Donald Trump retracts his own comments about termination (abortion) ! –


MIRIAM SOLIS – Ave Maria ..

I like controversy and always gives me an excuse to stand for my ground, because it’s not enough the pain to lose own children due to the severity in which those matters develop, took time and moment, but as well we need to hear of the matters over and over and over again in public, with no little respect whatsoever for death issues, let’s alone for my unborn children, as if no value at all in real LIFE.! –

Donald Trump retracts own words for termination (abortion) relate matters, but not clarity on where men stands and within the law, if any law worldwide exist for such abuses and matters against women?!! ..

The debate can be good in certain points, particularly give me a chance to prove otherwise of my matters, ignorance and stupidity of such peoples that contest the same IGNORANCE and grows in full / great proportion, words, contest and meaning, in order to exterminate our reputation in extent measures, with any intention, form or even shape: “Women who have termination (abortion) should be punished (!!)”-

But I believe strong that anyone that grieve a close relationship should be respect own pain, not matter how long it takes to heal own pain but respect and not made a public anouncement out of the matters, but take such loss and matters with sensibility and respect, that the pain a-merit: “As Women who have termination (abortion) should be punished (really?)”-

I ask to the public in general not matter which side of the world, colour, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, if a mother who lost own child for whatever circumstances a-amerit to be joked, laughed, used/abused for own family purposes and eat, educate, grows in business, gain employment and even politics affairs as Donald Trump, Scotland and the rest: “Women who have termination (abortion) should be punished”- As if your laws will return our (unborn) children ALIVE and SAFE today, when the abuse happened in the past, not today (31/3/2016) even to debate, but respect!!- Do I look as if I hold your death relatives and parade them in full public, like the rest with (unborn) children unable to defend themselves of the family holocaust? –

The full action itself of termination (abortion) a child’s life perhaps should be a crime in a way, but please don’t die of IGNORANCE with “the true facts of life”, because my question is who put the child’s seeds INSIDE the women’s body and in the first pleace, MEN or WOMEN, who’s, please answer to me now!! .. WHO’S? –

1- Particularly, I keep asking myself the same question over and over again and even today as adult, mature and with my greys, perhaps, because I never have a proper relationship as this reflect with the matters that happened to me in the past (termination), with no PLANS whatsoever in any (immature)relationships, but the machos men keep planting seeds into own women’s body with no form of respect whatsoever and if there is not tomorrow and my questions is (very simple!!): “If MAN AND WOMAN talks and plans when to have the child, mean “both agree into the conception” of own baby and “prepare together” for the same arrival (?) or like happened in real life, when men “just helps himself” and in order to help his own instincts and /or “family problems”, anyone got the answer?!! –

2- Because I feel STRONG, that if a “man helps himself inside a woman’s body without their own permit, concent and knowledge of intention, instinct, ideas, gains, control, or even pursuit into the matters, then by law: “he should be responsible and/or punished for the assault against women worldwide” – As women can not create a baby out of fresh air, or the holly spirit by using religious (Cristian’s) believes / tales, but need the men part (manhood) to play a FULL part and role, in order to become pregnant.

Which is very important those 2 points in law, before you even consider to condemn a woman’s own actions of termination (abortion) and should not be questioned “after implanted with the seed” but respect own decision as her own body, not yours, neither mine, but hers alone and alone her own decision, full stop! – In law, we have the only 2 KEYS to punish a woman or not to punish a woman from own actions of termination (abortion), because “before” you gain the degree in law, you need to understand the full meaning and formation of HUMAN BODY in Biology. I am not trying to clean my sins, but your IGNORANCE of the true facts of life.

Where Biology study the “Principles of Life”: How the “human body works” and develops inside, outside and everywhere of that body, how acts itself including own full formation from conception to birth and furthermore how create life beyond that circle, which even today still a mystery and not to mix reality with tales. As religious affairs confuse with respect, like for example the virgin Mary pregnant by the holly spirit, “because this was the believes of centuries ago and not apply today (31/3/2016)”, neither believe that babies are born of pure fresh air but gain a degree in Biology to understand those principles, furthermore if you intent to become a representative of any country worldwide, because ignorance can backfire. And when reach a decision, unfortunately Law is not enough, particularly when we are using LIFE as innocent babies (unborn children), mean the only culpit and reality is to use Biology as well, in order to know the true facts of that life and mean “the man’s part = as manhood” –

This true fact of human body formation in Biology and how life is conceived, mean in plain English and cutting the rest of charades, tales, lies and hypocrisy, that any woman in planet Earth can not get pregnant out of nothing, but need the man’s part to create a beautiful baby, the rest doesn’t apply in any law worldwide, but true reality, the true facts of life as biology, the true norms, the true laws of existence and principles, the rest is abuse, crap, rubbish!! –

In other words mean, that if you are going to do any jobs, at least please LEARN the trade in the proper way, as today is not the same as yesterday and vice – versa.

