Prince William: “Dancing DAD moves” –

Joe Dassin – A toi

It is very painful and sad, to visit a place, that HRH Prince William’s mother perished and passed away RIP, furthermore to deal with the dancing DAD “moves” and in order to unwind from duty and release extra energy build from work, when such “moves” are need in time, where you need all the strength and power from almighty GOD and survive the crash of your own flesh, blood and family relation and in this case is HRH Princess Diana of Wales when in France and in fact, nobody can deal easy with such past memories not matter age, so please respect and leave the sarcastic comments for another time! –

– I made a FB page for you to read all the gossip, misfortune and sadness with respect, that any human person need to deal with, “family problems” – not better than mine, but I can assure you, equal of problematic, bullies and destruct-ore behaviors and in order to frame and blame you after and I don’t want the page to become famous, popular or charge a penny for the job (except investigation!), but a way to pay my full respects and help in the best way of my capacity, knowledge and pursuit.

– I am not going to be surprise if HRH Princess Diana of Wales comes from “family problems” like mine, with deals, frame, blame and own “kit to survive the afters”, mean if you survive the ordeal, in which my unborn children, brother (jose) and sisters (soco, lupy, flor, etc) perished, then all is pardoned after and only time, when I can probe the same, so I ask respect!?! – (detailed properly in the following link: )

How many times we said – when arrive from a relaxing holiday, that “we are recharged” ready for the next battle, because your our body need the time to relax and unwind not matter, if your are a King, Prince, Business man, or a simple nobody!-

HRH Princess Diana of Wales asked her children (HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry) to bring up in a normal environment (see pics), away from the protocol of the Royal life and I believe strong, there is time for Duty and there is time for unwind an perhaps TIME to be yourself, “dance, sing and be merry / happy”, so please again respect! –

Let’s rewind past memories of such happy times to revive, dance, sing and relax from same Royal Family, protocol and life, in which Prince Charles said that his own parents were never there for him and when younger ( and I ask, “what the photos mean?” –
etc ..

– I love to dance and sing myself, but “family problems” are not resolved in a court of law properly, No as how the law ask, order, command and request, where both parties are present in a court of law and read same reasons, charges and grounds to give you (as in my case) chance to explain, but take your life complete (as before, I was blame for Canada when deported, then my unborn children forced to terminate *abort* to please lies, followed by sister soco detained under the mental health act, now empty a dishwasher is made into a crime by lies, including the hand of maradona, the kiss, 5 boys, the river, china girl, etc and is always me to blame / frame after, but the idea is to get “hold of me and eat from my reputation” – such parasites, that call family and even teach our children the abusive pattern?-), with any excuses and damages your reputation badly, “sell you for nothing”, because I just received an “open” package from (today, 17/3/2017, between 13.30 – 13. 45) recent purchase (kitchen cutlery), handled by Royal Mail staff, mean in law, even “family problems and helpers” can get access to all my personal matters, can see when / what I purchase to send me hints / insinuations (as open package), how much I pay for, which bank account I use for transaction (as how package was open, so who told them, when is private, as banking system?) and in order to frame / blame me after for anything, but the idea is to keep HOLD of me for ever, sell me for pittances and so, such parasites ( continue living from my reputation and with any excuses! –

