Energy Bills are soaring $$$£££ ..

vangelis antactica

I am not only wasting money in services, but after refill my card that runs by Scottish Gas and works pretty much as, “pay as you go”, but nothing delivers, neither exist regulations implant and up to date, that control the abuse!?!!-

It’s not the boiler at my place, as works in harmony, it’s not the holy radiators, as works perfect, it’s not the shop assistant, as always gives receipt and the machine at home clocks the amount – no problem, it’s NOT any other excuses, as everything works in perfect condition, but for certain time only, after that time, the machine automatic “stop / switch off”, acting as if somebody control, monitor, time set and program that way, mean certain time only, nothing else, after that time, services stop with banging noises, not even purchasing the services for myself, legally I should set the time for my matters, which I do, but switch off automatic and after banging?! –

I live in the 1800 ‘s building, perhaps easy transfer services, as British telecom just told me, one cable delivers everyone, mean Scottish Gas services probably works in similar circumstances, when illegal and against the law such practices – who regulate? –

I managed to change the light in the building, soon after I move in and with the peoples that monitor the same place, instead a modern small one, they placed a big eyesore right in my doorstep and refused to take any other of my complaints, never received a letter with a response for my matters, including the ones mention before, now with the London accident (RIP), all the buildings regulations that holds flats not matter quantity, should be monitor by the law, as I believe strong, otherwise, who we charge for negligence, for lack of duty, for neglect, for lack of proper escape in case of emergency, for lack of insurance in case of an accident, for lack of alarm to warn residents when in peril, for lack of health and safety measures, mean machines to stop the fire, for lack of videos to monitor the building inside / out, etc and even disabled protection laws, No matter age of the building, condition, or any other excuse, but regulations implant should be the norm / law, no guessing, but acting!! –

I painted my flat myself and when I go out, inside the building is like coming from a different planet, confusing all together, mean the lack of care for own premises should be illegal, well this comes with the complaint that I mention before and the building monitors are happy to get my money for maintenance, mean mop the building every 3 months, after that, we are left in the forgotten land?.-

I mean it’s insane, in-regulate, incredible to believe, but stealing services that in the news are addressing as energy bills soar, but in reality, who guarantee us, that what we pay is what we get, furthermore in my case with the meter supply, that nothing supply, because is not the cost, but the services, mean nothing delivers and need to pay such fares, that in winter is either I eat, or I warm the flat? –

Can you imagine to buy a train ticket only, because the machine itself, that will transport you – never arrives and fails to deliver your destination, well the same with the Scottish Gas, you pay for the services, but nothing delivers?! –
etc ..

In winter nobody can survive in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland and I welcome this page that address energy bills, even if different matters, but same cost that soar (, inflate, way out of order, illegal, but who monitor, who is in charge and who cares?! – You may think is funny to address such issues, when you see the flats near you comes with steam, mean keeping warm in winter, except mine, very depressing when paying such prices, that don’t deliver the services and should forced to pay penalty, to us the customers, when no deliver the promise!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

P.S … Yesterday (30/6/2017) the “Internet (Virgin media) went down into my place, never me into Virgin media, but them against me with no reasons / grounds in law”, with “unprovoked attack against my persona”, perhaps after this note was published (Energy Bills are soaring $$$£££ ..), so no way, form or shape to watch T.V. when paying TAXES and internet software places when paying the subscription, as Virgin media?!!-

Nobody told me the Internet will be axed from me yesterday – all day, except a phone call from my children, maybe ex/husband aware and told them and I said that, as he works for Manchester Airport: communications, transport and you name it! –

Incidents at my place, shops, train and everywhere, detailed in my blog clearly, “always staff which gain such jobs at DWP (Elaine Grant staff at Department for Work and Pension = DWP in Altrincham branch, which is neighbour and friend of ex/husband since him and her husband started work at Manchester Airport, back in 1986-7 – 2017, almost owners of the place!?-)”, see one of the ID´S ( inside the following link: ) as probe legally (looks like my brother Rafael, but ex/husband name?) and the police is over stretched as “it is with cuts” and as such, I take the full rights that the law give me, to expose abuse against me, otherwise deny like JUDAS without probe, but falsely blame / frame me after, when legally unprovoked attack against me! –

As the Internet (Virgin media) has been working for me since started, almost 2 years ago and after posted the note (Energy Bills are soaring $$$£££ ..), which is my own opinion, the same as the rest who owns a blog and what I experience presently, which is true, but sent to me, never J.K Rowlings and/or any of your famous writers, but me and who give you the rights legally, but if I do express my matters and expose culprits, then quack, something happens, but where is my protections laws, as over stretched with the cuts?!-

In my times when worked in banking, “I have to show respect to customers”, as I was told by my boss, that “they are always right”, or lose my job immediate and so taxes paid bullying, because the council works and is part of DWP, mean government staff, but we pay Taxes to them, perhaps for harassment acts, unsolicited abuse, unprovoked attack against residents like me, even minor matters as simple and real opinion (Energy Bills are soaring $$$£££ ..), furthermore when we own a magic ball to know, but snub us, maybe tell the ex/husband and him in exchange my children and so on goes around in circles the abuse, never direct, never straightforwards in a court of law to explain my matters, only the other half, which legally is against the law, when the balance goes one way only, instead of both ways – as should be, mean you can come to me heavy, but unable to protect myself, by exposing you in public and since when I ably such kind of regiment, dictate by dictators, like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco’s?!-

I reserve my rights that the law gives me, as student of English law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.