Big Celebrations are taken place, within The UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) Royal Household – Longest Serving Monarchs: “The Queen Elizabeth II And Her Beloved Husband, Prince Philip Of Greece And Denmark, Duke Of Edinburgh, Earl Of Merioneth And Baron Greenwich” ..


Trooping the Colour 2016 (Zu Ehren der Königin)

It was reported that Prince Philip lost his patience ( and the matter alone COMPLETE annoys me, when he is not feeling his prime and want to speak in defence of our elder generation with respect, when in that age the last thing they want is to be placed in the full rain, long standing hours to please your big curiosity not matter excuses and furthermore, without receive back a simple gesture from the UK peoples that said: “Thank You” – In which all those years of hard work, dedication and long standing sweat, that our new generation enjoys TODAY, “the rewards and for free”, which is a peaceful life with no wars, no bangs and no sweat and all thanks to your elders (The Queen and Prince Philip) generation, when contributed so much in the past and for you today – lose a bit of patience ( against them? – So please do me a BIG favour and show your complete respect when standing next to elder peoples, as you do not know what the hell and back such peoples went during own lifetime, including war times!” – I want to see how many elders peoples with respect, stand at the age of 90 and 95 years old with such grace, contentment, smile, brightness, wit, health, intelligence and patience as, The Queen and Prince (King) Philip, also the war heroes!!-


After married (20 November 1947) the handsome couple: British Princess Elizabeth and Greek – Danish (Member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg) Prince Philip, adopted the Windsor – Moutbattern surname since 1960´s.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh

However, we sense a form of duty towards their own family by the House of Windsor – Moutbattern, which becomes a form of pressure from Prince Philip towards his eldest son, Prince Charles, in which he become accustom from a privilege background and since day one, when born, shape and polished into the Royal life, that will follow him for the rest of his life, enjoying the privilege contrary of his father, otherwise a Royal rift would not be portrayed within own family.


As I got my oat when I become UK citizen, I feel my duty to follow the meaning of the matters, not just to grab the privilege, but help from my blog in the better of my ability, without suffering any kind of repression, regression, intolerance, hate propaganda, intimidation, racial slurs to me and mine (children), when segregate my culture for any reasons, as I am only giving my honest opinion.


The Father and Son (Prince Philip and Prince Charles) rift is not just now, but become a trade mark since Prince Charles was a young man and the reasons are so many excuses, furthermore when spoil from a very privilege background, complete contrary of Prince Philip, that endure unbalance life since baby, plus removal of own parents stability due to many excuses, falls, old tales believes and defamation of character – thanks to ignorance of the true facts, including a life of exile, poverty, wars, tears, betrayal, murder (own family) and even survived the Gordonstoun education. A complete different life from Prince Charles and for this man alone as Prince Philip, to know FULLY WELL, what is like to be in his father shoes, because you need to live the ordeal to believe the complete abuse! – It’s Prince Philip I stand for, as all those years of complete unknown places, full rejection as foreign person (like myself) and forced to live in a foreign country that stands to peoples like me, with repression, intolerance, racism, even to enable him to be called “The King”, for his long standing service to his beloved wife, The Queen Elizabeth II, as happened to The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth, but complete regression, when this man alone comes from the best Monarchy in Europe alone, but all stolen from him and his family and when you get to that level, I want you to feel what is like to be him and suffer the harsh life to believe my words, depression is nothing for those instances, but many takes own life by the same extreme life, so let´s congratulate Prince Philip to be an example to humanity in times of turmoil! –


I believe Gordonstoun education was chosen for Prince Charles, when he got the opportunity himself to research properly when a young man (see the photo), never education was choose ALONE by his own father, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh won the debate after arguing Eton was too close to Windsor and London and Charles would be “harassed by the media” if he was schooled there. ), but Prince Charles got the opportunity.


Saying this matter alone, not matter which education background we received in life, as you can see Prince Charles own age when arrived to Gordonstoun school and greet by own staff, as he got the opportunity to choose his own education but left matters to own parents, irrelevant in law “when used against the community”, here I am talking about his ex/wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that perished in an accident together with her party: Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver. I believe strong at this point, Prince Charles should address bullying matters to Gordonstoun education direct, “as victims of violence” and nobody has any rights to pardon such kind of fear treatment and violence, not matter reasons, in order to gain justice, reparation, non -repetition and compensation for the criminal action. As I expressed in my note, as you follows the link with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince (King) Philip, because no children should pardon that kind of violence against them at any time, by Trafford council regulation when control of St Hugh’s primary education ( ), but dismissed my claims ( ) to no avail and they said sorry to me, but when is your child as mine, no sorry accepted and should be the same for Prince Charles, private education from Gordonstoun.



