The Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince William visit, Royal Chelsea and Kensington Borough: “Grenfell Tower Blaze (RIP)” –

The Queen Elizabeth II visits Grenfell Tower fire victims, together with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Tearful Moments, The Queen and Prince William visited Greenfell Emergency Shelter in West London! –

Today, I want to express my full condolences, to every one of the victims and request a minute of silence, perhaps if not too much to ask, a day holiday and in order, to understand the magnitude, extent, state, enormous responsibility and gravity of the problem, furthermore the criminal action itself, the neglect of the building, the lack of safety measures, the darkness of the corridors, that present a big obstacle, when peoples refused to use it, as safety measure and exit, the lack of understanding the architecture itself, because if someone create the big monstrosity that represent Grenfell Tower, then should be able to leave full instructions into how, to look after the building, the lack of equipment to deal with the enormous problem, that represent Grenfell Tower, as the bottom itself, mostly unaffected and what came after, enfolded from the fire, direct and aim at Grenfell Tower residents / victims RIP is way and out of question legally! –

In other words and plain English, the Fire at Grenfell Tower was aim direct to residents (RIP), that lived in the block with full intention, otherwise explain to me why, the lack of safety measures and lack of action when problems started years ago, even a blogger (see letter) stopped, when in reality exposed “safety concerns” addressed properly and on time, but neglect, furthermore when you see the evidence of what came after – is the worse HUMAN carnage, that could be easily avoid, if the right equipment available, building regulations implanted, regular checks to comply with safety and the law, never ever seeing before, with respect to may concern matters, except during the WWII holocaust.

In my believe, the negligence of the landlords, council staff, constructor, repair, maintenance with cheap material, instead of proper structural, that protect the complete building, when you see photos after the fire, some parts affected more than the rest, perhaps it could be maintenance, or lack of equipment to reach the fire elsewhere, furthermore when you see the building standing still, erected, unaffected, contrary of the 9/11 ( ), mean strong construct building! –

It is relatively unknown the cause, from unheard laments, hellish cries, Infernal flames, that devoured some human peoples alive, neither exact amount of people killed, reasons why of the human holocaust, exact time started the huge fire and events, that destroyed a tower block in West London.

It is understood that during night time, extreme flames alive devour, suck and tore through the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, home to 400 / 600 people, contains 120 flats, left people trapped on upper floors, some victims hold babies out of windows, others jumped from flats and bodies removed from building.

While everything is too earlier to speak over matters, that enfolded at the Grenfell Tower, but I still hold into “just one matter”, why residents at Grenfell Tower told ‘to stay put / in / inside’ when was the action itself totally wrong, irresponsible, inaccurate, way out of order legally and with minimum evidence of the same ( ), because “it’s a BIG tower and FIRE can easy spreed according to material constructed”, because every single resident need to evacuate, flee the place within seconds, never guess and never – never wait ( ) and wait in the name of GOD for what, how long the waiting for, before anyone perish, killed, destroyed and devoured alive by the strong flames and strong smell of fire, that not human person can withstand heat, smell, flames and many killed as a result!?-

I wonder, if residents at Grenfell Tower holds a manual, that explain fire safety and every single UK regulations when own / rent a flat, as many speak lack of equipment, tools and ways to escape to safety and even saw on the news, the fire brigade unable to reach the top part of the building!? –

