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The Queen Elizabeth II is presently refusing, knee treatment ..

The Queen is refusing to have surgery on her knees.

God Save The Queen

The Ex-husband knees also endured pain and he, himself and alone choose to have the surgery and in order to relieve the pain.

I complete refused for the ex-husband to have the full knee operation, before see another kind of treatment, like psychotherapy and he should explain of the person who advice him into the matters and years ago, because if he speak otherwise of myself and refusal, I can take him to the cleaners for spreading lies, tales and slander, because after that operation, he lost his job and now working self employed on the same job, but after the matter? –

Now the reasons why I refused him to have the knee operation is because, I believe strong, the body has the ability to respond to treatment, which is different to surgery, any kind of treatment (physiotherapy, etc), before surgery, but the ex-husband refused totally my advice and went into surgery? –

I believe is the same with The Queen, that She, Herself and alone choose what is best for Her health, never pushed into, neither bullied to choose fast, quick and for the benefit of the rest, because when is done is done the surgery, there is no way back, but to do her own research first, see suitability into matters, also treatment first f she wants too, as Her peoples would be happy to wait for Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II, when they know full well, that her health comes first before duty and in order to gain full health back again.

As after Surgery can take months the rehabilitation, a very slow process that the body need to re-adjust into the matters, as happened to the ex-husband, but what I do not want is for Her Majesty, The Queen to commit into and later remove her job with any reasons, excuses, as also happened to the ex-husband, mean con into, with full intention to remove after, that is not right, but misconduct, abuse of power and profession and can easy fit into criminal, with intention.

I believe the ex-husband got into trouble with his knees, as once he hit hard in the kitchen door that goes into the garage, he complete missed, as he got distracted and bang! –

The kitchen door looks as, “Controlled Entry System Unable to gain access”, sorry this another matter complete different and refer to the post office staff, that left me yesterday two letters with the matters, label attached, as if I am the owner of the building? –

In which, every single flat, building where I live got a bell to assist people that brings anything into them, like food, parcels, post, furniture and etc, but removed the facility to open the front door with easy, as the constant, non-stop strange people coming in and out of the building, with any excuses, reasons when the person interested should open the front door and reasons why of the bell into own home, flat – TO CONTROL the gates and stop the intolerance.

I am writing this matter, because I am sick to be in charge of something that do not belong to me, get pay for the job, responsibility, duty of care only, mean advice to Her Majesty, The Queen with my full form of respect and/or Open the front door of the building where I live to strangers!!-

I never ever asked to be here today and to do the mum’s job of strange people, even the ex/husband and his knee problem, because on the time of his knee surgery, his own mother was alive, well, happy and content to look after her little boy, never me, but forced to be responsible of the baby since and after married, like when I was forced to look after 5 children (with 5 years gap???????????) of my elder sister (flor), full time and since I was 8 / 9 years old, with no wage to subside my life, income, duty, responsibility of such demanding job, but those lazy people that want all for FREE and assimilate of the person who put me here today, from the start, including intention to gain freebies, when that is slavery.

The SLAVERY is a crime in law worldwide and in the UK since the Victorian’s times, mean 1800’s and why we still holding today 2018 – a human life, reasons, grounds in law, even as color of skin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability ( ), because nobody got any rights!! –

Furthermore when such twisted norms, laws, regulations, religious affairs and even reforms are a thing of the past, when Slavery is a Crime in Law, mean to own a person life not matter reasons, grounds and intention in law (age relate, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc), because that is SLAVERY not matter if acting in good faith, or bad intention, neither if represent a certain Charity (because in my case, as HUMAN PERSON, born normal, contracted meningitis when child, I never ever gave my permit, consent, knowledge into any charity and/or used as example and in order to hold my life to own pleasure, because that is slavery, unprovoked attack, ASBOS of society and crime in law! – I believe strong, that the rest human civilization: age disabled, sexual orientation, color, religion is placed in the same situation, as me, because who wants to be hold against own wishes to benefit $$$$£££££euro the rest, otherwise such mandatory, person in law, charge would never ever hold a human life to pleasure, for no reason, but destroy with intention!! – We saw the example of a great woman of substance, Alice of Battenberg that never deserved to endure, what she went through in her life: In 1930, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed to a sanatorium in Switzerland; thereafter, she lived separately from her husband. Alice of Battenberg children born normal, perhaps she was also born normal like me, except that I contracted meningitis when younger, perhaps for today and I believe strong and in order to write of the same ordeal, because that is terrible wrong, callous, vengeful, unprovoked attack to a minor person (when younger), as me, unquestionable reason, grounds in law and in my case unknown to any foreign and royal life, even born in Mexico and wonder why me and my family selected in foreign problems, affairs, because another sister born healthy, but her life destroyed, when contracted polio?! – ).

I am unaware of how, I was placed into this horrendous mess, matter, life and by which member of my family, because when suit the bully, I am OK and I can even look after any children (as sister flor 5 children) for FREE, acting like SLAVE and when not, I am incapable (and is the same sisters, family, society that wants me that way to CONTROL my life, pin me in the wall, even with aid of charity, wonder what they are afraid, otherwise bullies would never act that way!), even enter the UK as please them ( ), mean who gave my family the keys to enter my private life in this country, reasons, grounds in law, but need to be somebody that understand the same system (ex/husband and his sister, social worker) and clearly for everyone to see, bullies planed my life in the British island since the beginning, sold me to purchase the rest and intent to continue exploiting (with respect to the Queen: ) my life, as today and all for FREE to aid, benefit them only, with any reasons, until we said, enough is enough of the cashing, abuse and even charity that hurt humanity, instead of help! –

And as mention before with the ex/husband knee and all his personal life, choice, including his own “family problems”, intent to continue, instead to stop, now intent with my children to be used and even to look after own father – responsibility, when always act that way, immature man, little boy, unable to do anything by himself, but in full custody of the rest and when nobody is looking in full control of the home, abroad and even our private life and when things goes wrong, blame / frame the rest, as me and my children unaware of treachery and the UK system, neither what is behind the scenery and never his mother when lived responsible and sister, as social worker failed, or himself, ex/husband as an adult responsible person of his own life, choice even in treatment and here is where me and my children are saying enough is enough!-

I am not the slave of nobody and that assimilate the WWII, forced the victims into FREE work like slave, or get hurt, even kill for the trill – during holocaust times and a crime in law the abuse, because even Golda Meir when came to help, power and represented her own people with full salary, never acted in good will, or free, so why shall I forced into and where is the law to deter slavery ??-

And I am sick to be used for any purposes, reasons, grounds in law, when I never gave my permit, consent and knowledge, except frame / blame after and since arrived the UK, when is the job of the rest, never mine, but used and abused when suit the bullies, otherwise capable to work and expect for FREE, even forced to open doors to strangers, as the building where I live and never whoever is the responsible to collect own parcels, shopping, post, including my blog with more than 645 notes to aid me, but instead, aid the rest, including their own charity and this is complete exploitation, slavery, bullying, etc!! –

As the ex/husband continues today, refusing to accept the past – criminal activity, between him against me, forced termination (abortion) after provoked my life, “with full intention”, because we never had any plans to start a family, neither after marriage, “he could not afford” that was his excuse, answer to me, but wonder where all comes from, as rafa brother and his friend rogelio (was called “roy”), neighbor (like soco problem with UK neighbors, but intent to frame and blame me after?), assimilate the ex/husband with “roy” his friend, “both roy’s”, mean the ex/husband friend and brother rafa’s friend in accordance to the same rules, names equal, similar, help each other, because nothing was create alone, even both worked as mechanic (?), and under the car (I was told of rogelio, “roy” of the same, “working under the car”, by his sister hilda) and wonder today what is the connection (because the same hilda blames me of her ex/husband, like soco with her ex/husband dieter, in fact, I was used as the other woman in her divorce matters and won the house that way, 8 sherway drive, when I was told by mela before I married the ex/husband, that was soco who sleep with hilda’s husband, but asked me to keep silence – all those years – 1985 – 2018, or she will be in trouble. I wonder today, where I landed, by hiding the true, which mental place to pay for something that I never caused, blame and frame after with intention to hurt my reputation badly and even ex/husband refused to accept matters during and after divorce, mean “what is the connection with my family”, but the JUDAS deny over and over again, including his “roy” as friend, like brother, rafa’s “roy” friend, neighbor, worked under car, mechanics and my question is, who planed all this lies, madness, intolerance, mix/match and abuse to me, now intent to use my children to cover the past, hide the bullies, protect own father and his sister, social worker, including some family members of mine and not the real person, bully to take responsibility, but always somebody to frame / blame after?!), even living by miles apart? –

– While I intent, want to put the past where it belongs, mean I do not intent to go against my family, but another matter comes along and not matter how good heart, intention I may have, but then new things arrive, develop that refresh better the memory, past and understand my position today, reasons why I landed in this horrid place, where everybody takes advantage, mean SOLD by same family, like slave, a crime in law.

– I am also a mother, that need to teach my children that one thing is family and another matter is crime and not matter who we are in society, nobody has any rights to destroy, rip apart the rest, because we all play a part in society and in order to stop the bullying, crime and abuse, even when comes direct by family members.

– I was told since younger, that I lacked brains, beauty, intelligence and I am pleased for all that, in fact I am sooooooooooo happy with the matters, numbers, results, mean they are all alive, well, happy, content, gained education, better way of life and all thanks for such parasites to use me for own advantage, FREE and the rest is complete SLANDER (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), because that way, I never need to come against humanity, HURT my family direct with anything, used the force against my own blood, mean I was NOT born twisted, with malice and I will not need to explain my Lord for the crimes committed, bodies collected and the Judas that betray all of us, but such brilliant beauty contest, intelligence and bully direct, never me and my children.

