Donald Trump / EU Referendum: “In or out?” –


“The Gael”, by SCOTS DG

The EU Referendum, in which as Mexican born: “I STAY AT HOME” in a form of respect, as this is not my business but yours, this is not my choice but yours, this is not my matters but yours and this is not my time but yours.

I am unable to understand the interference of such peoples that are placed exactly in my position (government, or no government), even as government representatives, political affairs, or community services, but command, give orders and make shows.

I am letting you to sort your own Government issues and Politics affairs, not matter if UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) citizen, but I feel strong that I was not born here on this side of the planet earth, but in my beautiful country of Mexico. So in a form of respect, I back off with any kind of voting, to make sure you choose the right decision and perhaps we can live in prosperity, peace and wisdom.

– In other words and plain ENGLISH, I got no rights to interfere into your own personal life and matters, contrary of the ex/husband (Englishman) and his sister social worker, that since married (1985) still present (2016) very much into my personal life with all kind of lies, tales, defamation of character, bullying ( ) and bullshit against my persona, including today after divorce? – I question your UK laws, if the protection of the same ever exist in reality, or hide in confidentiality acts. As the Mystery Man from UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) places, brings such misery life to residents, peoples and the community, when the problem come back again and “one more time with a wave of rivers and lies (”, but no solution to the matters in a court of law. It is now that I understand the game of the same lies, intolerance and hate propaganda against me, by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (now using my children for the same malice, intolerance and purpose), that use anything in order to go against my reputation (against the community as social worker against her own brother’s family, against any norms of proper rationality, anything, anyhow, anywhere, but the idea is to attack, attack, attack and attack the cowards bullies! and brings problems to me and mine (children) in order to kill (, murder, destroy, rip appart and inflict pain.


– There is a big note in the building where I live (see photo & placed twice, as come with light reflection unable to read properly, sorry!) and falsely accuse me of using BABY WIPES (not BABY SHAMPOO as the ex/husband sister, but baby wipes?) – as I take it personal (as this is what the ex/husband blames me of the boiler room, dishwasher, etc), when flossing the same down the toilet which is lies against my reputation and in order to bring more misery into my personal life, but staff from same building regulations (Morison Walker) saw (23/6/2016) my toilet (clean, not blocked) and even flushed to make sure, also shower room (smell free), including “rubbish bin”, as we went with every single detail, including TOILET paper, WIPES, empty shampoo bottles, etc. As the problem (blocked toilet) of the neighbour was repair earlier this year and all residents contributed, also explain to the building staff (Morison Walker) that since the note was plastered in the wall of the building (as revenge), the smell in my shower room come back again, “from time to time?” – The matters reflects, as the neighbours problems come back again, but a different place this time and it’s me or my family always at fault ( ), after killed my sister (soco) when detained under the mental health act – is not enough, killed my brother ( lying the course of the law – is not enough, killed my unborn children by the same (river, the 5 boys, etc) lies against my reputation – is not enough, so when the hate against me and mine would be the end?!-

– The ex/husband and my children are presently on holiday away from the UK, may for a reason, may for to get away and not to be blame after (as you can see picture of my neighbours home, comes with a box unattended that was left by the royal mail, one day before my sister perished?), may only god knows what are the reasons this time and motives of the same vengeful, hatred, preached against my reputation! – The ex/husband mother and father failed to control own children as always fighting into each other, as own mother told me “as bad as each other” and “fight all day long”, today playing the “good sister / brother syndrome” and in order to frame me of everything that happens to them and expose me of the worse of the worse, when own problems comes since babies themselves, killing my own peoples in the vengeful plan, rage, ASBOS, violent outburst, hatred preached and even use my children now to cover own past (5 boys, the river, etc)!-

However, there is a BRAVE Scottish Man, Who is Flying A Mexican Flag Next To Donald Trump’s Golf Course and with thanks from me – as MEXICAN Born National.

I spoke of the matters previously and not point to repeat myself again over the same political issues, in which my Mexican Government ( need to response and address matters in public of anything relate to own makings, my country, peoples, glory and land not myself, but Enrique Peña Nieto:
– etc ..

Now if Mr Trump got any problems relate the same MEXICAN PROBLEM, please address the matters direct with the Mexican authorities ( and highly matters, not Mexican citizens like me and mine, but government / politics affairs: “As Scotland intent to remove “stigma”, with thanks!-

I look into my life today, that reflects the same as your Queen, Mary of Scots (RIP) with my fullest form of respect, living away from my own place of birth (Mexico) by same family problems that shows with endless bleeding wars, battles, fears, blood-shit, hatred English woman, that acts as the Queen Elizabeth 1, but mine is the ex/husband sister, social worker. I am waiting at any moment for the bully ( to get hold of me, even for minor matters, that can be solved at any court of law to explain as i am doing it at the moment, as the staff from the building regulations (morison walker) said building (see photo) problems comes from two pipes and water tank that is in the roof, but unaware of matters as true, perhaps mention water tank that reflects boiler from the ex/husband home, in which I am blame by him of the same, but not court appearance to explain my matters and need to use my blog in full public display. I want to see if the ex/husband sister social worker would be in my place today and reasons of my blog and divorce.

However comes with the European pursuit, I hope all for the best ( to the English peoples, but I am please Scotland ( somehow is not affected, so my children can develop into two worlds freely, with thanks to keep the peace in Europe and what the elders went to battle for: “Unite Nations” God Bless, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.