1- Another matter that is of great concern and reflects to me now and years ago, when started the investigation into “family problems” from ex/husband, his sister social worker, helpers and some members of my family, “raised SAFETY concerns ( )” and received same abusive response as Grenfell Tower blogger, but in my case from Trafford Council staff, refused any kind of investigation from me and from day one ( ), when by law is own duty of care, part of Trafford council constitution ( ), rules and regulations. but instead, removed further services (dentist, education, gp, housing, well you name it, all fully controlled, my name exposed, hunted, corrupted, manipulate, programmed to act that way and I hold full evidence in a form of documents, letters, photos and even human peoples, so no lies here, but left me with a wave of low life, the worse of the worse as the ex/husband told me and how accurate he was with his wave of lunatics, slander bitches, lies “5 boys, the river, the kiss, china girl, etc”, defamation of character against my reputation with no probe whatsoever in a court of law, as my presence was never on those legal premises, but used instead “confidentiality acts” to hide the cowards bullies and even came down from certain cars and as this case was Stuart Wall from, Opal Property Group, – I asked in a form of letter to Stuart Wall, why I lost my job with his mother Mary Wall, also who were the peoples that came down from his car on Sunday, when he came to collect his mother and pointed direct at me, as if I am some kind of Jesus Christ to accept the joke, prank, mock of the week, bullying, slander, lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss – my arse, the china girl, etc and he refused to acknowledge in his letters “the JUDAS”, that reflects with some members of my direct family, ex/husband and his sister, social worker, solana senties, solis cano, julian gali and you name it! – The bullies left me with no legal representative to fight back my corned, but another bully exactly like them when removed services in the community, so I don’t fight back legally and leave me in the hands of lunatics, weirdos, mental ill / sick individuals, that are not well co – ordinate mentally, instead of services in the community when paying taxes, but deny the luxury and destroyed my reputation, “into tiny little pieces” and me paying taxes for the ordeal, the orchestrate bullying, the abuse, the criminal activity, etc?- ) in the community from me and hunting process followed after (even when I am sleeping in the train, falsely blame, call the police and full shows out of nothing, except to live well from my reputation!!? ), against anything that aid me in my defense, protection and laws that is my Birth Right, Mexican Constitution, UK Principles of Laws and European and International law, including my blog, that helps me in the pursuit, but instead bullies even makes films (mara used to chat together with my brother/s: jose / rafael about X films, laughed of the ordeal, enjoy every single detail? .. perhaps the reasons why, some members of my family need to be remove “because they knew far too much and could jeopardize own lifestyle” and all the circus pursuit would come to an end, for such brilliant brains and intelligent bullies is more of a jibe, sick joke, mock of the week, than own blood, relation, family and sacred brotherhood, but instead laugh about their own pain, please tell me if not weird, with unsolicited violence, hate propaganda, sick / ill spread, etc?-, stolen my past (sergio gomes pintado, solis, solana, julian gali, ex/husband and his sister, norma hazz from soco, gracia maria sotelo from rafa, familia guerrero from jose, etc and then, we see mara sitting with our past, as if nothing ever happened and as you can see photo in following link: that is not envy, brains, intelligence or any other child excuses to hurt reputation, mislead the course of the law and bully our persona, but if matters happens within the family is us – me to blame, not the correct sister / brother, but me and I ask why, what necessity other than, break my world into tiny little pieces and forced to terminate – abortion my unborn children in the past and in order to satiate such sick, ill and depraved insides of a human peoples, that call family, blood, etc? – ), so when something happens in the family is me to blame (STOLE from me, what a clever bully?) not the bullies that hide in “confidentiality acts” the cowards, and the sick / ill circle spread – unfortunately goes around, never ends, teach from parents to children the deprave action ## against own blood, family and community affairs, living from the misery of the rest and use my children against me (see film King Charles III not different from me, when council staff, dare to put my children against me, like happened to Prince Charles? – ) and even better, put someone else to befriend my child (wants the sick circle of violence to go around, never stop, as eat from the matters, like pepita jr went against me in the past, stole: sergio gomes pintado and the rest, as she told me herself, “with full intention”, she was enjoying every single word and she was not a child, but a young woman, that understand the bad / good of principles of life as my elder sister is like me, but in order to help mara and rafa own issues against me, as they bonded in mexicali / guadalajara together, learned the trade, which today prove is all lies against my reputation, but against