Because I never create this kind of weird world, unknown to me before, by bullies against my persona and reputation with slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), lies, intolerance and I hope my Lord can have some mercy on them, because I lacked the guts to go against my parents children, except today, things changed, I got children to teach the good, bad and ugly and I need to set the example, educate better and explain my position – is different today, where crime is crime above anything, anyone and anyhow, so I am unable to forgive, forget and ready to pardon crime against me and mine (unborn children), but request the law to aid me.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker



Felipe VI de España: “Infanta Cristina, 6,5 ££$$ case Nòos – against – 8 ££$$ case Queen Letizia”-

Zorba The Greek Dance By the Greek Orchestra Emmetron Music HD

We have 2 cases here, one is the case Nòos from Spain, with 6.5 million facing the law and the other case is an unknown to us – the public, with 8 million own by the wife of the King of Spain, Letizia and using the magna carta (as promised by the new Spanish President Pedro Sánchez), but a complete secret from where the money came from and what hurt most is spare from the law?-

In my previous link mention the connection between caso nòos and caso Gürtel. I was not wrong, mean is a part of a well organized criminal activity, that started from the PP and finished with the daughter of The King Juan Carlos I with respect, may frame and blame after with intention.

I cannot see any other way, furthermore when Iñaki Urdangarin is an ex-athletic professional, never involve in business ventures before, mean somebody need to fill the hole of unacknowledged person, particularly when someone lack of knowledge from one profession to the other and in this case is Iñaki Urdangarin ruled by the case Nòos – business ventures and who else was in charge of the Instituto Nòos, apart of Princess, Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin (Diego Torres, Jaume Matas, etc and all of those peoples that comes from the PP?- )? –

In case of “fake news” lies, I left plenty links of the same matters, because the true cannot be hide, neither the law:
etc ..

I want to know if something happen to Princess (Infanta) Cristina of Spain – health (6,5 million) and all due to the same stress, exclusion, abuse of power and profession, may affect her children, family after, while the rest (Queen Letizia 8 million) is spare by same wrongdoing, abuse, stealing (until we know where the wife of the King of Spain, Letizia got the money from and using the magna carta, spanish constitution, laws, rule of law, canon law, etc and as promised by the new Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez?), matters, then who shall we charge the body in case if the person, Infanta cannot cope with matters alone, unable to look after her own children properly for the same lack of the other half (Iñaki Urdangarin), because even the figures ££$$$ do not add up and all this matter cause a lot of unnecessarily illness, worry, depression, bills, etc!! –

As some members of the European Royal Family are expecting to live very well by the state, happy, content and no problems with the law whatsoever, with respect to may concern matters, except Iñaki Urdangarìn family FORCED to live by fresh air (because is now when receive financial help by the state, never before and I mean before the Noos case, so how you live that way with 4 children, house bills, lifestyle, etc, impossible!!!), which belongs to Princess, Infanta Cristina environment, life and family forced to the lowest of the low acts, by same financial necessity, burden and in order to survive this kind of life, blame and frame by own PP government, as mention before, because this matter do not happen in the UK, but Spain, with full intention to hurt the Royal Family reputation and I ask here direct, the Spanish Government – President, Pedro Sánchez? –

Please down with the hypocrisy, behave like adults responsible of own past actions, never like small children that hide after wrongdoing, with the King´s daughter, Infanta Cristina, because this was almost the same case, thing, when wanted to frame – blame the Queen by her own government, when she holds peoples in charge of her fortune, money and personal life, never herself, neither intent to blame other people as me, when I do not belong to your world, government, country of birth, time and way of life and only, I am doing advocacy, but respect! –

The reasons why I am doing advocacy to the Princess, Infanta and her family, because the same as me, I was the younger of all the girls in my family, blame and frame after of everything, including money to pay for factories (zermatex) when worked in the bank, together with endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) united with the ex/husband “family problems” and removed all from me in a foreign country, expected me to live, survive that way, no help financially, services, benefits, but fresh air and holding 2 young children, AS I WAS FORCED TO LIVE THE ORDEAL and who shall I claim compensation by the criminal activity, abuse of power and profession, intolerance, so how? –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


HRH Prince William visit the Middle East (Holly Land) ..

Princess Diana – Fashion Queen

Prince William’s Middle East tour causes controversy as Palestinians claim it is ‘indirect apology’ –

I am not against, neither I agree into the Middle East (Holly Land) visit and anything I write here, today do not mean to interfere with the plans of nobody, neither my business, except when concern to HRH Princess Diana of Wales personal matters, including her children SAFETY, which are Prince Harry and Prince William, then I think this trip is a well motivate government matter, issue and financial interest, as such I am against.

HRH Princess Diana of Wales was right when address the future and safety of her children, afraid to be used other for a purpose, family, government and political wars, except upbringing as normal as possible.

