Irish woman gets jail sentence, for termination!! ..


MIRIAM SOLIS – Paloma Blanca ..

Woman given suspended jail sentence for aborting pregnancy.

I thank Thomas and Nancy to demostrate today with my case, not just in Law, Biology, but Genetics as well, with own case, that create not just one but 3 healthy children. In order to clarify that for a woman worldwide to get pregnant need the man’s part as manhood and/or donnor.

This form of given birth by a man (not matter seahorses, but a man ) is a bit complex the issue, but woman trapped in a man´s (male seahorses are genetically able to carry embryos: Thomas’s pregnancy was possible only because born “female” ) body. Read: By the time Thomas reached his 20s, convinced he was a man trapped in a woman’s body, at 24 started taking male hormones – sex change. Thomas married another woman ( at age of 28, Nancy had a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis — where cells from the lining of the womb are found elsewhere in the body — so she couldn’t have any more children ) and become pregnant by donnor (chose an anonymous 6ft 4in blond man with blue eyes — a martial arts black belt and healthy. ).

He (Thomas) kept his female reproductive organs because one day he wanted to give birth not just once, but three times!-

“Legally Thomas is a man and father of his children, but someone that gave birth to 3 healthy and beautiful children, a nightmare for the couple, when authorities confussed (Nancy down as the father and Thomas as the mother ) even birth certificate” –

I don’t know if the case relate to you, but with respect only using as example (with thanks!) and prove that women need man part active, either as donnor, or in real life and in order to give birth. In which women gets pregnant not just by holding hands with the men but ignorance of the true facts of life!!-

Now what I fight here with termination (abortion) is the hipocresy, even with Ireland that shows no respect to victims (, as:

1- The “lack of proper education” relate (sexual) issues to a young women in the UK (Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England) and not “only” by school teachers, but parents duty!-

2- Here the birth of own children “planed by a donnor”, mean both Thomas and Nancy “happy and agree into matters, planed and over-joy with the issues”, not forced to get pregnant (as condom broke!) as many women (me) walks nowadays and the boy (Sergio Gomez Pintado and ex/husband, David Parker) gets excluded by the law, as form of rape, because I never gave my permition, concent and knowledge to any men (Sergio Gomez Pintado and ex/husband, David Parker) and here is where the law fails women badly, as rape!-

My sister (flor) went the same emotion that any other woman (single, married, divorce, widow, old, young, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc) harrased by a man (javier azpiri) and experience the (religious) issue, as she was able to find condoms in her husband’s (javier azpiri) car and he never used with her at any time (and she was furious!!!), but forced to have children with no plans and I was forced to baby-sat for her little monsters when 9 years old!!??-

3- The friend (Sergio Gomez Pintado) and I had no plans whatsoever, he was someone that supply cloths – garments to my sisters (tere and flor) with own business ventures and own husband (Javier Azpiri Mercado) to aid perhaps with factory loans (as link explain, dancing the night away with my sister (mara) and her husband (raul nuñez frade) and I watching like idiots and explain in the link: The case was not the single time by this sister (mara) get close motion with another men in public and own husband (raul nuñez frade) present and watching, but me and two sisters (tere y mela) as witness and the difficult task to drive his (raul nuñez frade) car after, if we remember? –

Not that I care in the matters and not my business, but when affects me badly my reputation, also why nobody trow the car keys away, no idea, but the 5 (tere, mela, mara, raul and me) of us traveled on such conditions (, in which sister (mara) husband (raul nuñez frade) drove his car!!?- My sister (mara) caused problems and another sister (mela) witness the same, as cousin (paty arias) abused by a man and sister (mara) went to tell lies of my reputation, when in reality, I was not aware of matters, but reflects with factory man (sergio Gomez Pintado) against me?!-

Envy (, I don’t have any envy by any sister / brother and that is the problem, I care less of any of them, in fact I don’t want to see them again for the same reasons, but them to me, when steal all and everything (ex/husband, friends, children, etc) with little respect and even sit with our afters as you can see photos ( What worry me is the blame, when stolen our private matters, as link: and words: Renta de Maquinas. Con la empresa Castellanos Nuñez Maria del Rocio podrá encontrar los mejores expertos en # Autolavado?! – It is “maquinas (slot machines) and autolavado (dishwasher)” that I am blame of my brother matters ( ) and they question ENVY to distract and CRIME for the abuse. As I explain with the cousin (paty ariaz) that came against me by that sister/s (mara and mela as witness), now her own child (Castellanos Nuñez Maria del Rocio) using the same sistem, with autolabado and maquinitas? ..

