Bob Geldof admit “family issues” with his own daughter Peaches, “before”, she took her own life ..


Angel – Robbie Williams ..

I spoke in the past of “family issues” from Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, hurting own children badly.
etc ..

In which, Bob Geldof admit “family issues (extremely angry)” with his own daughter Peaches, “before”, she took her own life.

In law, when someone takes own life due to “BULLYING” should be made a crime in society, as “the bully (Bob Geldof) is pushing the victim (Peaches, Paula Yates, etc) to the end of life, to the end of own limits and the end of everything!”- As there is not exit for the victim and own family to go, escape, run, hide, nothing at all, in order to protect from the bully! –

I myself need to hide from the ex/husband and his “family problems” after the marriage in amusements arcades ( ). In fact, I become a regular, which I am not proud in order to run, escape the tornado and abusive bully and my children enjoy own father, “as nothing was happening, except the screams, hate, abuse, intolerance, but to continue pretending .. “-

One time of the so many regulars abusive fights from the ex/husband to me, he ripped my child’s first communion dress from my hands and soon after he was ill with chest infection and even then, I took pity, but not my Lord, as he was very ill for a long time! ..

It is now that I understand, that all came from same “family issues (” of the ex/husband and his own sister lies (5 boys, the river, etc), in which some members of my family took advantage, entourage and even cashed the lot of them!!-

I am not scoring points, as you can see the BULLIES ( ) won and killed our family (my unborn children, brother etc ) environment with endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) into tiny little pieces, trashed our lives into the sky with no care, destroyed our world with no form of defence, mercy, pity, respect, but full of hate, ill spread, malicious intent, bullying, intolerance, abusive control freaks, lies, defamation, stalk, follows, paranoia, checking envirolment / world non/stop, even use own work ( to continue the bullying against victims (me and mine), but who in their own mind push victims of violence to own extreme, who’s?-

In my case started with ex/husband and his sister social worker bullying ( each other, before and after the marriage, in which he got her place at manchester airport, but her parents fixed her career of social worker ( to keep the peace and the confuse bully blame me “after” of own matters, in order to direct elsewhere, distract, steal my matters and cash?-

My only hope now is to bring this abnormal behaviour of “family issues” into the open audience and for “public concern”, because crime is crime in any language, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, colour of skin, etc –

As if bullies are happy to bring matters to the limits (push victims of violence to own extreme!) to any human people (me and mine), I really hope, they are brave enough to sit in a court of law all alone (not hide in “confidentiality acts” the cowards), in the same bench and courtroom as the victim’s (me) of crime, reading the same charges, listen the same Judge, with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, but link was not made itself, but someone that works for the community (not against!!), as the ex/husband sister social worker against me and my family and I wonder what I ever done to that bully? –

As you can see the victim (me, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates, etc) of violence always brings an entourage of more victims (my unborn children, my brother, Dodi Al – Fayed, the driver, Peaches, etc) with them, thanks to bullies ( ) of crime and I wonder a war against who’s, because I am Mexican born ( except UK citizenship) and we dont have your system to be blame after the genocide, so how and when? –

I wonder, what LOVE (ex/husband, Prince Charles, Bob Geldof, etc) has to do with this wave of carnage, abuse, criminal activity, intolerance, bullying, wars and more wars and in order to please the other women (Camilla Parker Bowles , ex/husband sister social worker Carol Parker, etc), that STEAL all and everything from us? –

I am trying to force new laws into the UK with respect to may concern matters, that recognize this kind of abnormal behaviour, criminal assault and activity within “family members, problems and issues”, that force victims of crime to extreme ( push victims of violence to own extreme! ) measures (as me, my unborn children, brother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al -Fayed, the driver, Paula Yates, Peaches, etc), kill and murder.

As a mother, I am trying to highly into my children the disturbances into our well adjusted society, that kills and even recognize matters that are way out of order, way out of our reach, way out of our times, considering that sexual predators presently exposed at the courts of law for crimes committed, so we hope crime mean crime for the rest of us and “time” is not an “issue”, but a “case” –


I studied the UK law alone and all by myself with SECOND HANDS EBOOKS from OU, as the material – modules removed from me by the staff, because I intent to protect my own children as I lost unborn children in the past due to the same “family problems / issues” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, that made deals without my permit, consent and knowledge, until too late.

1 – In the case of Prince Charles is his ex/wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi – Al Fayed and the driver that perished (RIP) in Paris, leaving 2 young boys in our care to protect. (Earl Spencer releases Althorp estate film WITHOUT Diana’s memorial site. I apreciate to continue life, without using own sister to cash, thank you! – )

2- In the case of Bob Geldof is about his ex/wife Paula Yates and his own daughter Peaches (RIP), that perished by the same “family issues” mentioned before, in which he kept the children exactly the same as the ex/husband, Prince Charles, etc?-

3- In the case of the ex/husband and his sister social worker is my unborn children, brother, my children bullied – removed of own birth rights and two sisters (soco and mara) detained under the mental health act (one in the UK and another in Mexico), even if against the UK law for any social worker, as the ex/husband sister, which is abuse of power and profession as mentioned before, because “family issues” we all come from matters, not just my family, but the rest.

I myself and my own children that come from my own womb, fully protect with my Mexican Laws and Constitution, because nobody can walk in life without a form of defence, protection laws and system.

Bob Geldof admit “family issues” with his own daughter Peaches, “before”, she took her own life and I appreciate the honesty of the matters with great concern, but unfortunately as a mother, victim of violence and whatever you want to add to me into, I am obliged by the law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.