Some of the words spoken, by HRH Princess Diana of Wales ..



It shock me to bits to read the words of HRH Princess Diana of Wales:
When I was born, I was unwanted.
When I married Charles, I was unwanted.
When I joined the Royal Family, I was Unwanted.
I want to be wanted.
Diana, Princess of Wales.

If I never told my children before so many times, today is the perfect time to remind them again, that they were very much loved, wanted and care.

I don’t regret a penny, a moment, a laugh, a day, a job, a sacrifice, a tear, a pain, a nothing at all!-
As I said to my children in the past so many times, that they were the best present God gave me and I really mean the matters, even in public.

The times I spend with my children from day one were the best of my life and I regret nothing!
We have our ups and downs before, but “soon after” I forced my children to openly speak to me direct of the issues concern and in order to change, or change matters if possible.

I really hope that communication within our family members is for life, so we don’t fall like the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, that left matters too late and in order to cash, control and abuse.

The words of HRH Princess Diana of Wales sock me to the core, as I mentioned before. I wish I could ever meet the woman before, in order to help her in any way, form or shape, but too late (sorry!).

However, I am doing my best to help now in order to correct those words with her own children.

I want HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry to understand how much their own mother loved them and each one of them, with great love, respect and tolerance.

I want Prince William and Prince Harry to see for themselves the great amount of work, love and care own mother did for them and become stable, normal and in total control.

Today, I can see Lady Diana Spencer shadow with Her own children, the similarity between themselves is only a mirror.

As a mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales for Prince William and Prince Harry and since born, married Charles and joined the Royal Family, you were always WANTED, LOVED and CHERISHED and please take my word for it, because that is the truth and only truth and my Lord is my witness.

It is important to remind ourselves that today is not yesterday and we are in control, not controlled, mean there is not fear to fall, or duplicate the same little errors of own parents.

As I said to my children always, that what happens to their own parents is our problems, not themselves at any time, but us, even if they think we are family, but “family problems” is not family but self destruction, not healthy but destroys, not good and many times kills, no acceptable legally because corrompt the core of any decency.

We can not change the past of HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and Prince Charles, neither myself and the ex/husband, but make the present more light knowing the truth and see the future even more lighter than before and not carry such heavy load, that is not yours, not your time and not your making, is not healthy such “family problems” and, simple a no / no in society.

The perfect example that envy kills, murder and destroys, and when you know people is envy of you, maybe in control of the matters, but I can see nobody told HRH Princess Diana of Wales of the same matters, otherwise, she would never write such words.

As if HRH Princess Diana of Wales ever see the world again, she will understand my meaning of my words, because she left an empty space worldwide, that nobody will ever – ever replace it, so such words are not acceptable, we can not take it as truth and simple are untrue.
When Lady Di was born, She was wanted like a Star.
When Lady Di married Charles, She was worldwide wanted, loved and admired, but the man could not handle, as envy.
When Lady Di joined the Royal Family, She was very much wanted, in fact the right hand of The Queen Elizabeth II.
Lady Di yesterday, today and tomorrow very much wanted, alive and with us today.

I wonder the reasons why HRH Princess Diana of Wales was left out in her own world, community and society, as such hearts and golden shine do not exist between those places, peoples and palaces (with respect to The Queen and Prince Philip), except cold, death and no feelings allowed, mean you are not allowed to demonstrate your free spirit, your good heart and to be yourself and your excellent manners and principles, or those peoples with no heart, no feelings and no emotions will come and destroy all and everything from you and yours, “out of envy”, no pity, no shame and no remorse! –

I hope today we can see in “full public” and for “public display” who in reality was “the unstable”, the thief, the killer, the bad, the ugly and the mean. When forced to marry and complay with tradition that sell own women /men to the best bidder and the rest live from own family, like mine: Diana had cold feet, famously steadied her with the words: “Too late, Duch (the family name for Diana), your face is already on the tea towels.” –

My words mean HRH Princess Diana of Wales own words cry for help, but as she was used/abused by the same “family (problems) tradition”, that of course, nobody will come and tell her anything, as she was their own precious possession to live well and enrich themselves to the fullest, like mine family that sells even the core of decency: “When no one’s listening to you, all you feel when no one’s listening to you, all sorts of things start to happen. For instance, you have so much pain inside yourself that you try and hurt yourself on the outside because you want to help.” –

– Those words that break the core of own self and probe the ones I already mean to explain here in this note of my blog as: “Troubled Childhood” .. “a very sad little girl,” .. “heir and a spare,” .. “She was educated, if that’s the word, at a traditional school for upper-class girls, where she hardly shone”-