As you can see photos of a young Prince Charles, that acknowledge his background very well and even proclaim the oat as investiture (1969) himself (, so no excuses, furthermore was Prince Edward VIII and Princess Margaret, but somehow today is not followed properly such principles. Can you Imagine if King George VI placed the same trust to Prince Philip, as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall ( with respect and in order for you to understand our shook, pain and dismay, that removes Prince Philip the full rights to be called King in the UK and with my fullest form of respect! –

The matter (Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is not my business to even consider, but becomes my business, when UK citizen and made an oat of alliance direct to The Queen Elizabeth II and as such, I feel is my duty to remember the past with respect and in order to avoid wars in the present, as I feel a sense of betrayal here, in which I am not part and the same as Prince Philip ( ) and “I have the rights to express open in public and for public concern” without suffering intimidation, hate campaign, or bullying by nobody but respect my work, furthermore as student of law, particularly when I see something is not right:

1- I feel totally betrayed,as I was expecting better, at least a response towards the life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al – Fayed and the driver ( “Her Majesty elevated the Duchess of Cornwall to her most senior advisory body, the Privy Council?” ), mean she was right all along towards and against, Prince Charles and Camilla.

2- I feel totally devastate for the lack of support from HRH Princess Diana of Wales own family, while one thing is The Queen status with my fullest form of respect (, other is the right to know the truth, but deny.

3- Prince Philip complete oppose his own son matters, as Prince Edward VIII and Princess Margaret deny the same privilege (, so he is not doing anything unusual, against the law, or betrayal own son, as even The King George VI was unable to understand fully well his own brother, Prince Edward VIII, then unable to understand how The Queen betrays Her own Father, Family and Dynasty, because I am very found of King George VI and The Queen Mother and such great peoples can not just made to disappear and in order to please the rest, sorry, not on my name, never!-

Particularly when you can see the King’s Speech film ( and how hard it was for the King George VI such (“family problems”) family matters / problems, not me, but your own background and past, furthermore when The Queen Elizabeth II could choose Her own daughter, Princess Anne, or Her own sons: Prince Andrew or Prince Edward, perhaps Prince Harry as the replacement from his brother, Prince William, but Duchess of Cornwall ( with respect?- As if sold own Royal Family complete to the best bidder and why no Prince (King) Philip ( for his long – long standing work besides his wife all those years, supporting not just The Monarchy, The Queen Elizabeth II, but a complete Empire?!! –

Legally we can reverse matters as explain before, as nobody can sell own family background within good reasons, because you can not leave a long standing Monarchy within foreign hands and with respect to The Duchess of Cornwall (, when is a family affair to protect a complete Empire that lasted centuries, not years ( Duchess of Cornwall, 5 years since married Prince Charles?), but complete century of Royal Life and not to give away your birth rights, to the best bidder!- I am unaware of who is advising The Queen, Elizabeth II, but complete wrong to pass the Monarchy to someone else with respect to The Duchess of Cornwall, that comes with 5 years ( difference, not centuries, neither part of the same Royal Family by blood as Prince William (as Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince Harry, etc) and with my fullest form of respect, because this is not a game of thrones, but a real life matters. As what if we ask the Duchess of Cornwall same matters ( with respect, complete transfer to us her own ancestry by centuries and blood – no questions asked and just because we want or perhaps demand and I believe strong, The Duchess of Cornwall will deny matters, the same as the rest as me, as student of law as me, a simple member of the public and in defence of The Queen’s own interest strongly, in order to protect Her own legacy – ancestry! –

4- I am unable to understand how is permissible to accept marriage of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowlers, now Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall with my full form of respect, when the UK law is not invisible as Edward VIII and Princess Margaret unable to follow own wishes, neither the Church of England accept such matters, as The Queen Elizabeth II (which is the highest command in law and the church) and Prince Philip never participate in any religious – legal affairs, but arrived after, when the ceremony (of Prince Charles and Camilla) was finished, otherwise corruption:

etc ..

5- I do understand The Queen Elizabeth II as a mother with respect, also that She is the highest command in law in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland) and I respect everything about the full matters, but I question fully and complete the life of Her own Father, The King George VI (as we saw him in the film, The King’s Speech ) that went against his own brother Edward VIII, when he could easily let him to marry the love of his life and let the Nazi Party from Germany to enter the UK, also his own daughter, Princess Margaret unable to marry the love of Her life and perhaps the end of the matters, but the same story repeat itself today with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and we cannot forget the past, with respect once again. As I feel a COMPLETE BETRAYAL direct to King George VI and The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth (, in which I care extremely and fondly of such peoples, that surpassed the unsurpassed, when stopped a war (WWII) that was beyond own means and as such, I will not accept the matters, full stop! –

6- I protect Prince Philip ( and his wife, The Queen Elizabeth II, if anything happens to them – we know fully well where all comes from, also their own Royal Family and just by the simple way to express own opinions in public (, the same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales ( when she went public for support (the same as me with the ex/husband and his family problems, reasons of my blog!), also to request their own family to abide and obey the church and the law (as you can see Prince Charles investiture 1969), which Prince Charles would not act upon the rules that he was born into, but married Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, when Prince Edward VIII and Princess Margaret deny the luxury, not matter reasons, the rest need to follow suit! –


7- I protect me and mine (children) legally as student of UK law, when I have nothing to do with this problem/s at any time, but I have the rights to protect any party legally and when I see malpractice, corruption and betrayal, particularly the one that lacks support, proper legal advice – representation and at this present moment is Prince (King) Philip and his wife, The Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her Party (Dodi Al – Fayed and the driver, that perished due to an accident, when Camilla gave an “ultimatum” to Prince Charles and soon after started divorce procedures from Diana, the rest is history, not my personal matters, but them!!) with respect, also I will not accept any BETRAYAL against The King George VI and The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth at any time, full stop, not on my name! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.