that accused my brother ( and elder sister husband of the same nature and nothing probe in a court of law, but cashed, used to destroy reputations to the lowest possible ways, forms and shapes. In which whatever happened to my sister (mara) in her life, I need to live the same ordeal as form of punishment, when falsely accuse me of “kiss” to her husband (raul) and the rest of liers (5 boys, the river, the china girl, etc) that followed her after, with little respect to my unborn children that perished for the same lies, tales and defamation of character against my reputation and cashed.

I am not saying this man is/was an Angel, but the women who bring charges against Bill Cosby need to probe legally of the same, in a proper court of law, not alive in public (which my case is different, as I already explain before!), as if this is the case, I will be charging all of them with libel, as nobody can pass the rule of the law.

As my family knew of my matters, with my sister (mara) and her followers lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) against me long time ago, but nobody asked me of my part to cash and keep longer to pay for own lifestyle, very much like a business: “Cashing on your own blood, family, traditions, etc” –

When one person suffer the ordeal of falsely accused in full public is horrendous the abuse, can you imagine more than 35 peoples against me and unable to probe over matters in the UK court of law and defend my reputation? –

As the ex/husband who protects such lies, defamation and tales (the kiss, the river, 5 boys, etc) against me and mine, mentioned to me “when on divorce times (2012) not before (1985 – 2012)” that the English services for the English peoples, a very good time, particularly when I paid my taxes, contributions, etc? –

As my RACIST family choose the lies of such peoples over me, making a full show of my persona in the wide open, cashed on my unborn children as if worth nothing and now using my living ones to shield old past, pin me in the wall unable to defend me and mine (because the english system, for the english peoples?), closed the doors to me and would you love someone like that, and why me, or my parents? –

Because as Lisa Bonet, my sister (mara) acted all the time, against the family rules (In the late 1980s, Lisa Bonet was simultaneously the coolest of The Cosby Show cast and the black sheep of the fictional family. The then-20-year-old actress endured a public fallout with Bill Cosby thanks to a “racy” movie called Angel Heart, marriage to fellow black hippie Lenny Kravitz and pregnancy with daughter, Zoë ), blaming to me, my brother that persished from same lies and brother in law from all her matters and nothing probe in a court of law, but demand (mara) me to live her same ordeal that happened to her and by her own making, falsely accused me of kissing her husband, that the rest came to help (5 boys, the river, maradona hand, etc) and cashed? –

When a few days ago, the ex/husband falsely accused me of lying with my blog, but not action in a court of law to probe my matters and clean my name: “when he said that him and his sister never had any problems”, then why he is working at the manchester airport, when the place and job was previous from her sister, social worker, but her own parents ( ) need to do her University career (The bully HIDE in the following link by the same UK government corruption, that covers criminal activity with “confidentiality acts” the coward and I am unable to break the abusive and horrendous tradition – illness of our well adjusted society. So in other words and in plain english, the corrupt system full of “confidentiality acts”, that you are unable to see the following link because my page is now closed, but exist and real the bully, bullying and their own bullshit!- “Where the bully can come and destroy your world, but you are unable to expose their own malice, intolerance, violence, etc, so how?”), even against the law, in order to keep the peace at home and not problems, between brother and sister, no, never, are you sure? –

As I lost everything today, by such “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers as members of my family, with no time for parole, full of hate and steal all me and mine, in order to cash by the abuse of such lies, tales and defamation acts.

The courts when dealing with the case of Bill Cosby need to follow the law properly, as I know full well what racism does to any human person (, particularly when the wrong law apply, but the case itself as libel, when probe over matters, not slander, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.