– In criminology is not how “family problems” wants to deal with the law, but need the body, weapon and ID first and the ex/husband is alive and happy (link explain: ) and I mean, as he (ex/husband) defame my reputation badly, when in reality I was empty a dishwasher and he (ex/husband) was standing there on that exact moment – blocking me – pretending, while I was trying to find out from him, about his past connections with my family / friends and “when I was not aware (to be frame / blame after!!)” and for how long (1985 even today bonding 2017, as you can see friends from our children select with a pursuit, but from who’s, which family sold us, ex/husband, or mine, or both – as bonding, as selling, as false judas?-) the deals, friendship, connection (as you can see both families badly affected and I am always to blame, after stole my past friends, life, works, etc?), sponsors (as sisters children end up in the UK with free of everything, like tito hazz trafford college and my business ebay, his mother soco gained her sherway home on her divorce settlement and by using me as the other woman ? then rocio gained sponsor by ex/husband and his sister social worker, with DOUBLE university place, see link: but never our blood children, as I need to work and pay for own upbringing, education and everything, born in the UK by ex/husband, “as father figure and by his own manhood” and this is what I was upset on the day from incident, when I was empty dishwasher, I wanted to know everything from him, “to tell me the true” and even today, I still want to know of this Judas man, that sold me and our blood children for nothing, it is not about envy, beauty and/or brains, but hard work, sweat, discrimination, preferences, segregate culture / racism, exclusion from family ties, lies, slander, tales about my reputation and how would you be feeling if was your children that missed all and everything in life, that was for them and by law and rights when born in the UK, but your sisters STOLE everything from you and when you were not looking, because your husband / the Judas and his sister social worker helper helping them to achieve the malice, aim and pursue, made in SECRET, when I was finding very hard to survive with 2 children in the UK, alone, disabled, single, poor, bullied as I need to hide in the slot machines by the bully and his sister social worker as everything was hide and seek (after), because after malice happened, murder of my unborn children and crime, ex-husband sister, social worker told me of “family problems” in the kitchen of our home and not since day one “1985”, but years after, when all passed, reasons of our divorce by false accusation, slander, lies, defamation of character from 5 boys, the river, “family problems”, with a wave of hatred preachers that helped each other the cowards bullies, as alone hide and landed in the UK, house of mary wall, where I was working and her son stuart wall: came to collect his mother on sunday, but from his car a man and a woman pointed direct to me, that looked as sergio gomes pintado and my mother’s helper benita, as if I was jesus christ sold for peanuts by solana senties, see link: then week after my sister mara told me that I kissed her husband raul nuñez frade, when he kissed me and reasons of me to terminate my unborn children to pay for her lies against my reputation, when nobody asked me if was true, false, or my opinion but kill with vengeance and since then, “soon after arrived / deported from canada”, EAT from the slander, as her daughter rocio nuñez mention before, gained 2 university places in the UK and I still got email, form of communication direct with mara’s daughter claudia and in fact passed me the will of my mother, I still got hold of the same!) and somehow ex/husband deny like Judas when everything connects as mention before, I repeat today, he is alive and the children as witness, far too young to know otherwise (the same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children when she passed away, but her family still holds issues, matters and even her persona in the Spencer home and in order to get hold of the woman, as if we are the responsibility of all the family and for them to eat and live from us, sorry but the sad true!), but family want to continue living from me, with any excuses! –

– In law (any law worldwide / international) and criminology is not how “family problems” is trying to accommodate matters, crime and pursuit, furthermore intent to frame my children, as what the ex/husband represent for them – as father figure, when lacks (my children) Jury Service and in order to gain law / criminology experience, because “when I was empty the dishwasher and fighting with ex/husband of the matters mention before, even today, he is alive, well and content”, but not my brother ( ), that he (jose RIP) was in Mexico “on the time of the incident (either empty dishwasher incident in the UK, or when jose was assaulted incident in tierra blanca ver, mexico, but my brother was in mexico – never UK, neither me and my children were in mexico between 2010 – 2017 those years and our passport should clarify of the same!)” and not the UK, where me, ex/husband and children lived on that time, but someone is trying to frame us, so how happened by telepathic, magic, etc?- The reason why I request my children to do Jury Service, as designate to all UK citizens to help own community affairs in a court of law and learn properly how law / criminology works, never by magic, guessing, hints, lies, false pursuit, but (body as form of ) probe, witness, ID and weapon! –

– In the case of HRH Princess Diana of Wales with respect, there is not case at all, as nobody has been able to see her in any way, form, or shape and by own mother words, never mine, furthermore the continue holding into her persona within the Spencer Home. As the ex/husband father, Bernard Parker used to said to me: “Until I don’t see it, I don’t believe it” and the law and criminology is the same!-

The ex/husband told me, before our divorce, that one of his friends child from works is / was dealing with the law / police and I really hope is not any of our blood children, as this will be the lowest of the low, trying to frame / blame / use and in order to protect own father / mother, otherwise I will enforce the law against him and his sister social worker, as both of them, understand the English law, as one done Jury service in the past and the other social worker, but trying to gain advantage as with me in the past, when hide all and everything from me and in order to frame / blame me after and gain full control, as today! – I never studied the law as pastime and I intent to use it to protect my children with all my almighty, as I lost unborn children, someone need to protect the rest, that my Lord is my witness, help me God and so be it in law!! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

.. ..

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