I use this FB page ( and not her usual FB page (, because this is a new era, bring different matters after she passed away and I do not want to mix business with pleasure, otherwise HRH Princess Diana of Wales get the frame and blame after, even when she is not with us anymore (RIP).

I am against the trip, except restore when possible, never political, government affairs, because this young man, Prince William and father of his 3 children need to consider his position, status, place, also do not work for any government, political world to enter into such debate, but a member of a Royal Family that “intent to open the doors” to the British Institution, “never to do a job of a Prime Minister”, Theresa May mean dragged into a political storms (Gaza rocket barrage triggers Israeli air strikes, otherwise whoever concern can make the trip himself / herself and leave Diana’s children alone, with respect.

The same as Mexico President, Enrique Peña Nieto and all his government and politics affairs – world and since my elder sister, till arrived with me need to represent an entity, by the Castellanos family, like the Kennedy in America, but born in Mexico (?), that do not belong to our background, never asked for it, neither shall we forced to work for FREE, like 6 million victims of war during WWII, or fear to peril, because there is not exit for such peoples to leave us alone, NEVER AGAIN! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker​


The government violated our Rights, when monitor our movements, without first get a warrant, court order.


For law enforcement, cellphone data is a powerful new tool.

I spoke of my issue with T.V. monitor in the following link.

I notice the same stuff comes from my laptop – 2 computers (“virtualapp/didlogical”), same issue (see photo).

With “virtualapp/didlogical”, that comes with certain username and password attached to my laptop, “never my choice to adjust, adapt, protect, safety, privacy at any time to remove and control”, but somebody else (“virtualapp/didlogical”), because above all is my computer / laptop by law, rights, but unable to know reasons of somebody to enter a computer system this way, like in my case invading my privacy, without my permit, consent and knowledge.

A world major problem not just for me, but even the big corporations like FB, stand accused in the past by certain matters way out of our control, hire a computer wizard, system that analyze, software and hardware, like Cambridge Analitica, but blame after?!-

In my case, before I switch on my laptop and t.v. monitor, I need to consider any internet connection, then microsoft system as toshiba (laptop) choice, follow by a computer protection antivirus, mcafee and so on .. until I reach FB and/or another social media, like twitter, google and my t/v is not far as work with internet, except unable to get any antivirus? –

My question with all this computer system, if a normal thing, because I do not understand electronics, neither aware if this numerical, username, email and password to another human person, mean a matter that I should not worry, furthermore when purchased a laptop “new” and t.v. passed to me by somebody (ex/husband) and/or matters should be reported to the police, because my privacy is overtaken by aliens and found a link that get you nowhere, explain nothing and leave you exactly in the same spot, mean they are also concerned not just me?-

I am reporting matters on the internet, as the law removed from me by the “family problems” from ex/husband (with respect to the Queen: ), maybe with reasons to monitor my life, espionage like WWII, when in reality invading my privacy, private life, because I should know of any passwords, usernames, emails, court order, warrant, but playing more like forgot to remove matters, with full intention! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


American President, Donald trump: “Really Don’t care do u? ” –

IL SILENZIO TAPS – – – Trumpet – – { One of the Best Videos }

We want to make sure that the American President, Donald Trump and his lovely family with respect, also the media understand fully well, that we are a simple “writer”, someone that write any matters, issues, concern and in order to help the most vulnerable people worldwide, furthermore when I am born in Mexico and UK citizen, apart from that, there is not malice from my part, blog and notes, except advocacy, above all is my country of birth, either in America and.or Mexico.

I am allowed by the law of any country worldwide to do advocacy and to the most vulnerable people worldwide not just because I was born in Mexico, but my ancestry Sephardi JEWS from Spain (, one of the first peoples that emigrate America not far from Columbus times and somehow connect to America, by an official document signed by the American Senate back in the 1800’s and with the full knowledge of the Mexican representatives and in order “to stop the Mexican / American War”, to no avail.

As you can read the news, from America against our Mexican peoples living legally in the United States, mean in plain English that our land was simple STOLEN, when a legal document protect us legally and represent Mexico in America land, signed by the American and Mexican representatives to stop the war, but irreparable broken “the contract” today, furthermore when changed several times to adjust the American system without our permit, consent, knowledge (Mexican representatives missing during those changes?!) and went against us Mexicans peoples living in America and as you can read the news.

Today the United States of America intent to erase the past, but the paperwork exist is real and up to date, in which mention protection, care and respect to Mexican nationals living in America, complete opposite of what we read and address on the everyday news, different one to another, SIGNED that way by the Mexican Government and the American Senate to STOP the war and I can probe this matter anytime, only waiting for the American government to remember our past.

