HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry: No more “stiff upper lip” ..

Princess Diana Memorial Garden at Kensington Palace

Princes William and Harry: No more ‘stiff upper lip’ about mental health.

The aim of my note today is not mental health, “that comes after” any emotional passage from our personal lives – NO MATTER AGE – and takes full presence into our life unfortunately until we managed to set us free with knowledge, because without such HORRID and DESTRUCTIVE behavior and passages into our life, that in law is called “criminology” after crime committed with intent and domestic abuse after verbal, mental and physical abuse committed with intent, then nobody in planet earth could experience any kind of mental issues (mental health), like domestic abuse (horrid and destructive behavior!!) is one of them, but respect, love and tolerance and better to expose the abusive behavior now, than never! –

Domestic abuse is lived within our doors, walls and environment everyday and I want you, or anyone experience the abnormal behavior to accept what is happening within own life and learn “how to bat it back to the sender” and in order to become an expert into how to impact, improve, prevent violence and perhaps stop if started before and furthermore educate others about things to look for, like sexual assault, partner violence, bullying, etc.

As general RULE, whatever comes from any violence in your life need to be taken out of your system FIRST, either by speak open of the issue with the help from counselling and/or loads of tears, or both if possible, but need to take the abuse out of your system asap, “the more the merrier and the faster the better”, also expose, remove and erase for good your bully, put a stop to that ASBO from society, full stop bullying!- As a rule, a good counselor will let you go after treatment, with no medication whatsoever at any time, except speak open of the issues and cry as much as possible to release any bad matters, illness and sickness that may store into your heart, system and body, mean take everything out from your own-self and that is the best medicine! –

There is a free course to educate further and don’t worry about exam, that is the last to worry about, but gain further knowledge. I want you to gain experience into any bullying situation, like you call “domestic abuse” but the bullies can be develop anywhere, anytime and anyhow and in order to survive any bully ASBO, perhaps learn how to bat back again the intolerance and learn what are the emergency links:

Organizations to look for:
(Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet usage might be monitored, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224.)
etc ..

I believe we need to cover all the angles, from any kind of violence in life, like we always said – “just in case” – and in order to give a chance to our precious LIFE, because nobody has any rights to come and destroy us into tiny little pieces, but see if exist other kind of exit doors, before we even decide to jump the queue and with respect:
etc ..

Child and Old peoples help:
etc ..

School Bullying:

Worldwide exist more fountains of help with regards to any “abuse issue (at home, at work, at school, etc )” and the idea is no to win points, but to accept the illness within our society / community and deter the matters faster from BULLYING, by improving our life, like every state in Mexico comes with own and current law, that deter not just the abnormal abusive behavior and complete intolerance, but the ASBO bully:

We live in a society, that we need to take FULL responsibility from own peoples, background and environment (like Spain request England help to tackle .. “because our family matters” and as such, I made my blog ( to highly the issues of domestic violence within my life properly and the rest, because is not one issue, one matter, one person, one entity, one crime, one color of the rainbow, one religion, one princess, one age, one disability, one sexual orientation, one gender, one violence, one victim, one kingdom, one royal family, one member of our family, one husband, one boyfriend, one friend, one wife, one woman, one man, one child, one old peoples, but a complete system to change, “that even takes the victim and their own child after” and “this is what I am trying to stop, full stop the abuse and bullying!” – “As lack of support and protection laws ( ) to deter the bully”- fully and without any barriers, or who the person is in society, including their own criminal activity, when destroys, kills, murder, push peoples to own limits and even trash life without repair:
– etc ..

I believe strong, that I shocked all of you and yours in one go with my blog, but I had enough of the lack of help in the UK system ( ), when I come from Mexico, even the law take sides and use innocents (diana, princess of wales, paula yates, whitney houston, me and rest) as my children to protect the bully (ex/husband, bob geldof, prince charles, bobby brown, etc), furthermore when my kind (children) were not even born when such violent world started, develop and even progress – as today!-

My blog speak of more than 530 + notes with all kind of issues, matters and problems, so the course (coursera) mention before and with respect is not for me, but worth to look for yourself and how you can adapt with the rest, because I decide that “this kind of emotional blackmail, child behavior and victim syndrome”, as you call “domestic (bullying!!) abuse” should be exposed “the full lunatic and abusive bully”, even “in public and for public concern” as the law state, command and request, never tolerate bullying, but expose the ASBO! –

Violence in the UK is not a topic that the law take seriously and as the case a-merit and time to stop the murder spree, abusive behaviour, criminal assault and intolerance, because after the “apparently accident (diana, doddi, the driver, paula yates and her child, houston and her child, my unborn children with 3 innocents forced to terminate and pay for lies, my brother and etc)” from our dear peoples, then suddenly perish after the blue and leave a wave of victims in the limbo and as I explain before, full of grieve that last a complete eternity, unable to move any further when stuck in the unknown land, because own life stopped in point blank and from the sudden and abrupt loss, extreme pain that followed after, not before, but after (mean in law the tears flow: AFTER the years and years of torment from brown to houston, like me with the ex/husband and I need to flee to the slot machines to forget, to safeguard and to wait to calm down …. …… what a decency?!) and this is why I believe strong that the mental health issue should be call “crime”, as there is not mental issue here, but the after effect of a perfect and intentional crime, mean in law, “a crime with full intent!” –

I am unable to recommend any courses, but your rights to know further, develop with freedom a happy free life, away from the misery of any VIOLENT BULLY, furthermore when knowing the true will set you FREE and accept fully, that what is happening to you – should never happen again and stop, full stop BULLYING!-

I want you to understand fully well that, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in any kind of violent background and YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REST at any time and what happened to your life is not a question of gain a GOLDEN medal, or merit to suffer in silence the abuse, but a CRIME in law that need to be reported with immediate effect, furthermore I want to expose to you with the use of the educational material (coursera) provide before and not ONLY use my sweet words, but who in reality is the REAL (bully) culprit, perhaps with any help “after the shock and grieve passed – a bit” and from your life, take the relevant action to expose the bully, bullying and bullshit and courage to ask for help NOT MATTER AGE and use the relevant steps provide by the course (coursera) and in order to protect you and your family.

Please don’t worry, I will never know who you are in this melodrama and when you are reading my blog, so this is our LITTLE secret, but take the first stage and educate further, free and protect your life!-

I since child, studied psychology, LOVED the matter ever after and in fact helped me to survive the bulies, because in my country Mexico women were not educate (on that time) into such fields, but I understand fully the complete process, so much that, I will never use against my own kind and the reasons why, I use a blog and in order to speak OPEN to everyone, “but nothing prepare the mind, when is your own family that caused the abuse into your life”, then I studied the English law in the UK and basically, “I divorce myself”, following by Criminology to aid me into family matters and believe me, it become a complete asset. So as you can see my life has not been a bed of roses, never was an easy walk, but full of holes, my-hems and patches to repair and cover after.

I meet when younger a young man (luis francisco solis cano), full of distress on that time, I never saw a human person in that situation before and I believe, I helped him somehow, then things were not for us after years passed and forced to terminate, and since then, I am forced to terminate matters, even my unborn children and such matters that matter to me, passed to somebody else as a rewards for own lies, including all my achievements, then I saw the ex/husband bullied by his own family (sister, etc) and my only fault was to ask him to stand by himself against the bully, the idiot went to tell his own family and the rest is story, I lost unborn children in the process – when forced to terminate to pay lies from bullies (carol parker) and today, I was left like the young man (luis francisco solis cano), I once meet him when younger and I believe, I helped, but the ex/husband sister social worker stole all and everything from me, because as I mention before their own lies won and based on lies against my reputation, then tell me if God make things to happen, or the bullies – make your world spin hundred times over and over again and furthermore, where is the law to protect me and mine from bullies?! –

However, this is the beauty of educational process, where you will know fully well, who is doing what against you, since when the abuse started and when all the bullying begin and began and for those masters in BULLYING to know fully well, that this time, I hold all of them within my grasp and I will not let them go at any time, until justice, memory, compensation and non – repetition of the same crimes committed against me and mine are fully repair and repay! –

Hundreds protest against ‘vile’ Tory ‘rape clause’ in child tax credit cap, started from the very first one that assaulted me when younger (sergio gomes pintado, ex/husband, etc) and the ex/husband sister, social worker bring him from Mexico and his wave of bullies against me and mine and I hope, never happens to English peoples, when I leave you with your bullies alone, as I was left by your peoples, without a proper justice case to expose my side of the story, but them only, taking full advantage and stealing all and everything from me, like vile thief’s?!- The matters make me to think as well in question of domestic abuse (sexual assault), that when I was left pregnant against my will, as you call unplanned pregnancy – even when married, but forced to terminate in order to please orders and look like termination (abortion), from peoples that lied against my reputation and as such, this is sorted, even with the holly Pope Francis and with respect to may concern matters, but I demand justice, memory, compensation for my loss and no repetition from such CRIMES against humanity, never again!- So this is sorted and the case is close (after pay: justice, memory, compensation for my loss and no repetition from such CRIMES against humanity,never again!), one step against me and mine (children) and then the full power of the law, against such bullies! –