Now Mr Donald Trump with respect is raising and asking a very important question regarding women’s personal decisions in their own life and matters that concern to them only (Abortion) and only alone, in which I should ask him after I explain my part now: “Who’s exactly we should charge and punish in law for the termination (abortion) of a baby, MEN or WOMEN, including own conception inside the women’s body, “as form of seed” and without own permit, consent and knowledge of matters “until too late”- Particularly what are the charges against women, that decide to do with own body “after” impregnate with “a seed of a child” and without own permit, consent and knowledge of matters and whatever think is better for them “on the time” not “this time”, but “on the time of conception” and perhaps “the time when her own man runs away from responsibility”, not “before” as not possible for any women in the planet Earth to get pregnant by just fresh air, or the holly ghost, but need the man’s part to play a FULL part.

Now in law, who shall we CHARGE for the abuse of own manhood, that “my Lord gave him the trust of that instrument”, but went inside a woman’s body without her permit, concern and knowledge of intentions and create a baby (seed), until too late and she got pregnant, then who’s in reality the culprit: The Man or The Woman?-

When reach a decision, I am holding not just the “Principles of Laws (as student of law)”, but working along with “Biology, as facts of life” to get my full facts correct, as the law state, request and command, into 2 poles apart (law and biology) not just one (law, or biology), but holding both (law and biology) together as true facts of life and then, who shall we charge: MEN or WOMEN!!?” – As how would you be feeling if I go inside your own (body) property (pretending is your own body) and I take everything from you and equal, if I deposit everything from me into your own persona without permit, consent and knowledge, but like vile criminal stole all and everything from your insides, including reputation.

As when women are forced to do whatever wants best with own body, “after when pregnant (not before, but after!!)” questioned by the same law and for many years to come until departs and even bullied by religious fanatics (as Cristian’s), racism and machismo not men that went inside women’s body and deposit seeds, without permit, consent or knowledge until too late, but somehow protect, keep safe (reputation), safeguard, preserve, defend, shield, cushion, insulate, hedge, shelter, screen, secure, fortify, guard, watch over, look after, take care of, inoculate and a wave of crap to hide the bully and own bullshit, as rape.

When women don’t own the responsibility that my Lord gave to men as manhood, not women at any time, but men and the law should get the facts of life correct even study Biology before reach any decision, not just Principles of laws, but the rest as well matters!!! –

Because it is important in law, that man and woman wants to join together in a relationship, married or not married irrelevant in law, but join together as part of one and start a new fresh life mean including create a beautiful Baby, here “family is planed” not forced against the other and pregnant a woman (married or not married!!!) without her consent, permit and knowledge and “what is not planed then by law should be punished”, because as far as I know, no man ever asked my permission, consent and knowledge into the matters and those old times affects me BADLY today! –

As for example (and this was a real stuff!!): My sister (Flor) refused to have more children when married (to Javier azpiri), even affected me in a way, that I need to look after own children when she was out and about, as if they were mine responsibility (???????!!!!!!!!) and not just happy with the abuse and crap to look after unwanted peoples as 9 years old, when my parents no need of the abuse as hard working peoples themselves, but also used me as own factory of lies (hand of madona, 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) thereafter and develop out of the same corrupt peoples and behaviour, as link explain.

As what happened to my sisters and brothers followed me after, simple as that, like a vile chain that we need to pay and for something that we never done to them, but pure religious evil hatred, malice, revenge and bullying ( ) and the reasons why, both families understand each other so well and reasons why, I want to cut ties, as the abusive behaviour is destroying family foundation!! –

In other words is Rape, consider in any worldwide Jury System irrelevant in law, any law, as someone that abused own manhood and responsibility that my Lord gave to him, without permit, consent and knowledge of own malice against women is consider as rape, not matter if married, no married, divorce, widow, single, disabled, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, country of birth, language, tradition, roots, blood, brotherhood, sisterhood, or any other excuses, but rape.