4- The ex/husband argues that condom broke (the same as my sister flor with her husband javier azpiri!!??) and how I get to prove of matters as you can see the business ventures and revenues, but malicious intent either to see my reaction and frame me after living with matters for more than 30 + years (Ireland sentence a few years, but mine 33 + years = 1983 – 2016? ) the abuse in order to eat, study, LIVE, control and to give a chance to his sister social worker (carol parker) to have excuses to come against me after, acting as security guard and protective of her brother (when in reality bullied each other?- ) and break my reputation.

When pregnant before the wedding in Mexico (1985), he (David Parker) told me “to give a chance to his sister, Carol Parker to go to Mexico before the wedding”, the reasons why I would never know, as she could make the trip anytime not excuses, but trapped, controled and frame after, into believe this was an English way of life. Now Carol Parker did not went to Mexico and come back to the UK, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, etc) and bullying (

As my family controled by the same issues of the ex/husband and his sister social worker “family problems (”, as this reflect when sister (ana pia) drove my father’s car to the Mexican airport, sitting my mother in the back of the car, like millions of Jews peoples returned back to Germany when on Hitler times (RIP). When in reality I wanted to divorce and spoke to my family and sister (ana pia) before she drove me to the Airport, also I wanted nothing more to do with the wedding, as Carol Parker went (1985) with me to Mexico D.F and got her extention visa and for me, permit to marry as link explain:

I knew the UK helps single mothers by just luck, when the ex/husband went with me as my broken English and answered the Judge into why I would not apply any earlier for benefit assistance and he told her, that “unaware of the UK system (for a UK man born and breed?),

It is cruel as on that time, I had young children to feed and clothe and no jobs as all removed soon after, in which ex/husband told me when born “they are yours, you look after them” and I did such matters, also request help from my brother, maybe killed for the same matters, as explain at the end of link: The ignorance of benefit system is not plausible in law by the ex/husband as he did Jury System ( ) but lying, also he got a sister, as social worker and parents that undertand the UK system and close friend of a neighbour (sherway drive house #11) for many years, working for the DWP and her husband at manchester airport, now both self employed.

When a mother lost own children usualy can keep privacy, respect and is left alone to mourn, but with termination (abortion) cases as if the business of everyone, even the Judges cannot practice what’s teach to them with profession?! – In law the case is based in the victims reasons and the law itself acts as form of balance, otherwise corruption to have one part of the story and hearing but not the other side and reasons.

Now where is the man in this case ( as well and not just the woman charged, because she can not get pregnant by the holly spirit / fresh air and why case is not exposed for rape charges, because if not “planed the baby” then abuse of own manhood and why the law is so slow, wrong, male biased, corrupt, racist, machist (, religious prejudice and “against women?”-

Particularly, when the Vatican is currently in Rome not Ireland and here is the princples of laws to use for the case, not religion affairs at any time, but law, and furthermore who give you the rights to condem ( humanity? – Pope Francis need to control own peoples in the Vatican, as sisters and ex/husband sister social worker use them to bring a wave of abuse, murder, crime and intolerance against me and mine.

I am waiting for the title deeds of the factory Zermatex ( ) and hotel in Israel ( Magdala Center ), for the murder of my unborn children, mislead, lies, tales, defamation, intolerance, criminal activity, level of abuse and intention to gain business ventures, by misleading the course of the law, as explain with link and just to start.

The Holly Pope as the Vatican representative of the Cristian church and in the same way as any other services for the community is not extent from the law. As such, the Vatican come with rights, principles and laws to response in timely manner to this community affairs regarded as termination (abortion) in Ireland and worldwide and remove with inmediate effect, the bad spread against women and stop using peoples to aid in matters, as this case of Ireland, with me and members of my family, because we don´t work for such entities, neither we are Cristians, let alone receive remuneration for the same termination (abortion), with no form of respect whatsoever to justice (if ever exist), memory and non repetition of the same against my unborn children and there is not one law for you and another different for me, both apply.

etc ..

Religion, any religion around the planet Earth comes as part of the community affairs and society that we live today and as such is not regulate by themselves alone but as a whole, not just collect the money but responsability to abide and respect our laws, rights and freedoms, otherwise we can ask to remove such freedoms and stop misleading the law. As this case with Ireland is Law alone no religion and as such, a baby just passed away (RIP) for lack of help to the mother, in order to find another ways, forms and solution to the problem, because when a baby is conceived is the problem of 2 people (MAN and WOMAN), not just one (WOMAN) and in this case looks as the mother was left alone, now facing justice. What is repulsive in law is the man walks away FREE with no case, no identity, no charges and no guilt of baby, as Ireland and for the termination (abortion) with no help for the mother on time and violate, because in this case “both” couple (WOMAN and MAN) need to agree to have a child and time to stop the abuse, but pay for the same crime (rape) and lack of responsability from men of the tool, that my Lord gave to them on Earth, not us women, but men. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.