Today we can see, that legal document signed by Mexico and the United States of America was only lies and as such, “the American and Mexican war” never stopped, continues as we can read the news everyday is a big problem, furthermore when killed more than 400 American Tribes in cold blood and in order to make way for the newcomers that arrived from Europe and parts of the world, now is Mexico the injury party, vulnerable people living in America, badly hurt, humiliate in public, caged like animals and ready to be deported from our own American land? –

The same American land, that in the past swear protection to our Mexican peoples and signed the legal document by Mexico government and America Senate to stop the war, mean we are “legally allowed to live in the United States of America” by past contracts and even protect by the same entity, to no avail !! –

How many notes in my blog I need to write, for the Mexican President and his own Mexican representatives, entities comes forwars, help our Mexican nationals abroad, apparently living “illegal” in our our own American country, land and glory, but absent as usual, neglect our peoples like always, because is not only the American President job, responsibility alone, but Mexico, as both SIGNED contract to stop the “Mexican and American war”, but nowhere to be seeing in a foreign issues, matters, representation, except me, working for peanuts, because I do not get a dime to represent a country, that is not my job, place, status and only come after to collect my sweat, hard work and act as if royalty people and not what they are – Mexican Government Staff !!?! –

And you honestly believe that I do not care about my peoples, coming from Mexico, legal abide citizen, student of the English law, allowed to live in America by my past and ancestry and somehow responsible of what happens today in America, when is not my responsibility, duty, job, except intent to refresh past history, exactly where it belongs, our glorious past, our ancestry, our roots, our land and even our laws for protection, care and respect and in order to live in holy peace, because THIS IS YOUR PAST and If you cannot remember your own HISTORY, past and where you all come from (this is what the UK people told me and since emigrate 1985 – 2018 own land; “where are u coming from?!!!” – ) is not our Mexican Nationals and Native Americans problem, mean you are the newcomers, never us.

Really Don’t care do u? – Realmente NO me importa, verdad? –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


The American President: “Donald Trump Tony Awards with Robert the Niro and Peter Fonda” –

Neil Diamond – Beautiful Noise music video ..

Robert De Niro marched onto last night’s Tony Awards.

The Mexican Nationals and the American Natives since the Columbus times, approx since and after the years 1.500 need to deal with foreign terror, unproved attacks, unsolicited hatred, funny names, bullying, ASBOS, intolerance, frame, blame and murder spree in cold blood, when killed more than 400 American Tribes, never people consider the amount, but TRIBES with no respect, pain, mercy and that can give you an idea of the hatred that entered our American soils.

Where today, “the newcomers are the owners of the United States of America and Mexico is the immigrant”, furthermore when stolen our land, while this is not the matter of Robert the Niro, Peter Fonda, or even the American President “times, years, moments” with respect, because they were not even born to be placed the blame and frame after, but your own ancestry for the level of abuse, including the British become part of the regulations, laws, constitution, wars and you name it, mean this is your American History, never me or mine (children) to be placed the blame and frame after.

I understand your concern, particularly when is your child, family at stake, but when become President of the United States of America and/or Mexico comes with the price, job, power and glory, furthermore when you do not understand pain of humanity to extreme measure, that we witness today with the wall in America against Mexico, “used as bargain chips by both government (mexico/america) staff”, when is our country, land and people by law, rights, freedoms and I can prove the same legally anytime, trashed by foreign forces, without such peoples to have a form of deference, representative (our Mexican President !!!), protection in law to own aid and unable to hit back is unfair, the abuse is way out of order legally, but I still insist that the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto should be here dealing with the matters, issues, NEVER leave the American President, Donald Trump alone to deal with something that concern both countries and cultures (mexico and america) to develop further, peaceful, content, happy, prosperous and above all with respect to each other, neither me, or any member of my family since years ago OUR PROBLEM, but somehow forced to represent our country for FREE (because me and/or my children never ever worked for government, never ever received wage, job, power, control, nothing, neither my parents, or any children of my father and mother and we cannot be liable for the rest taking advantage!!) and unable to know from where the abuse comes from, or who’s person put us in this place, frame and blame after, acting all of us like the Kennedy family in America and somehow living in Mexico (?), neither the problem of Robert the Niro and Peter Fonda, but the correct Presidents and people in charge of government affairs, never us.

So me, Rosario Castellanos de Parker that I do not earn a dime when I write my blog and notes doing advocacy to help humanity and the same as many American people (Robert the Niro, Peter Fonda or even the American President) “time present” are not liable, neither should be our problem any politics and government matters, perhaps many even joke, afraid of my peoples life to see if the rest can see the severity of the problem and I thank you, but we should not get involve in this matter, except those responsible of America and Mexico politics affairs, never us to solve problems, because we do not get pay, neither hold the law, but them, with respect to may concern.