Women should not be punished when machos cannot control themselves, neither machos care to ask own woman permit, consent and knowledge of matters “before”, mean “the correct time to have a child” many men feel forced to stay with a woman when pregnant to dismiss (excuse) themselves as martyr, even believe cheat by women, which is an insult to us in any measure of the law, because how we managed to impregnate ourselves from such peoples, but in law consider as negligence for the assault, slander and lies!!-

I thank Mr trump to touch a very sore point in my life and face my demons today, I hope, I answer question/s ( “Women who have termination should be punished”-) in the correct way and timely manner according to the law, but I also believe that I was forced to terminate (abortion) my unborn children by the same “family problems (from both families)” as explain before and with the use of links, so no need to repeat myself, which is different to many women by FREE own will, which is not my problem, neither my place and I support them fully in any way, form or shape, because who I am to condemn any human person, so who give you the rights?!! –

It is time MEN and WOMEN to join together in the plan when start a family, furthermore when both are ready and secure a home, living, wages, education and own life as they wish, below and after that matters is rape, because nobody owns the other body and vice-versa, but equal.

A- In the time of my abuse with “factory” man (Sergio Gomez Pintado), who was supplying garments to my sisters (flor and tere) business, “alta costura infantil” and in connection with her own husband (Javier azpiri) factory business, but helped himself with me, without my permit, consent and knowledge of the plan (because, him and I had no plans at any time!”). On the same night that my sister (mara) was all over him, dancing, kissing and touching in close motion and her husband (raul nuñez frade) and I watching and this prompted Raul Nuñez Frade to kiss me, but nothing came out of it. A simple kiss (no touching, dancing in close motion, or as we call in Mexico = FAJANDO in public, like Sergio Gomez pintado and sister mara!) do not a-merit to kill my unborn children with lies (a simple kiss!!) because soon after, the maradona hand (pancho azpiri) lies followed, then his own father (Javier azpiri) lies in order to rescue his factory of lies( ) and then the rest of bullies, that learned the trade and followed (5 boys, the river, etc).

B- With the ex-husband was a blind date, so no point to repeat myself of the same matters as arrange by the same sisters (flor, mara, teres, etc) like business ventures, when helping each other to cash! –

In each case (ex-husband and Sergio Gomez pintado), I was forced to have a termination (abortion), even accompanied me into the matters, my sister (tere) stood next to the doctor to make sure he done the job properly, equal was the ex-husband with me in the UK clinic and he said to give a chance to his sister social worker to go to Mexico before the wedding (?) and did she not went to my country and come back with 5 boys, the river and a wave of lies? – Including the other sister (ana pia) driving my father’s car when taking me back to the Mexican airport and my mother sitting in the back of the car when I wanted to divorce, but need to make sure I get more violence into my life, mean both families (ex/husband and I) in touch with each other, arrange matters, meetings, business and make more business plans in secret, cashing with each other lies, tales and defamation?-

As I said previous, I am waiting for the deeds of the factory ( and the hotel in Israel ( Magdala Center ), for the mislead, lies, defamation, intolerance, criminal activity, level of abuse and intention to gain business ventures, by lying and as explain the following note.


Pope Francis acts the same as my sister (tere) when arrived to the UK and when on shopping (mark and spencer) times, soon after gained what she wanted living in the other sister ‘s (soco) house, followed by a group of haters preachers against me, including ex/husband (meet him when blind date by tere’s friend melving!!) and his sister social worker full support and to continue more plans against the family. My sister (tere) is blessed when married to a Michoacán man, in which she introduced to family and even friends (Teresa Solana), today gained the hotel in Israel as mention before ( Magdala Center ), and my other sister ‘s husband won the factory Zermatex.

Why I did not see help from outside peoples on my times of abuse when on termination (rape), the same I should ask why the boat was returned back to Hitler in the same way as me by plane (ana pia and my mother sitting in the back of the car!!), when full of Jewish peoples during the WWII and who shall we ask for help in the middle of the ocean, furthermore, who will believe us the tale, abuse, ordeal, crime, criminal activity, criminology, assault to own persona, racism, fascism and the wave of bullies? – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.