BREXIT: “UK Ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rodgers resigns” ..


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Sir Ivan Rogers resigned even though his term of office had 10 months to run, and he was expected to play a leading role in the Brexit negotiations. It looks to me that BREXIT deal will take a “10 year ( )” contract instead of “2 year” and long passage into the unknown phrase, which at the times is going to be very frightening indeed, results perhaps, of Sir Ivan Roger resignation! – I am not “with or against Brexit”, neither “I vote into BREXIT”, because I have respect to the UK peoples. I believe strong that the UK peoples should deal with own matters apart from me, even as UK citizen, nothing else! – However, as UK citizen, I have the rights to expose, BREXIT matters direct to The Queen Elizabeth II, because I swear alliance to The Queen, Country and Glory, never to any Prime Minister, or Government staff and as such today, with the departure of Sir Ivan Rodgers, I probe in law of what I already spoke in this blog and so many times and in order to protect The Queen own interest, nothing else, the rest is lies! –

My intention of protecting The Queen own interest is not just me only, because the rest of foreign nationals also swear alliance to The Queen, Country and Glory when hold the citizenship and is not just the paper, but the rest comes with responsibility, furthermore is not to take advantage, as I am unemployed, neither is to take revenge of past issues ( when ex/husband told me “as form of thread to me” and just after married , “that if I mess with his government .. bla, bla, bla” and I wonder to know today: “how ex/husband managed the accuracy in which we live today with Brexit issues, how ex/husband knew matters since 1985, that will develop into today 2017 as Brexit, but using me as scapegoat for the exit and how ex/husband can probe in law of the words against my reputation with the lie, tale and defamation of character against my reputation, which such SLANDER against my persona, I lost unborn children by his own “family problems”, from his own sister social worker and some members of my family negligence, that UNITED together and in order to destroy my persona and reputation, pretty much the same, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), with her own family, Spencer and Prince Charles in the centre of the mayhem, like ex/husband is even today, with members of my family, so please tell how, because even at her own funeral – RIP when divorce times, Prince Charles was very much present and walked the mile and I mean in law after divorce, Prince Charles had no more issues, deals, or matters into Diana’s life, neither the ex/husband into my life today after divorce, so how? – ), but CLARIFY of such issues.


The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip stand falsely accused by the media (the same as my parents, an easy target for the rest of my family and I need to come and defend own reputation all the time, by the bullies!!- ) and I will not tolerate such SLANDER against them (, when neither of them was married to HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) with respect, neither of them comes with such hatred heart into each other, as both of them alive, happy, live well, healthy and respect each other, because is thanks to that noble heart, the UK peoples live so well today and out of Victorians times, the rest is lies! – How BREXIT will be solved today is not my problem to decide the same issues, matters and purposes, but the UK government staff, that get paid for to do own jobs properly, never me, or mine (children) – as community, but such peoples responsible that create the Brexit (lie!), now if you want to live that way is fine to me, but please don’t drag us with the unfold waves, but act responsible.


I wonder to know fully well in law (as student of English law!!), how anyone – as ex/husband can make such predicament / prediction into an accuracy (“that if I mess with his government .. bla, bla, bla” ), on anyone else’s life, after 30 years (??!!??), except when themselves create, programme and made the holy Brexit issues and in that order, so well hide, like top – top secret, that become very much accurate prediction (of more than 30 years after), perhaps caused today (“our divorce – brexit – exit”), by his own (negligent) “family problems (5 boys, the river, etc)”, that aided with some members of my family ( and with the use from diplomatic measures: UK / Mexican Government and Politics affairs (as form of deals!! ), pretty much the same as Florence Cassez case (see photo), but with me and Princess Diana used / abused and without our permit, consent and knowledge into matters, including her mother own words of the whole issues ( when develop and taken into account and from same issues, in which, my mother, my father = my parents together, unaware of the real matters from the rest of my family betrayal, as today exposed by me (with more than 500 notes, photos, links and etc) and as such, as student of law, because of the matters mention before, I BREAK any kind of commitments from me, victims of domestic issues, including HRH Princess Diana (RIP) with our immediate family members, including our children – innocents in the matters and becomes complete free of intolerance, abuse and even blackmail! –