As a mother not matter age, I was forced by the local authority Trafford, Oldham and Manchester council to be separate from my children (see link ), refused to accommodate me during divorce times in many of their own EMPTY council accommodation, housing list and property portfolio, reasons why my taxes paid for to receive the services, never free, refused and help them instead financially, “when writing the ordeal for FREE in my blog and address the issues, matters, with no care for humanity whatsoever”, without my permit, consent and knowledge managed the pursuit, until far too late, as today, exploit-ate ££$$$ my persona for FREE, benefit of the United Kingdom, Mexico and many parts of the world, with more than 640 + notes in my blog and bullies gain for their own purposes in life ££$$$, than provide the resources, services, mean SLAVERY is a crime in the UK and worldwide, otherwise such bullies kill like 6 million JEWS victims of war, mean you work for FREE, or marched direct to the holocaust.

The Mexican President never ever came into my defense in a foreign land, as the UK – when wrote of my ordeal in my blog, neither the Mexican Embassy in London, when I requested HELP by phone and person, but closed the doors to me instead, neither any Spanish embassy and I still hold emails to prove in law, before my brother (jose) was killed and even sent emails to family members to stop the intolerance, saw a solicitor to stop the neighbours problems, opened a FB page, “I NEED HELP” with no success, then forced to write a blog instead with so much problems, issues, matters for the rest to understand, now everybody owns a blog, but before so many of mine closed, mean such bullies know full well which person to hurt and hit back, stating my concern in my blog, today 640 notes to aid the rest, mean anyone at the first time understand, but after so many notes can indicate the amount of money cashed, importunity STOLEN from me, used and abused to own purposes ££$$, because I am in the same place, when the rest gained everything, even married and life moved on, changed for the best.

On that time, until today, I was unaware of my family (some members of my Mexican family and the ex/husband, with his sister social worker) behind the matters, even traveled to the UK and assist the ex/husband with endless lies, slander and defamation of character against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), which is incredible to believe the abuse, sick and illness from such peoples against own family and in order to destroy each other, with jobs and profession, which is against the law to use any profession “to and against” family, mean one family that got the power in government, politics affairs against the rest, so tell me who will win, me, or them, but intent to frame and blame me and mine (children) after, when someone is murder and killed!!?-

How far, long the hate propaganda lasted between the ex/husband and his sister social worker and some members of my family that bonded together, each other and for so long, “against me”, that today is impossible to break apart, even after divorce, own so much that still attached, even hold into my children for to place the frame and blame after, furthermore shows the illness / sickness of those weird people, against own family, furthermore when see no limitations to travel the UK and sell family secrets for FREE, use government and jobs to own purposes, destroy, when should be abuse of power and profession, a crime in law, slavery to hold into a member of the family with any reasons (as termination / abortion!) and create the excuse and reason to kill, murder, exclude from society, that I passed the hypocrite syndrome by 20 million offer, tackle loneliness and ask if that money do not come from foreign wars, benefits removed from UK citizens and 30 years excluded by family members and society that better use money wisely, furthermore when taken from the poor and enrich the wealthy, that reflects the abuse imposed!-

I never gained a dime of help, when wrote the notes in my blog, but entertained the media, exactly the same as the rest members of my family, ripped apart, excluded from society and family life (sent to mexico city, new york, mexicali, jalapa, etc), but the idea is to enlarge our culture and Mexican Presidency of the time, gain seat to become president thanks to us, because I am in the same place as when requested help, mean left me here with intention to exploit ( the same as my family left me with the azpiri clan, for so long!! ) and forced to write for FREE for their own advantage, or rip the blog apart as tread, when slavery is a crime and when finished the criminal damaged, put my children to hide the real criminal? –

I was unaware of the ex/husband and his sister social worker role into my family, because need of an English person to open the doors to the influx in the UK, someone that understand own system as social worker (carol parker), never me, born in Mexico, only UK citizen, that aid with the Mexican family of mine, many work, or attached to government resources to manipulate, as elder sister (josefa) husband and the rest sisters husbands work, or relate to the government (pemex, by alfredo matamoros, beto hazz, azpiri, parker, etc) somehow, manipulate the Mexican politics, media and government affairs to own benefit, orchestra against me and my family, receive our benefits without us ever know – until today, grants to aid themselves, enrich, prosper, progress, incredible the abuse!-

Nothing of this government and politics affairs help me (and/or my children) in any way, form, shape, neither I work for such entities, put food on my plate, enhance my life, give me a dime, but all goes direct to charity instead of me and mine to benefit, without my permit, consent and knowledge trespass like thief my life, respect nothing of my persona, progress in a way that I become financial dependent, famous (for the wrong things!), rich, wealthy, neither helps family, but all exploited exactly like me, and you only need to see them, to understand and believe my words, abuse, mean my parents and their own children never ever worked in any government and politics affairs, but somehow placed in this world, forced to re-direct the real bully, where arrived to me today and I can see the signs by same shows, violence, lonely life, excluded by society, family, intolerance, hate propaganda, segregate culture, bullying and subjected to live in the past, now is my turn, unless EXPOSED the lot and own abuse against me and mine, neither of them told me a thing in the past, but managed to make endless deals to keep them happy, distracted, shut up and receive all kind of benefits available, bribery to live a parasite life, particularly when concern my private life, all and everything stolen, many times passed to them and own world, christian charity for their own amusements.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Ant and Dec comedy duo ..

Matrimonio de Amor ..

Ant and Dec comedy duo, small boys that grow up together for so many successful years and I really hope, many more to come, but as any other kind of life, wants privacy, understanding and respect.

I am not fan of any of those 2 grow up men, now, Ant and Dec, but become very interested after past matters went open in the life of Ant´s, which I believe now in plans of divorce and I really hope for the best of both of them ( ), because this obsession, toxic, control freak and possessive love need to stop, otherwise it looks as bullying, mean if the man, Ant, wants, he could go back together with his wife, but instead wants a divorce, start a fresh, new life, instead of crashing his life, over and over again! –

However after Dec changed his señorita years ago, life looks more rosy now, than before, married his manager Ali Astall in 2015 and the couple are expecting first child together and I hope many more to come, blessing years.

Because looks as if anyone intent, dare to leave the nest, rest comes against in packet of dozen, acting more like a bunch of bullies, ASBOS with slander of reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) to hunt, hurt even more and start of what we know in law, bullying, with obsessive, sick, paranoid, toxic love, when those people are not happy, ready to let the victim go, use anything and I mean anything to continue the hurting, hunting victim to the end of love, perhaps until the person is badly hurt, abused, bullied, trashed, killed and many die in a very well planed, accident.

– We saw the case with HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles, even after divorce he went to Paris collect her body, perhaps to make sure nothing stand between him and Camilla, neither let Diana, Princess of Wales to find new love, because in the past, how many times Diana bounced from one love, to another, even when his mother, The Queen told him not to get involve, but went to Paris with Diana’s sisters, never Diana´s mum? –

– We saw with Paula Yates and Bob Geldof, constant involve in the woman’s new love, life and everything, even after divorce and in fact he kept his child as trophy, mean he won custody and the other child passed away by the same manipulative, control freak, obsessive, sick and ill syndrome.

– We saw with my case and many women worldwide that walks in life, with no laws and in order to deter BULLYING, protect victim, mean ex-husband control freak, ill, sick obsession, manipulative, vengeful, even the t.v. comes with his name, password and wonder from where he check on me, see me trough the glass panel, as if some kind of mad and weird sicko-path, pardon me, but I know zero of electronics, neither reasons why (to have a t.v. monitor with passwords and name?) people know about me, even when I purchase an item, mean my bank account scrutinized, now comes with privacy policy to hide the past history, after years and years of spying my life, as if fish bowl, as if left me in the hands of weird people, then intent to use my children after, hide past criminal action?-

Now that the children are old, I can speak freely of the past, with more mature stage of life, where I will be judge less, but unable to tell you during those horrid years of me and ex/husband battles, how many times I went to see a solicitor to divorce the man and then come back with the “I will change” attitude, that stop, as soon as I ditch the solicitor, then things become at home, war fire again, by the revenge bully and this went on and off relationship, until I started divorce proceeding myself, to the point that the lunatic, mean whoever was with the ex/husband side wanted to impose me a mental capacity (read and pardon the note, link bullies came and managed to destroy my blog, left to probe in law, when no respect whatsoever and I want to see if your J.K. Rowlings and/or any British writer will be hurt this way, removed all of her things by the envy, including privacy, that act as property, when destroyed my life!- ) and in order to keep holding into my persona, as if slave, hijack, prize win, lottery ticket, windfall, while in reality the abuse, intolerance, criminal activity is a crime in law?!! –

Today I can talk of the years of turmoil, confusion, to the point that I need to open a blog (as mention before) and FB page to request HELP, to no avail, my brother, sister (after detained under the mental health act) passed away, then 2 other sisters after, by then the remainder divorce matters, I finished myself, somehow the courts let me, trust me, consider the mental capacity issue, that I was more embarrassed by the whole thing and so hard to remove the stereotype, after those lunatics imposed, left me with in full public display, and I was even able to negotiate my own divorce settlement, but this horrible life went on/off for more than 30 + years, unable to escape the mental institution, even bullies invented lovers for me and in order to gain better deals, when dealing with divorce, exactly as sister soco put me as the other woman when divorce dieter? –
NTAs viewers predict romance between Ant McPartlin and Scarlett Moffatt – but there’s nothing going on

My children choose to stay with the ex/husband, because of many different matters, issues and work commitment and I complete support, but from this side, I check very close on them, matters looks better now, except the home need better cleaning standards, exactly as he keep his personal matters, because is his home, like my home I clean myself, never my children, as they are not servants, maids, slaves, etc.