Violence takes many forms and is better to be prepare from bullies. As the way you relate to other peoples and let them inside your “private life” and as form of trusting medal, can bring a way of blessings, happiness’s, love, respect, tolerance, wealth, health, opportunity and even bullying ( and hatred – “if you permit matters”, so select the best to enrich your life, because when is the best is fine, all and everything works in complete harmony, but when is a load of hatred preachers, criminal activity, ill / sick spread, defamation of character, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), tales, hate, malice, intolerance, discontent, verbal abuse, bullying and a wave of lunatics against your reputation, then the less, the better and for your own health mind, happy life and content heart.

In life is important to put everything inside their own box: “As one think is mental issues and other complete different matter is abuse, criminal activity, assault of own life, criminology” and “one do not relate to the other in a million years apart, because the other is what comes after the assault – never before”, as a rule, “nobody can get MENTAL ISSUES out of fresh air situation and that is a lie, it need to have “an event, a matter, a cause and effect” to develop (mental issues) and not to create out of fresh air, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), defamation of character, or even tales! – In life you can not be HOLD responsible for the full actions of the rest, but your own life only, so please stop trashing yourself with the “what if”, belting your own body till bleed, hurting yourself badly for no reasons and even insulting your own persona for what was not DEVELOP on your time, moment, life, impossible! –

Let’s start today taking full charge of own life, when choose family, friends and environment, “never accept a world of bullies cowards, that hide ID for own control, pleasure, malice and gain (£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$ deals!!)”, as we are not a chip bargain but human people and “never accept a NO for an answer to any situation, always question the why not” all the time and to make sure 100% within your own birth rights, laws and freedoms to demand to know fully well, until fully satisfy with the, “why not”, even in writing by a letter, furthermore when the bully ( “start removing things from your own life” and as form of punishment: like holidays, business leads, jobs, benefits, pensions, financial help, friends, family, country of birth, language, food and etc (as happened to me, we could never ever afford nothing when married and when in reality was a world of punishment, orders from “family problems” and a wave of lunatics against me / us, but nothing contest in a court of law to our defense and spend a life in the limbo paying 4 extras, paying lies, paying weirdos own rich lifestyle and the ex/husband unable to tell me nothing and out of loyalty but hurting his own family, children, pets, wife, mother, father and W.T.Fuck world, we landed ??!!), that is not right but bullying and if you can not get a simple straight answer to your “why not”, then investigate matters fully and for your own safety, because you do not what is behind the, “why not!” and better protect, than feel sorry after! – Stop, full Stop, bullying! –

The Great NEWS with this melodrama of “domestic abuse” is that GREAT and positive things are happening right now and since HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away, and in order to help us to heal fast inside. We managed to get HRH Princess Diana of Wales a stunning garden that She could be proud indeed and right in front of the world, so we can all come and pay our respects anytime, without using Her as “cash machine”, mean need to pay for the entrance, like the Spencer’s Family and with respect, but the place, palace and the state, where She LOVED and lived happy ever after: Kensington Palace –

We come back for more, but for the moment, let’s digest SLOWLY and reflect FULLY over this matter of domestic abuse, that kills more human peoples, that any war ever existed before and I ask: “What LOVE has to do with it and since when LOVE kills, removes, steals, etc!?” – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

P.S. I don’t need to write this note for the bully of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and members of my direct family and old friends that send to me a wave of sexual remarks, insinuations or the likes, pretty much as what HRH Princess Diana of Wales experienced from Prince Charles and his wave of bullies as criminal activity against Diana, because I believe strong our relationship is over, mean we are divorce, what is doing in law, any law worldwide even Mexico is harassment, bullying and spreading hate against my reputation and this need to be contest in a court of law, when I intent to help with my blog, when this is my blog, when this is my private life and business, when I am exposing what happened to me as lack of protection laws in the UK and when this wave of bullshit happens to your English peoples? – Please respect! –