The Queen Elizabeth II is presently refusing, knee treatment ..

The Queen is refusing to have surgery on her knees.

God Save The Queen

The Ex-husband knees also endured pain and he, himself and alone choose to have the surgery and in order to relieve the pain.

I complete refused for the ex-husband to have the full knee operation, before see another kind of treatment, like psychotherapy and he should explain of the person who advice him into the matters and years ago, because if he speak otherwise of myself and refusal, I can take him to the cleaners for spreading lies, tales and slander, because after that operation, he lost his job and now working self employed on the same job, but after the matter? –

Now the reasons why I refused him to have the knee operation is because, I believe strong, the body has the ability to respond to treatment, which is different to surgery, any kind of treatment (physiotherapy, etc), before surgery, but the ex-husband refused totally my advice and went into surgery? –

I believe is the same with The Queen, that She, Herself and alone choose what is best for Her health, never pushed into, neither bullied to choose fast, quick and for the benefit of the rest, because when is done is done the surgery, there is no way back, but to do her own research first, see suitability into matters, also treatment first f she wants too, as Her peoples would be happy to wait for Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II, when they know full well, that her health comes first before duty and in order to gain full health back again.

As after Surgery can take months the rehabilitation, a very slow process that the body need to re-adjust into the matters, as happened to the ex-husband, but what I do not want is for Her Majesty, The Queen to commit into and later remove her job with any reasons, excuses, as also happened to the ex-husband, mean con into, with full intention to remove after, that is not right, but misconduct, abuse of power and profession and can easy fit into criminal, with intention.

I believe the ex-husband got into trouble with his knees, as once he hit hard in the kitchen door that goes into the garage, he complete missed, as he got distracted and bang! –

The kitchen door looks as, “Controlled Entry System Unable to gain access”, sorry this another matter complete different and refer to the post office staff, that left me yesterday two letters with the matters, label attached, as if I am the owner of the building? –

In which, every single flat, building where I live got a bell to assist people that brings anything into them, like food, parcels, post, furniture and etc, but removed the facility to open the front door with easy, as the constant, non-stop strange people coming in and out of the building, with any excuses, reasons when the person interested should open the front door and reasons why of the bell into own home, flat – TO CONTROL the gates and stop the intolerance.

I am writing this matter, because I am sick to be in charge of something that do not belong to me, get pay for the job, responsibility, duty of care only, mean advice to Her Majesty, The Queen with my full form of respect and/or Open the front door of the building where I live to strangers!!-

I never ever asked to be here today and to do the mum’s job of strange people, even the ex/husband and his knee problem, because on the time of his knee surgery, his own mother was alive, well, happy and content to look after her little boy, never me, but forced to be responsible of the baby since and after married, like when I was forced to look after 5 children (with 5 years gap???????????) of my elder sister (flor), full time and since I was 8 / 9 years old, with no wage to subside my life, income, duty, responsibility of such demanding job, but those lazy people that want all for FREE and assimilate of the person who put me here today, from the start, including intention to gain freebies, when that is slavery.

The SLAVERY is a crime in law worldwide and in the UK since the Victorian’s times, mean 1800’s and why we still holding today 2018 – a human life, reasons, grounds in law, even as color of skin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability ( ), because nobody got any rights!! –

Furthermore when such twisted norms, laws, regulations, religious affairs and even reforms are a thing of the past, when Slavery is a Crime in Law, mean to own a person life not matter reasons, grounds and intention in law (age relate, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc), because that is SLAVERY not matter if acting in good faith, or bad intention, neither if represent a certain Charity (because in my case, as HUMAN PERSON, born normal, contracted meningitis when child, I never ever gave my permit, consent, knowledge into any charity and/or used as example and in order to hold my life to own pleasure, because that is slavery, unprovoked attack, ASBOS of society and crime in law! – I believe strong, that the rest human civilization: age disabled, sexual orientation, color, religion is placed in the same situation, as me, because who wants to be hold against own wishes to benefit $$$$£££££euro the rest, otherwise such mandatory, person in law, charge would never ever hold a human life to pleasure, for no reason, but destroy with intention!! – We saw the example of a great woman of substance, Alice of Battenberg that never deserved to endure, what she went through in her life: In 1930, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed to a sanatorium in Switzerland; thereafter, she lived separately from her husband. Alice of Battenberg children born normal, perhaps she was also born normal like me, except that I contracted meningitis when younger, perhaps for today and I believe strong and in order to write of the same ordeal, because that is terrible wrong, callous, vengeful, unprovoked attack to a minor person (when younger), as me, unquestionable reason, grounds in law and in my case unknown to any foreign and royal life, even born in Mexico and wonder why me and my family selected in foreign problems, affairs, because another sister born healthy, but her life destroyed, when contracted polio?! – ).

I am unaware of how, I was placed into this horrendous mess, matter, life and by which member of my family, because when suit the bully, I am OK and I can even look after any children (as sister flor 5 children) for FREE, acting like SLAVE and when not, I am incapable (and is the same sisters, family, society that wants me that way to CONTROL my life, pin me in the wall, even with aid of charity, wonder what they are afraid, otherwise bullies would never act that way!), even enter the UK as please them ( ), mean who gave my family the keys to enter my private life in this country, reasons, grounds in law, but need to be somebody that understand the same system (ex/husband and his sister, social worker) and clearly for everyone to see, bullies planed my life in the British island since the beginning, sold me to purchase the rest and intent to continue exploiting (with respect to the Queen: ) my life, as today and all for FREE to aid, benefit them only, with any reasons, until we said, enough is enough of the cashing, abuse and even charity that hurt humanity, instead of help! –

And as mention before with the ex/husband knee and all his personal life, choice, including his own “family problems”, intent to continue, instead to stop, now intent with my children to be used and even to look after own father – responsibility, when always act that way, immature man, little boy, unable to do anything by himself, but in full custody of the rest and when nobody is looking in full control of the home, abroad and even our private life and when things goes wrong, blame / frame the rest, as me and my children unaware of treachery and the UK system, neither what is behind the scenery and never his mother when lived responsible and sister, as social worker failed, or himself, ex/husband as an adult responsible person of his own life, choice even in treatment and here is where me and my children are saying enough is enough!-

I am not the slave of nobody and that assimilate the WWII, forced the victims into FREE work like slave, or get hurt, even kill for the trill – during holocaust times and a crime in law the abuse, because even Golda Meir when came to help, power and represented her own people with full salary, never acted in good will, or free, so why shall I forced into and where is the law to deter slavery ??-

And I am sick to be used for any purposes, reasons, grounds in law, when I never gave my permit, consent and knowledge, except frame / blame after and since arrived the UK, when is the job of the rest, never mine, but used and abused when suit the bullies, otherwise capable to work and expect for FREE, even forced to open doors to strangers, as the building where I live and never whoever is the responsible to collect own parcels, shopping, post, including my blog with more than 645 notes to aid me, but instead, aid the rest, including their own charity and this is complete exploitation, slavery, bullying, etc!! –

As the ex/husband continues today, refusing to accept the past – criminal activity, between him against me, forced termination (abortion) after provoked my life, “with full intention”, because we never had any plans to start a family, neither after marriage, “he could not afford” that was his excuse, answer to me, but wonder where all comes from, as rafa brother and his friend rogelio (was called “roy”), neighbor (like soco problem with UK neighbors, but intent to frame and blame me after?), assimilate the ex/husband with “roy” his friend, “both roy’s”, mean the ex/husband friend and brother rafa’s friend in accordance to the same rules, names equal, similar, help each other, because nothing was create alone, even both worked as mechanic (?), and under the car (I was told of rogelio, “roy” of the same, “working under the car”, by his sister hilda) and wonder today what is the connection (because the same hilda blames me of her ex/husband, like soco with her ex/husband dieter, in fact, I was used as the other woman in her divorce matters and won the house that way, 8 sherway drive, when I was told by mela before I married the ex/husband, that was soco who sleep with hilda’s husband, but asked me to keep silence – all those years – 1985 – 2018, or she will be in trouble. I wonder today, where I landed, by hiding the true, which mental place to pay for something that I never caused, blame and frame after with intention to hurt my reputation badly and even ex/husband refused to accept matters during and after divorce, mean “what is the connection with my family”, but the JUDAS deny over and over again, including his “roy” as friend, like brother, rafa’s “roy” friend, neighbor, worked under car, mechanics and my question is, who planed all this lies, madness, intolerance, mix/match and abuse to me, now intent to use my children to cover the past, hide the bullies, protect own father and his sister, social worker, including some family members of mine and not the real person, bully to take responsibility, but always somebody to frame / blame after?!), even living by miles apart? –

– While I intent, want to put the past where it belongs, mean I do not intent to go against my family, but another matter comes along and not matter how good heart, intention I may have, but then new things arrive, develop that refresh better the memory, past and understand my position today, reasons why I landed in this horrid place, where everybody takes advantage, mean SOLD by same family, like slave, a crime in law.

– I am also a mother, that need to teach my children that one thing is family and another matter is crime and not matter who we are in society, nobody has any rights to destroy, rip apart the rest, because we all play a part in society and in order to stop the bullying, crime and abuse, even when comes direct by family members.

– I was told since younger, that I lacked brains, beauty, intelligence and I am pleased for all that, in fact I am sooooooooooo happy with the matters, numbers, results, mean they are all alive, well, happy, content, gained education, better way of life and all thanks for such parasites to use me for own advantage, FREE and the rest is complete SLANDER (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), because that way, I never need to come against humanity, HURT my family direct with anything, used the force against my own blood, mean I was NOT born twisted, with malice and I will not need to explain my Lord for the crimes committed, bodies collected and the Judas that betray all of us, but such brilliant beauty contest, intelligence and bully direct, never me and my children.

Because I never create this kind of weird world, unknown to me before, by bullies against my persona and reputation with slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), lies, intolerance and I hope my Lord can have some mercy on them, because I lacked the guts to go against my parents children, except today, things changed, I got children to teach the good, bad and ugly and I need to set the example, educate better and explain my position – is different today, where crime is crime above anything, anyone and anyhow, so I am unable to forgive, forget and ready to pardon crime against me and mine (unborn children), but request the law to aid me.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker