5 De Mayo, The Battle !! ..


Himno Nacional de Mexico / Mexico National Anthem

After collecting a parcel at the local post office and soon after I made this note (5/5/2017). http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/rupi-kaur-ive-never-been-more-aware-of.html

I eat a meal at my local MacDonald’s, half an hour after, I was in a very poor condition, unable to breath properly and my liver, joints, right lung complete collapsed and inflamed with sore pain, headache, fever and chest pain, like pneumonia type with cold sensation, but food poison!! – https://www.food.gov.uk/enforcement/report-problem

The sickness happened on the same day, that I made the note as explain before and next day a post man knocked my front door very laud, strong and hard, “as if the bully was sent by someone to act that way”- Poorly as I was, I refused to open, when I remember that I order nothing, so unable to collect parcel for another person, as need to collect item direct and in responsible way, as I did a day before, so what stop them?-

I understand now, that the post man is an excuse / repetition from past issues, “family problems” from ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family against me, the police do not have time, neither myself, so “I expose in public / for public concern”-

I want to clarify that, I knocked the front door (excuse / repetition from past issues,) to my sister ‘s (soco) home (8 sherway), as I saw her poring water to a neighbour son – looking very smart on his graduation day. perhaps intent to exp-oil the day, with the water splash!! – I am unable to know what I did wrong (excuse / repetition from past issues,) as student of law and holding the sacred bible, when “on that time” my intention was to stop the intolerance from my sister (soco), before the water splashed and landed into the neighbour’s son, in which both families are very close, as such, I am unable to understand, when suit them use each other and when not bring a wave of past issues against me, in which the father (Beto Hazz) of those boys (beto and riqui) need to answer matters not me!! –

I understand, my sister (soco) passed away (RIP) and with respect, that I loved the woman, but no way, I am going to be responsible for her (soco) boys (tito and riqui), furthermore when previous teaches this kind of intolerance against own family, as Nuñes Frade (tito / riqui lived with them for a long time!)! – As I can see the similarity with pepita Jr and mara sister, for a long time (mara) lived in Mexicali and Guadalajara, problems against my father (as explain; https://tinyurl.com/m3ygaay), the same educational standards / hatred happened to my brother in law (javier corona) with my niece, she (pepita jr) went against her father and at the end – move away! – I can continue telling you, where all my nieces and nephews got the education pursuit, hatred, sickness (because nobody can go against own family, nobody and reasons why, I am using a blog and expose in the open, as I feel respect for my family!- http://tinyurl.com/pwy8o7t), aggression, violence, hate propaganda, bullying and sensation of supremacy syndrome against my kind (sisters and brothers!!), as the bullies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) feel indestructible, untouchable and nothing but nothing pass before them, but not other than my sister mara (and her helpers, that act exactly the same, with the same intention and even pursuit) and with respect!-

However, I went to see a doctor on Monday 8/5/2017 and I am currently taking antibiotics and pain relieve for the symptoms (MacDonald’s!!), also I notice red spots around my tummy that indicate / certificate the same (food poison) and I want to report! – After a day taking antibiotics and pain relief, I can see clearly, that “my meal was poisoned with intention”, still very sore my liver, (right) lung and joints, with extreme condition, poorly, fatigue and a simple burger, coke and fries?-

It’s on the same day, that celebrate 5 of may in Puebla, Mexico, in which the victory man (Ignacio Zaragoza https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batalla_de_Puebla ) died 4 months after winning, by food poison and illness can only travel, “as non existence in the UK”, so how landed in the MacDonald’s meal, but check links!!?-

etc ..

This is only as reference, but want to bring to the attention:
1- When I lived with a sister (lupy), I remember her husband (alfredo) always talked of treatment that make peoples better, when eat / drink own body fluids / matters.
2- My sister (flor) suffered gastric and intestine problems for a long time! –
3- My sister (ana pia) when I contact her last time, she told me that she had pneumonia and mention to my nice, today the similarity with me is incredible, that i don’t know if she was telling me, or predict the same, furthermore, when she stood in front of Judas (before my mother passed away and placed a visit) and pretend, when telling me my future, in which everything comes today and exactly as she predicted.

I question legally, if my God is the one that controls our life, or family with aid from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, including some members of my family, that call “family problems” in order to cash, particularly why the destructive behaviour, intolerance, criminal activity, violence, and hurt each other (as I don’t have any contact with my family since 1985, except a few times, do not a-merit violence, blame, fame after, that affect all of us badly? –

– sister (soco) detained under the mental health act
– I lost unborn children (3), forced into termination (abortion), when in reality orders from lies (5 men, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation and in order to destroy?! –

As it’s obvious, that all this personal attacks against me and members of my family (as I can see that today is me, before my other sisters and brother!!) comes from unknown bully, that hide the coward and bring own personal matters against own blood by the use from third peoples, from many years ago, over and over again and many times in order to cash, that many are dying for the same intolerance, destroying the family unit, respect and normality and then, blame me after as mention in my blog, with more than 540+ notes, to no avail! – 5 de Mayo in Puebla, Mexico is a big date for all and everyone in my native country:

etc ..

And I wonder, what I have to do with all this matters, when I habitat in foreign land (UK) and since 1985 when I left Mexico, little contact with my family since 1985, no contact with friends since 1975 (julian gali) and since 1978 (luis francisco solis cano, teresa solana senties, schoool friends, etc) and the other man (sergio gomes pintado), that was friend for few months only (never boyfriend!), never saw him again and after (he rape me!) I was forced to terminate (abortion), but affect me and mine horrendous even today, with past issues that never same to end, with a wave of bullies, intolerance, extremism, hunting, persecuting, followed (at home of Mary Wall https://tinyurl.com/k8yynzo left Stuart’s Wall car to point at me, sergio gomes pintado and in a form of accusation, together with what same to be, my mother’s helper, benita!?), stalk and reflects fully well, who is generating the matters with such violent racism, that segregate me and my family heavily, when in reality, we come from Veracruz no Puebla! – NEVER AGAIN! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.