I want you to know that I have enough material against the issues mention before and as such, by law, any law worldwide, even Google, FB, Internet social places, also the Police, Mr. Justice, Politics and Government staff need to obey the law, furthermore need to make accessible any kind of material, instruments, or educational purposes, for “peoples who stand falsely accused” to give own statements by law, even in public places as I did myself ( as last resourced. As today, we become “an internet community software”, that comes with great envisage, advantage, pleasure and even develop further – no problem, but also comes and stand direct with the law, rights, rules and responsibilities and in that way and order, never ever repeat this matters that happened to me, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and the rest victims of violent “family problems”, included and non – extent, free our children ( from such torture, burdens, paranoid, bullies and their own lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), affecting badly their own parents attitude and behaviour in such a way, that may damages own lifestyle and I question legally, who will pay compensation for damages, abuse and intolerance, because when it is me the problem, I acknowledge the same by law, but I have not seeing ( any family members and since day one (1985 – 2017), the few times to say “hello” – do not a-merit the wave of lies (5 boys, the river, etc), threads and turmoils??!! –


We become responsible adults society, exactly the same way, as our parents acted with us in the past – not our children become our parents and as form of lazy fixture, deja view, or for them to sort / fix our present life (as ex/husband used my children – our blood, to hide his past?!!), but continue in charge of our children until the last breath, but illegal / against the law, to hold our children (not matter age!) as form of lucky charm, lottery ticket, piece of meat, slave, random, weapon, furthermore when removed from own mother (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates, me and the rest victims of bullies!!) and for that purposes / reasons mention before (to take advantage!!), like Prince Charles, Bob Geldof (I am above the law tread? – ), or with my case (explain with more than 500 notes in this blog!) ex/husband (endless treads to me?) “family problems” and that my Lord is my witness, so be it in law!! – I protect me and mine (children) with this note legally, as by law, I have the rights to expose, protect and act responsible towards the community, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Latest news regarding Sir Ivan Rogers resignation and in order to avoid and make a fresh note of the same, so just highlights;

1 – It is understood that due to “No Brexit Plan” as mention before, Sir Ivan Rogers resigned.

2 – It is understood that Sir Tim Barrow named as UK’s new ambassador to EU.

3 – It is understood that Sir Ivan Rogers made a letter to staff. I reserve the right to copy Sir Ivan Rogers letter and in case if removed later, but used in the future and as form of probe legally of the same Brexit, with thanks! –

Dear All,

Happy New Year! I hope that you have all had/are still having, a great break, and that you will come back refreshed and ready for an exciting year ahead.

I am writing to you all on the first day back to tell you that I am today resigning as Permanent Representative (to the EU).

As most of you will know, I started here in November 2013. My four-year tour is therefore due to end in October – although in practice if we had been doing the Presidency my time here would have been extended by a few months.

As we look ahead to the likely timetable for the next few years, and with the invocation of Article 50 coming up shortly, it is obvious that it will be best if the top team in situ at the time that Article 50 is invoked remains there till the end of the process and can also see through the negotiations for any new deal between the UK and the EU27.

It would obviously make no sense for my role to change hands later this year.

I have therefore decided to step down now, having done everything that I could in the last six months to contribute my experience, expertise and address book to get the new team at political and official level under way. This will permit a new appointee to be in place by the time Article 50 is invoked.

Importantly, it will also enable that person to play a role in the appointment of (Shan Morgan’s) replacement as DPR (Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU). I know from experience – both my own hugely positive experience of working in partnership with Shan, and from seeing past, less happy, examples – how imperative it is that the PR and DPR operate as a team, if UKREP (the UK’s Permanent Representation to the European Union) is to function as well as I believe it has done over the last few years.

I want to put on record how grateful I am to Shan for the great working relationship we have had. She will be hugely missed in UKREP, and by many others here in Brussels, but she will be a tremendous asset to the Welsh Government.

From my soundings before Christmas, I am optimistic that there will be a very good field of candidates for the DPR role. But it is right these two roles now get considered and filled alongside each other, and for my successor to play the leading role in making the DPR appointment. I shall therefore stand aside from the process at this point.

I know that this news will add, temporarily, to the uncertainty that I know, from our many discussions in the autumn, you are all feeling about the role of UKREP in the coming months and years of negotiations over ‘Brexit’. I am sorry about that, but I hope that it will help produce earlier and greater clarity on the role that UKREP should play.

My own view remains as it has always been. We do not yet know what the Government will set as negotiating objectives for the UK’s relationship with the EU after exit. There is much we will not know until later this year about the political shape of the EU itself, and who the political protagonists in any negotiation with the UK will be.

But in any negotiation which addresses the new relationship, the technical expertise, the detailed knowledge of positions on the other side of the table – and the reasons for them, and the divisions amongst them – and the negotiating experience and savvy that the people in this building bring, make it essential for all parts of UKREP to be centrally involved in the negotiations if the UK is to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Serious multilateral negotiating experience is in short supply in Whitehall, and that is not the case in the Commission or in the Council. The Government will only achieve the best for the country if it harnesses the best experience we have – a large proportion of which is concentrated in UKREP – and negotiates resolutely. Senior ministers, who will decide on our positions, issue by issue, also need from you detailed, unvarnished – even where this is uncomfortable – and nuanced understanding of the views, interests and incentives of the other 27.

The structure of the UK’s negotiating team and the allocation of roles and responsibilities to support that team, needs rapid resolution. The working methods which enable the team in London and Brussels to function seamlessly need also to be strengthened.

The great strength of the UK system – at least as it has been perceived by all others in the EU – has always been its unique combination of policy depth, expertise and coherence, message co-ordination and discipline, and the ability to negotiate with skill and determination. UKREP has always been key to all of that. We shall need it more than ever in the years ahead.

As I have argued consistently at every level since June, many opportunities for the UK in the future will derive from the mere fact of having left and being free to take a different path. But others will depend entirely on the precise shape of deals we can negotiate in the years ahead. Contrary to the beliefs of some, free trade does not just happen when it is not thwarted by authorities: increasing market access to other markets and consumer choice in our own, depends on the deals, multilateral, plurilateral and bilateral that we strike, and the terms that we agree. I shall advise my successor to continue to make these points.

Meanwhile, I would urge you all to stick with it, to keep on working at intensifying your links with opposite numbers in DEXEU and line Ministries and to keep on contributing your expertise to the policy-making process as negotiating objectives get drawn up. The famed UKREP combination of immense creativity with realism ground in negotiating experience, is needed more than ever right now.

On a personal level, leaving UKREP will be a tremendous wrench. I have had the great good fortune, and the immense privilege, in my civil service career, to have held some really interesting and challenging roles: to have served four successive UK Prime Ministers very closely; to have been EU, G20 and G8 Sherpa; to have chaired a G8 Presidency and to have taken part in some of the most fraught, and fascinating, EU negotiations of the last 25 years – in areas from tax, to the MFF to the renegotiation.

Of all of these posts, I have enjoyed being the Permanent Representative more than any other I have ever held. That is, overwhelmingly, because of all of you and what you all make UKREP: a supremely professional place, with a fantastic co-operative culture, which brings together talented people whether locally employed or UK-based and uniquely brings together people from the home civil service with those from the Foreign Office. UKREP sets itself demanding standards, but people also take the time to support each other which also helps make it an amazingly fun and stimulating place to work. I am grateful for everything you have all done over the last few years to make this such a fantastic operation.

For my part, I hope that in my day-to-day dealings with you I have demonstrated the values which I have always espoused as a public servant. I hope you will continue to challenge ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking and that you will never be afraid to speak the truth to those in power. I hope that you will support each other in those difficult moments where you have to deliver messages that are disagreeable to those who need to hear them. I hope that you will continue to be interested in the views of others, even where you disagree with them, and in understanding why others act and think in the way that they do. I hope that you will always provide the best advice and counsel you can to the politicians that our people have elected, and be proud of the essential role we play in the service of a great democracy.

– Sir Ivan Rogers
Last updated Wed 4 Jan 2017