my parents and went with me, josefa and jose after, which is different one matter to the other, today she pretend to be a victim and even use my children to repeat her own deprave actions from the past, the same as carol parker, that stole my past and even made a living from the matters, when she was single and me married, today my daughters need to copy, when one is single and the other goes out with a boyfriend, stopping my children to develop properly, healthy and live own life fully, but hide, control, punish, manipulate and destroy, living within own Christian believes, pretend to be an excellent godmother with intention to gain full power, but with the other hand, removes everything from my children, even worse lies against my reputation, when all defamation of character against my persona, as she was not only a godmother to my child, but bridesmaid, so must be all in her mind, confuse weird and like them the rest, that bring issues from another side of the planet earth, against me and mine children, that need to continue the hatred, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children within own issues and with respect to may concern matters the mother gone RIP, but the children remain and so is the same vendetta, but passed now to children .. and reflects my own as well and the reasons why I said, Prince William and Prince Harry are protect by me, with the use of my blog, not just my children, but them as well, as if my own, I complete unaware of the reasons why I am here today, but while I am here, then as well protect!- ), unfortunately I was told by small children “in my charge when younger” of the same hatred (when nephews and nieces went together in family outgoings, since small children, end up fighting for minor matters, but today very important, perhaps the reasons why we are all here today, I refuse to listen and put to child’s matters, what wrong I was, I could be saving the life of my unborn children with the knowledge and true of such words today, small children, but very wise indeed, reflects pretty much the education that I implanted to them since younger, with respect, tolerance, open, sincere, honest, calm, peaceful, caring, tranquil, harmonic, playful, educative, supportive, wise, express themselves freely, love each other and demonstrate with own parents “Azpiri: Francisco, Lourdes, Gerardo, Jose, Javier – Matamoros: Loren and Veronica”, never – never need to suffer the discrepancies as my elder sister, josefa and her husband javier, that went with mara and rafael, but used own children as weapons against the family, copy, paste and mirror from own own personality, endless false accusations against the family, insulted peoples in the most horrendous measures and placed the blame after, to me, as happened to paty arias and I need to pay for the lie from mara against my reputation, sending unsolicited hatred preachers with all kind of issues against me, even today, with no law to deter the madness, stole all and everything from me with the lie, like sergio gomes pintado and the rest and in order to blame / frame me after, continue the reign of terror, help by bullies that reflects very much in them and act as witness in own malice to inflict further pain, hide in the background with “confidentiality acts” the violent cowards, today unfortunately for me is too late! – I am not surprise, if we are all confuse into each other, when such criminal activity took time, place and moment, with more than 30 + years apart, even stole our ID’S, personality, persona and in order to mislead the course of the law, mean the bullies become me and I am, some how them, today? – However to my groups, that I call my side, my reflection and my alike, because in my point of view, everyone is free to live own life with freedoms, I hate to hold into anyone and I hate the gossip, but reflects with loyalty, that I was never expecting this much attention, “when you don’t let anyone to speak bad about me and fight my corner”, today, yesterday and whenever took time, place and moment, perhaps as friends, family, nephews and nieces, “I Thank You”, it makes me feel very proud of you, to know that such angels existed for me, on time of need, that I did not waste a time, teaching you good standards, while your own parents very busy working, but ignored your cries for help, pain, bumps, knocks, fights and “what it was say by who’s and who told to whom of what and why, who and where”, but as I said before, I hate gossip and on that time, I believe was gossip, child matters, silly things, I refused to understand fully well, that family can come against own family, blood against own blood, sisters / brothers against own sisters / brothers, very naive of me and even today, I can see how well you all relate into each other, that action itself makes me very proud indeed, so everyone can see my own reflection and when address to yourselves, but instead, I should be listen to such wise child words, from yourselves and in order to protect my unborn children from such violent bullies, that came against me with such strong force, destructive behavior and madness and as mention before, making endless bands, groups and criminal activity within the family fortunes, as such, I pay the price, I lost my respect, I lost my reputation and any chance to make my life in a proper way, plus killed innocents children as my own, that today, I don’t know how to say thank you, for such kindness, for to show such respect and loyalty to me, furthermore love, while we all grow up, life change us in great measure, but hope the good seed remains there inside your heart and while it lasted – again, I want to thank you, once again, for everything! – “While you are reading here, today and now, I am pretty sure that you know fully well, who I am refer to and who I am thank for and in order to avoid more violence, favoritism, envy, unsolicited propaganda, hatred, but hide and protect you. It’s my turn now. Horrendous that today, we need to address matters in codes, numbers, hand language and into hide, the person/s, which is my side of the story and who should earn a gold medal for bravery, “as told me in the past when children, well on time, but refused to accept, that between family can kill each other”, and similar as WWII, that need to keep in hide, while the criminals protect, with “confidentiality acts”, instead of expose!!” – In life, I believe strong, that crime is crime not matter family, environment and place of residence and whoever committed against me and my unborn children need to pay the high price and legally for the crime, abuse, mislead, bullying, criminal activity and “murder with intent”, mean whatever came after abuse took place, time and moment need to be acknowledge in a court of law properly – as crime, because one thing I was naive and another very different is, there is murder charges “3 times”, that went against my persona, reputation and my unborn children, “3 times”, perished to silence the spoil prats, that came against my persona with all kind of lies, slander, defamation of character, criminal activity and in this case is sister mara and brother rafael, the same as ex/husband sister, social worker, carol parker, that came against her brother, as own parents told me but killed the ” 3 bullies” my unborn children with own sick, ill and depraved spread!- The rest of my family perhaps, culprit to hide the bodies of my unborn children, perished from the sick / ill spread, bullying, violent outburst, lies, defamation of character and intolerance from mara, rafael and carol parker against me and mine, unborn children, but in law is a crime who commit the crime, to whoever hide the crime and in order for the rest to know fully well, if they want to continue hiding the bodies of my unborn children, or remove themselves from the matters and leave matters to deal properly in a court of law and so I can gain justice, memory, compensation and non-repetition of such crimes committed against me and mine, but I want those “3 peoples: mara, rafael and carol parker” – “charged” with “murder with intent”, against my “3 unborn children” that perished to satisfy their own sick / ill insides, “not matter termination / abortion is termination / abortion in law, any law worldwide, no matter how you see matters, crime is crime worldwide, murder is murder against my unborn children is crime worldwide and my reputation !! – I will not lie to rest, in this life or the other, until JUSTICE is gained for my unborn children, “until I am fully SATISFY as a mother”, that my unborn children gained Justice, that such bullies, that came against innocents, tiny, little peoples are not going to get away with the murder spree and they are no going to laugh, no more, but respect my kind!! – ) against me (not just against me, but want to know everything from me and in order to monitor / control my life, mean upgrade / downgrade me and my children, as if my unborn children was not enough to satisfy the bullies insides, reflects own past – on and on and on and on, as you can read my blog, follows my mother’s steps, when she went against her sister ana, blame her with my father and mara falsely accuse me with rafael montaño. raul nuñez and you name it, my aunt ana never spoke to my mother, never ever again, neither I intent with mara / rafael, pretend as in reality, but all is lies of bullies, I never befriend such peoples, “mara, rafael and carol” and since earlier age they went own ways, hudersfield, glossop, stockport, mexicali, guadalajara, “when returned need to find a place to live” and I stayed with flor, or married, the few times in touch with mara passed our information to flor, as she told me, never again, rafael was all the time harassing my persona physically and call me, all the names under the sun, so I avoid, carol lived in her own world, as I was told, then just before divorce the ex/husband told me, that his sister was in charge of his matters, then hope today, she is strong enough to acknowledge the law, with criminal charges, because she can say whatever of me, but reflects with her to be bridesmaid and child godmother so all is lies and into her sick, ill, weird mind? – When mara lacked information against me and since younger, as I refused to see her again, after flor told me of her ill spread against me, with confidentiality issues betrayed and in order to gain my place, then she went the other way, stole and hold everything that belongs to me, including the ex/husband sister – as allied, like she did to soco with norma hazz, like she did to rafael with gracia maria sotelo, see photo, sitting with our past mean holds into our past, without any respect and when things goes wrong, blames / frame us after? – Mara need to follow same sick pattern as yesterday, holds into peoples lives with the use of her children, as if she owns us and in my case my children, dismiss myself as mother after moved away and put the ex/husband sister in charge? .. like happened to josefa dismissed authority, pepita jr, went against her father, javier exactly the same as mara went against my father, she even went around manchester to please rafael as he done with my mother, can you spot the difference? .. soco my sister with her children dismissed her authority, landed with own father beto hazz, placed in a mental hospital with help from the “family problems” social worker, sister of the ex/husband, carol parker and when use my matters by mara, as ex/husband sister, social worker, carol parker, then after, I am blame for my sister soco misfortune, at the end, soco children went to live with mara and raul, with help from norma hazz, exactly as happened to me when returned from canada – stay for 6 months only, then landed with mara and raul for another few months stay – not eternal years, like her children rocio, with 2 free UK university places and all paid, sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, “when I was not looking and keep matters hide from me” and when I stay in the UK ex/husband house stockport, I need to pay for my education, to learn english, when I stay in canada need to work to pay my living, hide from the law and learn french like migrant, not like a proper student, as mara’s child with university, can you see the difference in treatment, racism and who create this world and madness? – I am unable to understand, what sick peoples celebrate own mother death, with a meal? – I hope you see the same pattern, that family need to live with and only to follow orders of peoples that pretend to be sick, lies satisfy own insides against blood, family, brotherhood as mara, rafael and carol parker? .. when in reality holds into our children, as happened with flor, lupy, jose that passed away, “today left the door open, free, ready to use them as weapons against the family, with same system and hold into more peoples lives and continue the criminal activity, against family”, similar as when beto and soco mora came into aid of mara years ago, against me, now is betito hazz who need to revive the same story, pattern and matter when came into aid of mara’s children, can you spot the difference, similarity, even same names “beto hazz / mora!, everything continue the same, may change the pattern in which things develop before, but low education against family continue, from parents to children, even hold into peoples and in order to negotiate ££$$ and live from them, educate own children from them and at the end is all lies, tales, defamation of character, slander, but get away with the crime and hide the bodies, topical of a Jews peoples, EXCEPT that “there is Jews from Jews” and my education is my parents only, never my sisters, or brothers, but in the open with my blog, expose the abuse, so I never take any advantage, amen! – As The Devils Mistress film, Goebbels said: “JEWS ARE PARASITES and where they nest people often die!” .. and with respect to my unborn children, victims of the family holocaust, but the whole true! – It was a shock for me to read such words, that I spoke previous in my blog so many times, from same “family problems” as the bullies call matters, from mara, rafael and carol parker, that live like parasites from me and since day one, when in reality, you don’t need to become of certain class, peoples, or background but find each other in heaven, above and hell, destroy the life of the rest with own helpers, groups and hate propaganda, as if there is not tomorrow, with no respect whatsoever, pity, care, love for your kind, nothing, but into tiny little pieces!!- The reasons why, since child, mara and rafael hate me, want to destroy me, feel envy of me, because the similarity with jose and josefa, that “we are almost alike”, even josefa’s child got confuse, when she stay with me for a few days – years ago, she told me several times, that I was doing things like her mother, that I was driving the car like her mother, almost everything was like her mother, and is today, that I understand matters fully well, as I never lived, or have the opportunity to know my elder sister, josefa, that everyone same to be so attack-en with her, but me and jose – pulled apart! – The same happened with alma, jose’s ex/girlfriend, as she told me in the christening when I first met her and the only time, the similarities with my brother, which I know him so little as he stay in veracruz and me puebla – pulled apart by same family madness, that I grow up thinking, if I came from another planet, as the rest so different with me? – ), but I question today, if my taxes paid for the harassment acts, as ex/husband sister works as social worker and connect with council services, never my family paid, but use me with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) to steal my living, now my children, perhaps racism!! –

2- However, the state of Grenfell Tower years ago, “raised SAFETY concerns” from residents, expressed in public by a blogger, but threatened with legal action, by council staff and as the following link mention.

Theresa May announces £5 million fund for victims, while I am still waiting for justice, memory, compensation and after more than 550 notes in my blog, to no avail, because the strong groups from “family problems” from ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family deter, stop and dismiss my authority and how I want things to be done, for my unborn children, as I lost -never them! –

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.