– I wonder if those words really mean “troubled childhood” maybe perhaps, but not her fault at any time, neither HRH Princess Diana of Wales should blame herself of the matters. Why children need to carry the heavy load of own parents, the same I tell my children with our own, as we are big, strong and grow up, capable to lift our world and not to get involve in “family (destructive) problems” that are not own making, time, business and matters.
– Now with the “a very sad little girl” any human person in “their own right mind” will be very sad when own parents divorce, separate or fight, perhaps, it is a normal procedure even in law to display such emotions and feelings without the rest making a meal of it fun of the matters and circus display out of our system and should not be used/abused by any kind of psychoanalyst, but see “yourself” and your life “first”, before the rest (as this is my moto!). As who we are in life to judge another person, family or environment, as if your life was rosy – rosy, white – white and pinky – pinky, as I call those (parasites) “dictators” white mausoleums, as my Lord called them in the Bible passage. “The perfect peoples (and not the “very sad little girl / peoples”)” exist in our environment, society and community relations (to our dismay!), because we let them to exist and such peoples display (again: to our dismay!) the “perfect – perfect syndrome, raze, world and environment”, many acting as dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco, that killed more than 70 million Europeans victims of WWII and I wonder if that is what you want in your life? – So please spare me the saucy details (“and wake me up when you finish making the “perfect world”, as I am getting bored here with such “perfectionism” that “do not exist”, only on your mind and with respect!), as my loving parents that “never / never divorce”, but the family that “separate the rest of us”, like Prince Charles that removes ( all from his own family, so which one is better, which one is worse, which one is the stable / unstable and which one is in the middle, or are we equal in all and everything, are we miss anything, are we even in life, are we starve of anything, are we lost our senses and marbles with the ordeal, are we lost our “perfect world”, or made us more “strong, more beautiful (as HRH Princess Diana blossomed) , more capable, more caring, more human, more intelligent, more aware of matters, more careful, more and more and more … until we become independent enough, that the rest want to double-gate us, take the shine of your life, verbally abused and bully you?” –

– The next words, I hope HRH Princess Diana of Wales own son’s don’t see them plastered in walls, in case if they back off the “heir and a spare,”, with respect, but you got no respect for nothing, so how we are expecting the “heir and a spare” and please “spare me” the details! –

– The ENVY make the best of those peoples that “shine with own light”, so strong that the ENVY want to hide inside the covers, very much the same as when Prince (in Cinderella) was looking for the perfect feet to try the shoes, but failed several times, until found the correct girl, as Diana, Princess of Wales (to the dismay and envy of the rest, uff!). Now honestly please tell me, would you not be able to see “that light that shine so strong” in a room full of light, or even dark, including the doors shut, or closed, then spare me the full details of she hardly shone, because this was the problem in her marriage, the f…… light was so strong, very much the same as Prince William of Gloucester: “She was educated, if that’s the word, at a traditional school for upper-class girls, where she hardly shone”-


I don’t know if HRH Princess Diana was educated in a upper – class girls because I never went there (thanks God!), but only knows full well, that her “light shone so strong and become the most powerful woman on earth” and impossible to see Prince Charles, with respect. But again, you got no respect to mislead people into believe tales, lies and defamation of own persona to hurt them, with the syndrome of, “she hardly shone” when the person was overtaken everything that you believe was yours, because you want to believe that way and make you feel million times better, but unfortunately was the person that you ENVY who got the light, not yours, but hers! – So back off, with the mislead and tale from, “she hardly shone!”, as we can see HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) left an empty space that nobody will ever – ever take it and for centuries to come and more like: “you hardly ever – ever shone, but need to STEAL from the sunshine!” –

As there is not space in the world for such love, heart, persona, personality, beauty, free spirit and grandeur that exist only in Disney Books, because the rest is full of ugly duckling, hatred preachers, ENVY, verbal, physical and mental abuse, as your own words, actions and personality that takes the better of you, nothing else and nobody else involved, but your putrifier heart, that need to trash the rest! –

It is impossible for me to believe that HRH Princess of Wales done so much to Queen, Country, Land and Glory and even Her own Family Spencer desert her, with such cold hearts closed the doors on her, when she needed the most like my family to me, but living from us, with respect to The Queen and Her husband Prince (King) Philip! –

I wonder sometimes how this golden star as HRH Princess Diana of Wales lived, between those hell suckers, with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her husband Prince (King) Philip, but impossible to understand matters from this point of view, not that I come from the “perfect family syndrome”, but equally as bully, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP).

With all my fondness love, to a great humankind and full respect to a woman of substance, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince William of Gloucester, that perished (RIP) in very similar circumstances. Rosario Castellanos de Parker

P.S. After my notes in my blog are published in my social places, my toilet pipes get the best of it, as form of revenge, when it’s not my duty alone to bring this matter in public and for “public concern” but the rest as well. So unable to understand the full attack direct to my persona, like the ex/husband when farts (, neither when it’s not my making, not my time, or not my matters, but helping the best of my ability, again why the attack and what are you afraid acting like real bully? –