The ex/husband can read my blog if he wants, see how he left me, consider the ups and downs of today, left me complete broke, worse off, destroyed, included my reputation as I am in the public life, pretty much as victim of the WWII, that left the place with nothing on, walk off with, children and family killed in the gun fire, life robbed of opportunity and even lost unborn children in the battle, but nobody of my family ever told me of this matter before, because after investigate (with respect to the Queen everything into my past, looks as everyone and I mean everybody at home knew, even government, politics, neighbors, doctors, gp’s, church, family, dentist, royalty and left me with a complete sickness ( that entered my life, without my permit, consent, knowledge to steal, break my environment, even arrived to the UK (sergio gomes pintado, my mother helper, benita and direct where I worked with mary wall, nieces studied 2 not just 1, but 2 university places in the uk and all for FREE, with a wave of family problems, lies, slander: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc, against my reputation, SOLD me like slave, when is a crime in law and in order to gain and enrich their own life for FREE, see following link: ) to destroy my reputation even further, help the ex/husband side, probe own matters, exactly like entered veracruz and destroyed my brother (jose) reputation, business, as I was told, exactly like entered puebla and destroyed sister (ana pia) home and reputation, as I was told, exactly like entered germany to destroy soco, sister marriage, life, reputation and removed her children from her reach, passed everything to her ex/husband, beto hazz destroyed a family (soco and her two sons), separate, then he (beto hazz) was unable to keep his children, landed into my sisters (flor, mara, etc) homes in mexico,
exactly like my parents endured with own children after arrived from mexicali (and no necessarily by josefa), new york, etc and all this weird world thanks to the UK / Mexico government affairs, facilitate the means, ways, tools, equipment, “as need to come from high places”, so it goes around in circles, because even the ex/husband ( ) comes with his own past, so both families even mix/match in heaven and only a few at home”stable” and somehow saved.

Some days I believe, I will never escape the past life, I started imagine the worse during divorce times and went to the courts more often, that I should be there, but I wanted reassurance, that the divorce matters was active, requesting this and requesting that to make sure, I was escaping the shit hole that my family put me inside, when I wanted to cancel the marriage, my brother (jose) told me divorce if do not work, never ( told me that I could never return back to azpiri home, where I was forced to stay, like rafa forced away from my parents home, when him and my mother fights, as she wanted him to give the mass at her home, become a priest, reasons why he went to mexicali and after moved to the 16 september, but placed to me the blame, then after placed to me the blame with pancho HAND incident, mean used, abused, cashed even with zermatex factory lies, then closed the doors, but nobody of sisters and brothers need this kind of life, blackmail, begging, because my parents were no poor, except elder sisters married men that would not contribute financial to own needs, like the ex/husband to me, mean is a circle of abuse, that he deny like Judas any contact, but it’s not clear, otherwise where he got the ideas, his parents, NEVER acted this way, his mother was in full custody of both wages, impossible!!? – The azpiri living accommodation was made to force my parents hand cash for my stay and me to stay as babysitter after working for free, as if purchased my life, slave, hijack, pay for her endless factory zermatex lies, when is a crime in law the slavery, horrendous!) worked, that was a lie, sister (ana pia) and mother returned me back to England inside my father car, exactly as when I confronted sister (flor) of her bullying to me, inside her husband car, never knew that such people, unable to tell me the real reasons by person, with intention to gain full revenge, helped by the ex/husband and his “family problems” that also was a mix/match.

I cried in the past non-stop, today I laugh, but on those horrid years, plus the mental capacity crap, lies, abuse, hatred, slander was really doing my head, for once tested my knowledge of psychology, law, criminology and metaphysical studies all by myself, believe me, nothing match those weirdos, it really done my head with a wave of intolerance and my children need to see, read all this roman holocaust, in public life destruction against own mother, like Diana, Princess of Wales and Paula Yates in full public display, except that I lost unborn children instead, stand in the middle of nowhere watching this faena of me and the ex-husband, that I resolved to make a blog and explain better, i need to protect them with all my almighty, or those bullies could destroy us with no mercy, care, love, respect, nothing!-

I can only say to Ant, that I was there before him, I can see the same signs with his wife and the ex/husband, both looks as if someone standing by the front door, unable to give happy life, neither let the man, Ant to find new life, girl and move on.

I mean the past car crash, losing his job and reputation in public was not enough to break the nerves to anyone, plus rehabilitation, including clues how bad his life was going, when we hardly know this man, neither the public, as all was closed guarded between him and his wife, then suddenly a lot of breakage came out into the public domain, for us to understand the severity of the problem, including the courts of law to bring a law, that deter any ex/husband, ex/wife, or ex/past life near us (restrain order), but to prove is very hard, because (in my case use the children) I tried during divorce times (see link, with respect to the Queen, impossible, but you can see with his new señorita (Anne-Marie Corbett as explain before with links) and the ex/wife making a complete show in public, when both are going with divorce matters and me, I use a blog to explain, by the lot that came against my reputation, removed the law with intention (and links to probe in law), that somehow and pardon me, but I want to clean my name, reputation, could that be possible, I am allowed, the law is for me too, etc? – Good Luck! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker