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Plan to evacuate The Queen Elizabeth II, after Brexit ..

God Bless The Queen! –

Plan to evacuate the highest command in law of the UK, which is The Queen Elizabeth II after a no -Brexit and I ask in law, why to evacuate, what are the reasons in law for the escapade, what is there to hide and from who, furthermore why now see, the extent of the damage may bring to the UK, with riots as a result and not before the referendum and not before the general election and not before commitment fully, with the European community.

– By the use of my UK citizenship, I am allowed to ask many questions relevant to Brexit, gain answers, entitle fully all the details regarding the case, true facts regarding matters, before any commitment and together with the rest (UK = Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) to find an amicable solution, never commit when doubt, when no explain properly, when guess, when hide the true, but fully understood, explain in plain English, hold a copy each over matters, never gamble the life of The Monarchy, Country, Land and Glory, because in reality, nobody knows fully well, what is going to happen after Brexit.

– By the power that The Queen Elizabeth II gives us ( ), I have the right to ask, request, question, demand proper answers at any time, of anything that jeopardize my safety, freedoms, rights, liberties and laws regarding Brexit, rightful to place an honest opinion, as now, if I see something is not right, express fully my point of view in public and for public concern without suffering reprisals by no-one, furthermore when the concern is regarding safety (evacuate) of the Souvenir of the country is our duty to protect, care, respect and even expose, if necessarily, anything that removes our peace, comfort, wealth, opportunity, benefits, jobs, prosperity, education, family, parents and even our children and yes, I do have the rights without questioned all the time, over my attitude by no-one, but respect, show tolerance and the same as me is the rest in the UK, because is our right to protect Queen, Country, Land and Glory! –

As such, I ask with respect, what is Brexit: “A state of war country, or a merely removal of the European community membership (?)”, furthermore when nobody got a clue over matters, never investigate properly, neither intent to read agreement and purpose of the same, before going into Brexit, but still want to drag us into the unknown, hold the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland) as a random, hijack our life, rights, freedoms, laws, liberties with little, or none investigation?!”-

If Brexit is so good for the UK, then I ask, why need to affect badly, even The Queen Elizabeth II (evacuate), when is only a exit from the European community, but hold the rest of us, like trophy, instead of a respectful manner, above all pay taxes for a good service, never to be dragged into personal problems, something that belong from government to government, perhaps staff resolution, between UK and EU, never the community, because in reality, nobody should bring personal matters, problems, issues to work, but leave them at home and I ask, who monitor ( “MP calls for social media regulation” when politics affairs concern all of us, part of our community, why no monitor politicians for once, because I have a concern regarding Brexit!!?) behavior, from politics affairs? –

Why assume that Brexit will lead us into riots, if not the same disagreement will bring the outcome of the country protest, discontent, mean an unprovoked attack to the souvenir of the country, made with full intention, instead of seeing venues of peace, like ask for another referendum, but this time with full facts, true matters and no more lies!? –

I want to know, what is the purpose of Brexit, who is going to benefit, what’s good for the country, in which way will change the cost of living, our way of life, for who is Brexit, mean is an exit, or intent to start a war, in which way will change the course of the law, may sabotage the peace with the excuse, what measures to control, stop, furthermore when jeopardize the stability of the country, when the measure (evacuate) was used during WWII and the Queen Mother refused to move and she said: “The children won’t go without me. I won’t leave without the King. And the King will never leave.” .. full stop! –

The Queen cannot get involve, dragged into any kind of dispute regarding Brexit, “except when concern her safety only”, because this is not Scotland (Independence) part of the UK (Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland) years ago, complete different matter – one, to another, but her own government to deal alone and if they want the Brexit, except keep Her Majesty, The Queen posted all the time with the results. Because The Queen Elizabeth II do not rule the European community, but ruled by own Monarchy ( see my FB page that holds a quarter of Monarchy life around the globe, far to many for The Queen to get involve in foreign matters that concern her own government only, like Brexit, never Her Majesty!! – ) and as such cannot get involve, jeopardize the excellent relationship from one to another, at any cost, such interference can become complete dangerous, that during WWI and WWII many Kings and Queens were wiped as a result (see Germany, Russia, etc), but her own government to use the initiative, find a way to compromise, pursuit peace at all cost, gain communication all the time, restore confidence, etc.

Here, there is not a Constitutional / House of Lords / Article 50 / Monarchy crisis, except their own government, that wants to lead us into Brexit, with no research properly into the matters, insist to solve differences, problems by removal of the EU, instead to find a final solution, not a catastrophe, personal issues and etc!-

We have the right to ask, as many questions we see reasonable, regarding our concern with Brexit and what is going to gain in the long term and government staff to answer such concerns in a polite, courteous way, furthermore during transaction other than wars, because the rest (Scotland, etc) may start after with the exit (Independence) from the UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland), dragging the rest of us into another personal problem and I wonder to ask, who monitor such behavior within politics affairs? –

As a tax payer, I have the rights to use the local services in the community for me and my children, without the interference of a third people, including politicians and (local) government staff that monitor, control such council services for us and today, I am unable to understand why, I was refused the same privileges as the rest, including the II plus exam from Trafford is only an excuse to select whoever they seek better, pass to the rest our opportunities, remove our children their own human rights, forced to work to pay the school fee’s by lack of support and in order to gain such education, when our taxes in the community (trafford), pay for the luxury was not free, but removed as a result of the interference. On that time, I went to see Sir Brady to place my concerns over matters, debating a few numbers that my children missed the holy, almighty and sacred, “II plus exam”, to no avail and just before I left his posh pad, office, when reached the front door the man concern whispered, then I turn over to understand his words, “he wished me luck!” – I am not going to wish Mr Brady nothing today, I only want to ask him, what is like to be in my place, position, but years ago, when my world was about to collapse and he only wished me good luck, instead of help, but left me on my own, complete alone. I am not going to be placed into Mr Brady’s same (low) level, but he will have to explain to my children and for public concern, why he failed them so badly, mean you, we are talking about a few numbers missed in the II plus exam, never half’s, or even a quarter, including own human rights trashed into small pieces, unable to gain the education that their own parents (me and the ex/husband) worked so hard for them, “when we were paying taxes, never was free”, because size of the person is not going to intimidate me at any time, believe me when I am telling you, I have been seeing better and same level for a long time, when intent to protect my children from such (racism is the difference in treatment from one race, to another!!-) strong force, but his own education was left for everyone to see today! – I want today my children to receive a full public apology, because it was a matter of racism, more than anything, when I hold the full backing of Saint Bede’s college that was unable to understand reasons why, of the refusal of my children in Trafford area education system, compensation direct to my children for injury of feelings and my money back, when I never need to pay for same kind of education that Trafford council offers, but forced to move to Manchester (Saint Bede’s) and on that time, I went to see all of them (Mr Brady and Trafford council education depto) several times, child after child, mean more racist such people could not become, affecting even my health by the worse bullies, ASBOS of society, intolerance and racism. With respect to The Queen, Elizabeth II maybe my children can pardon the past, but I am not because the whole system, racism and even II plus exam left me complete drain and not just my health badly affected by the (bullies) intolerance, racism when going around in circles with the problem, affecting child by child that was obvious and even the Head teacher ( – Mr Mackmorrow) sent me threats letters and only for asking, that he will sued me and I want him to know, that I am still waiting for the blessed day?! – After seeing the movie African doctor ( ) and Loving truly understood, what the ex/husband and I went into ( ) not quite the same, but not far from it and I mean with the racism and in fact, we lost the lot as a result, even our dignity with the fight for our rights, particularly myself I was left drained, but a few times dragged the ex/husband to the meetings and as such is normal for me today, ask, a form of compensation to Graham Brady and Trafford council services, because they should know better, understand the UK law and own work principles, knew fully well what they were doing, who they were playing with, where they wanted to reach, what was their own aim, pursue and us paying taxes for the abuse of power and profession?!- Instead to tell me by the local government staff and MP in charge of Trafford (Mr Brady) on that time, what was the problem (soco emigrate to the UK from Germany after divorce and she asked me details of Mr Brady and council services to gain help, benefits, but unaware of any “family problems” after gain the information passed to family members that cashed based on slander against my reputation; 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc, removed everything from me and mine, even the law with respect to the Queen: and even my mother helped arrived, with full knowledge of the trafford council staff, all this complete circus, orchestrate, helped, hide with “confidentiality acts” the cowards? – ), reasons of refusal, why services in the community of Trafford removed from our reach, but fully supported the family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), intolerance, criminal activity, bullying and hide with confidentiality acts, when they understand fully well the principles of laws and their own position in this country, never foreign people, many members of my family, but British Institution, incredible the assault to our persona and way of bullying society! –

I hope today, such professional misconduct, understand fully well, what I endure during my stay in Trafford and I want you to know, that me and my children are victims here, never believe that was our fault at any time, but such people in charge of the community should know better, when used as wall and for us unable to gain a good quality of life when paying taxes, but removed of our human and civil rights, NEVER AGAIN!! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker




YURI – popurri (jarocho) El Homenaje

Es una tristeza enorme, que en esta epoca se necesite cambiar las palabras para poder triunfar en el mundo y muchas veces usar la Iglesia, sus santos, reliquias, vaticanos para cubrirnos en su manto, solo por hablar con la verdad, francamente, de frente, decir las cosas por lo que sòn y como en realidad las miramos.

Como Veracruzana, gente honesta que habla con la verdad, no me parece esta situaciòn que ponen a varias actrices, actores en esta situaciòn tàn denigrante, solo por decir lo que sienten, como ven las cosas, pero jugar la carta del “racismo” por si todo termina mal y asi poder triunfar, pero en paises desarrollados ese sistema ya no sirbe para nada, ya no pueden chantajear, dominar, etc.
etc ..

Roma es una versiòn de lo que yo escribi y con musica, por pola, “porque todo copian”, sin mi permiso, consentimiento, saber de la misma, porque nada es original, idea suya, pero robado, copiado, usado, resiclado, que bàsicamente me podria ir en contra, de quien me robo mis derechos de autor.

En vez de sentirnos orguyosos de haber sobrepasado en Mexico, no solo en educaciòn, deportes, pero ahora en cine, “porque yo tambien soy Mexicana”, ahora estàn jodiendo para amoriguar, tapar, tomar ventaja, etc.

Ahora resulta que despues de todos esos años, ciertas palabras (India) ya no valen, basicamente “no ofende a esas personas” – que antes teniamos que cuidar nuestra actitud, porque todo era hipocresia para tomar ventaja, dominar, controlar, pero hoy es todo lo contrario, un nombre de orguyo para todos aquellos, que nos vendieròn (malinche) por nada, tomaròn de mensos a toda la familia, forzando a hermano para casarse con una Benita y al otro, con una Pola.

Yalitza Aparicio en una protagonista de la pelicula “Roma”, que ha causado mucho que decir en los medios pùblicos internacionales, como nacionales.

Sin embargo nada tiene que ver el nombre “Roma” con nuestro pais Mexicano, pero el Vaticano le diò todo el soporte, mucho menos sus raizes que causa tanta controversia, manifiesta no solo en el producto, pero tambien en el paquete.

Recuerdo de joven mis padres que eran comerciantes, compraban articulos de todo indole, tipo, muchos venian hasta de China con respeto, pero todo copian con su mercancia y hoy preguntamos, representaban nuestras raizes, entonces porque Roma? –

La pelicula Roma acapara burlas, criticas, racismo, ofensas y exactamente, como yo vivì por esa gente (benita) que trabajaba con mis padres, “se vestia igual que yo” para acaparar las burlas en la familia, sobajar nuestra hermandad, dominar, subyugar, jugar el papel encomendado, pagado para joder nuestro hogar, saciar a los bullies, mochos, puritanos, hasta seguir a Inglaterra con el fulano (sergio gomes pintado) que abusò de mi cuerpo, porque esto es lo que tenemos de familia, esto era lo que teniamos de servicio, donde mandan, apoyan, dan permisos hasta destruirte, molestarte, joderte, romper tu reputaciòn y despues no recordar, tapar, etc?.

Lo que me llamò mucho la atenciòn no fuè la pelicula Roma, porque ya que la habia visto 30 años antes de su estreno, a vivo y a todo color con esa forma de vida, cinta, pelicula la vivi con mi familia, pero ciertos acontecimientos, entonces ahora se imaginan cuantas Romas saldriàn? –

“Envidia tienen de las que tienen talento, nacieròn con estrella, tienen luz propia, brillan por si solas, no de aquellas que hacen su papel todos los dias (asi cuando, no salen ni en kermess, pero cuando salen en vez de representar bien su papel, incluyendo su penacho de moctezuma, malinche, india se hacen las ofendidas, mandan sus bullies para atacar, joder, criticar, molestar, ofender al resto y callar solo por dar una opinion, decir lo que todo Mexicano sabe y desde cuando, lo demàs ya es hipocresia, falsedad, etc!) .. !!” –

Me protejo y a mis hij@s con la ley, cualquier ley mundial, incluyendo la ley canonica, imperio de la ley, magna carta, que mi Dios es mi testigo, ayudame Dios y asi serà por la ley! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker


The Queen Elizabeth II plea for “respecting different points of views”
With respect, while everybody have their own ideas regarding the Royal Family of Britain, many clash with different kind of opinions, point of views ( the Queen has extolled the virtues “respecting different points of views” ), cultures, ideals, ideas and mine is not different from the rest: “wise words”-

It is regarding “respecting different points of views” plea from The Queen, to Her nation, that for me “as UK citizen” comes far too late, after my life almost destroyed by unwanted intolerance, unprovoked attacks, hate propaganda, sick spread, abuse of power and profession and only because, I wanted to express my own opinion, views regarding certain matters, things in my blogs, fb pages, internet social places, but now is OK after the criminal damaged, as you only need to read the same, with dates, times and etc? –

I could finish now, by sending a public apology to the wife of Prince Harry, upset when I made public our communication in my blog, now is deleted the note as promised and keep copy for my future reference, instead to invite me by person, if that is her wish to do so and I know for sure who I am dealing with, avoid the problems of today, but snob, melodrama, taking advantage and made me feel that is me the wrong one, culprit, when her staff can advice properly, because I do not have a magic ball to know for sure, who is the real person behind an email, neither I was born in the UK with this kind of Royal life, never the ex/husband introduce me into his Monarchy background and I am upset, thinking why, I am refused the normal protocol?-

The Queen Elizabeth II plea for “respecting different points of views” and after I was forced to write 670 notes in my blog to keep the nation entertained with the apparently “family problems” of the British ex/husband (I am Mexican with UK citizenship), when is me the one, that received the hate, ASBOS culture, intolerant world and as the ex/husband mother told me more than 20 years ago, that her brother (jimmy) who lived in London, his house was flooded, forced to live somewhere else as a result, today is very strange with my similarities, when my flat, now building flooded, after a wave of unprovoked attacks against my persona and many times by just expressing a view, opinion? –

I demand justice, forced to pay for another people life mistakes and even another flat’s fault, damaged direct to the building, when is not my side, pipes, flat and easy avoid with jet wash, but need to rip off the building apart, forced to live with No health and safety measures, endless unprovoked attacks, even by expressing a simple view, opinion, etc! – I am not happy! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Quiz: “British Gas” –

Andalusian Spanish Arabic Music: الأنْدَلُس

I want you to take a quiz, with one of the most famous UK resources, services in the community, which is British Gas.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the local shops to buy products and help me bath that way (Tesco and Wilko videos shops should testify the same legally, so no lies here, OK?!!), mean warm my water because my boiler is unable, broken, but soon after my boiler magically worked ALONE and for a long periods of time, mean who was hearing me when bathing, who went to tell whoever concern of the matter and how my boiler worked after with no problems – “magically” non-stop, mean fixed itself with no Boiler Engineer (as the ex/husband told me and vie my children to find)? –

In other words and plain English is my boiler that do not work, or is the British Gas resources that do not work, arrive to my premises as “described by the law”, because the company is selling me an item, product, or whatever you want to call it, “that is not as described in own website, leaflets and purposes” and “that is against the law in the UK”, mean “item not as described by the law” and taking us for a ride, like idiots.

And this makes wars, by the simple reason that I am writing from the bullying to me by staff that works for such companies, presently happening to me since purchase the property, when you the customer and myself pays for something that never ever delivers, arrives, then who is culprit in this case: “the staff from British Gas, or the (local) Council staff that monitor the life of the community like myself, or the “family problems” of the ex/husband, that somehow is able to control staff, product and even company that way (but my children unaware to have somebody to blame / frame after!!?) and/or intent to fix, add extra bits and boobs (but unable to tell me!!!???) as happened to me in the past with the same boiler and the ex/husband came from Manchester to Scotland to fix a thermostat, or they are all together making plans over my life?” –

What I hate in this case is the hypocrisy, vendetta, lies and such attitude in life, mean HIDE in the background for something so simple, idiotic, stupid, but so dear after, when may cost me and my children even our reputation for the interference, forced to repeat own father words to me of what is the problem with the boiler, when in reality maybe is something else, because the man himself never ever appeared in my flat to know for 100% sure, neither my children and myself qualify into that world, but check himself for what may be the problem, innocent, or not, but nobody can make a proper diagnostic by the use of a phone call, intent to read the gas meter with the use of a magic ball, telepathic and etc, impossible?! –

My problem is not the first time with the boiler and/or British Gas ( ), but what I hate is the stealing, misleading the course of the law (mean “product not as described”, which is against the law!!) when selling me, something and arrives nothing and I use the same “pay as you go” with EE phone to know better, see the difference and I am able to use my phone, monitor, control, correct and even purchase new credits that way, mean actually see the product, I am in charge, but different with British Gas, that nothing appear and all disappear like magic? –

So as my shower is unable to gain the product (British Gas) to warm the water, control the temperature and enjoy a peaceful shower and this is not my first time, reasons why I went to buy yesterday the products to take my bath /shower this way by the use of buckets, soon after the heating system worked beautifully, non-stop warmed my home, so what I am supposed to think, mean who is manipulate my life this bully way!!? –

We are living in the UK like the WWII, bombing the Queen Mother to leave the premises if we studied the past, today no different, with any excuses I am attacked even by the use of the services in the community, mean British Gas and the rest, then blame / frame / use me after for no reasons, set of reasons legally, when I am unable to hold the product (British Gas) myself, when I do not work for such peoples, staff and company, when I cannot enter the place and serve myself with the product, then how?-

While I promised my children to stop, full stop any nagging in my blogs (my last note was monday 22 october 2018 till today December? ), fb pages, google, twitter and the rest that helps me to expose the intolerance in public, of what I am enduring with bullies, because my intention is purely to STOP, FULL STOP the intolerance, gain help with”family problems”, issues, matters and nothing else, but impossible when is very well orchestrate by the peoples that hold command of such business ventures, like rich entrepreneurs, council staff, ex/husband that helps and etc!! –

Do you think that with such HORRIBLE behavior, NON-STOP intolerance and BULLYING foreign people like myself (with UK citizenship!!) is going to LOVE the UK peoples and own groups of bullies that are hurting BADLY the economy, system and community resources with own personal vendettas, mean bring to work own matters that intent to damage the reputation of the UK for the worse of the worse and for the rest to make a mockery of our situation with any excuses, win deals and more deals, because nobody is going to win here and nobody is going to take you seriously and/or except, such peoples that see our downfall, so the call is all yours, because I am unemployed, so how is me ?!!? –

And so, before you come against me and mine (my children), please THINK twice, because we are not ruled alone in this world, not matter how much you see us, want to believe, enjoy the trill and apart of my close family that you cannot see, there is more families of our ancestry that will come with such force and in order to protect the whole complete community, mean blood is thicker than water, no threads here, but nobody want to live with “family and their own problems”, wars, famine, dad’s army (, hate propaganda and etc.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Stephen Hawking book: “There’s no God” –

GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO. Antonio Vivaldi. Director: Antonio Fauró

Stephen Hawking’s posthumous book ‘Brief Answers to The Big Questions’ says “there’s no God” – ‘.’ –

Everybody knows full well, who is this almost God impersonator, creator of ideas and world, Stephen Hawking, as how the UK place own people, because if I, or anyone else – foreigner said the same, “without any debate, probe”, may a laughing matter.

And as such, I would like to place my opinion over the debate, issue, matter of “there’s no God” and all in respect of my “Lord”, not Stephen Hawking believes, but my strong believes, nobody else! –

I am not saying that this man, Stephen Hawking is a charlatan, because his education is up to a certain level, that nobody question “that level”, neither nobody has been reached more than a certain limited space, universe and as such, I question his words ( “No one created the universe and no one directs our fate.”), mean where he is based on such believes, that speak for himself alone, nobody else, perhaps own life experience, including illness, education and resources, but up to him and alone (“There is no God” ), not need to drag the rest of us into his own world, believes, perception, life.

It is exactly the same that I am talking about Samantha Markle (multiple sclerosis) and Meghan Markle maybe same sisters, blood by the same father figure, but different paths of life due to color, disability and that affect one ability, more than the other and I question here is the lack of respect, understanding certain illness, sickness, disabilities affect the human race more than the other is for everyone to see, furthermore when Meghan Markle represent invictus games, together with her husband, Prince Henry (Harry = ), for me is a charade of hypocrisy (, because if she can not understand her own sister Samantha Markle cries for help, now is Meghan’s dad badly affected by old age, how on earth anyone can represent that world, because here is not about Prince Harry, his mother is a role model for the world to come, Princess Diana went to a world that nobody ever surpassed before in time Monarchy ( ), excellent example for her son, but Meghan Markle and her own family problems, I ask, who is responsible to teach such manners, love, respect, tolerance, understanding, patience, financial help and etc, who’s? –

Since child 8 / 9 years old, I studied psychology, because my parents were worry that my illness meningitis, after born normal would make me a complete different person, mean the illness classify me disabled according to your principles, but not to mine, so I received help from a fantastic psychologist, close friend of my sister (tere), saw and treat me, passed to me her full knowledge, education, we went since the beginning – drawing houses and reached the very end – full understanding of the principle, process of psychology, with the condition that I could open myself, because she need to tell my parents about me after the treatment was finished, so it worked both ways, we made deals and both benefit, no need to tell you that, since then, “I loved and learned the principle, educate myself alone, followed the educative material, let the person free after treatment, never ever made me a better person that my family, brothers, sisters, parents, but complete different and I refuse today, learn their own bad example, keep quite for the benefit of a few blessed sons and daughters of God, but understand better their own persona, personality, character.

I also studied alone Metaphysics, that question everything, even the universe, our creator and his infinite world and this time is for real, no impersonator like Stephen Hawking, but you participate, also studied the English law and Criminology after my brother (jose) was badly hurt, helped me to divorce fast, gain a decent pension after marriage that a solicitor refused and even help me to control the ex/husband this way and every step gained with education, I become more human that a divinity, mean is not right to gain such principles, education to undermine humanity, blame “God” for own illness, sickness and endless excuses, but understand better the human race, force ideas that may do not exist for the benefit of it, impress the rest, but not to me, place yourself in the same level of an illiterate, teach them progression without owning their ow life, because slavery is a crime, reasons why I use my blog, internet social media to communicate that way.

Now to make a book is an excellent idea, bring rewards, money, success, but print one book public, over what one of us believe strong is also good, until certain point, where we can all debate, question the contents of the book, here I am talking about our “Lord – God” own existence, like Stephen Hawking book and I would like to ask in law in which matter, he is based (“There is no God” ) with, how he reached that holy and almighty place, conclusion, where the rest of us, unable, if he is speaking that way, then show us the way not just words, but actual facts, real stuff, not a world that is unreachable, unrealistic, full of visions, ideas, ideals, but bring no real facts? –

Stephen Hawking education is different to mine, I educate myself and him with the rest eminence, essence, God almost almighty and the ones, that do not let you to question nothing, but follow their own educational program, when I was left in high school, purchased the university books – second hand material, even on eBay, mean I do not have a human teacher, except what you call internal Christ, that voice “inside you”, the one is telling you what to do , which way to go, the correct path, and I do not want you to believe my words, try for yourself, talk for advice, speak of anything, want, help and I can assure you, that we are NOT crazy people, but human, individuals that our body was create that way for a reason, communicate with the exterior world, many, so many great people benefit that way and followed their own STRONG, guts, instinct (The Queen Elizabeth II is the finest example, in the series of The Crown speak open of the same and is the chapter where her father passed away and she need to do all by herself, alone, unaided, but followed her own strong instinct, what you call, believe and the rest is for all of us to see today, more clear?!), create wonders in the world that way, today we can see, admire (including world painters, writers and you name it, all of them asked “inside” for guidance and you are telling me that God do not exist?!) and even called genius, then you ask me, how was that possible, who helped them, if was not another genius? –

I am not as near as this man, Stephen Hawking with respect to may concern matters, but to say, that “there is no God” is like saying there is not World and then say, that “there is not world” is like saying, that we, HUMAN PEOPLE do not exist, including planets, universe, animals, plants, sun, moon and the rest infinite, then I would like to ask you, “what exactly do you see around your life, is not a full world, including your mother, father, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, community, and everything that you live and breath with, today, mean nothing, fresh air, or the divine creation of my Lord, what you call God, then you tell me, who is holding us!?” –

Well, I am not sure if he was the son of God ( ), because we are all in the same place, children of our Lord, but Jesus Christ definitive is and was a JEWISH man and one of the very best, bring so much goodness to humanity, that the Christians would not let him go, need him! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


What is Psychopathy VIOLENCE ..

What is Psychopathy VIOLENCE:

– verbal abuse
– sexual abuse
– physical abuse
– financial abuse
– harassment
– despise
– isolation
– intimidation
– threats
– emotional abuse
– bribery
– culpability
– use of children
etc ..

Before I married the British ex/husband, emigrate to the UK, I lived at my family (including sister flor) home with sick predator, sexual, verbal and physical abuse ( ), harassment, bullying, non-stop intolerance and abuse of power and profession, by an elder brother (Rafael) against me, “someone that need to take on me, satiate own inside with a victim and that person was me”, same family of mine knew very well the matters, hide from the law and public view, even matched me ( ) with a similar persona, personality and character mean the ex/husband played the part during our marriage and in order to help my family into their own personal issues, matters, problems, mean as form of punishment by my family to me and teach me a lesson and in order to learn to love my brother that way (by the use of the ex/husband, tell me if they were no complete sickos, psycho, mental, weird and bullies, when in reality is incest to love your brother, a crime in law, never mind the slavery, mean holding the life of a person to denigrate, use, abuse, defame and slander own reputation with lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc!??.)? –

Today same educational pursuit, sexual harassment, abuse of power and profession is followed by elders sisters and brothers own children against me, many of them unaware, neither bonded and that way continue hurting my reputation badly, with the sick / ill legacy – full of perpetrators bullies, that acts, follows after like Psychopathy (a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, dis-inhibited, and egotistical traits .. ) vendetta?-

This form of sexual abuse, threads, intolerance, bullying, harassment, intimidation, abuse of power and profession was never accepted by my parents, but my elder sisters and brothers own sick / ill games ( ) against the rest, as me – a victim and my brother (Rafael) was shipped to Mexicali with the elder sister (josefa) full support, protection and perhaps encouraged this kind of abnormal behavior (Psychopathy) against me and the rest, because my brother (rafael) all his life and even today, saw her (josefa) as his own mother (deny our mother the luxury to call mother, tell me how bad is the matter, how weird is the game, how sick become the sickness, illness, because somehow today my children removed from me by a distance, exactly like happened to soco, flor, lupy and the rest?), that lasted until I married, now divorce intent to resurface, resurrect, etc?-

All the way until today, I left open by me, expose in the full public and for public concern, because the elder sisters, brothers and their own families got the law into own hands (when qualify in law representatives, even if against the law to use against own family, but pass the law?), got the church to own benefit and even got politics and government affairs (in Mexico, UK, Germany, etc) to own pasture, use against me and the rest family members when suit them, send threats, inflict fear, stop me to reach my potential in life with the endless slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, neither gain access to a court of law and stop the abuse, gain justice.

Acting elder sister (josefa) with brother (rafa), exactly like the other sister (flor) supported fully the other brother (jose), that in the past, another sister (mara) blamed brother (jose) of sexual misconduct and shipped to Mexicali with an elder sister (josefa) for the same matter, years after same sister (mara) blame sister’s (josefa) husband (javier) of sexual misconduct and for me today to receive her other end and sick lies, forced (mara) by my mother and sister (tere) “on that time” to travel America and closed her feminine part, today reflects with me, with the trans ( mesh and I do not know of which family gave the order (mine and/or the ex-husband in the UK), mean is always somebody, a victim like me, frame and blame after of their own sick / ill world, without mention the forced termination (abortion), injuries to my persona by the same weird people, family and own problems!!?-

All the problems created from our elder sisters, brothers against the rest members of the family and in order to cash from my parents business and use us, as cash machine to draw money with serious problems that require the law, between them and bring to the rest of the family this misfortune, abuse, bullying, unprovoked attacks against our life and our children, hurt our reputation badly and dismiss our persona to own games, fun and benefit ££$$$.

A problem between elder sisters, brothers that started when younger the abuse, because I am the youngest of the family, mean I never lived the time, ordeal and own life, but use the rest of us to eat, exploit, abuse with any excuses to commit, command, order and get hold of us for a life, as if we are possessions, slaves, games to play, because after the elder sister (josefa) got hold of brother (rafael), then used another sister (mara), acting exactly the same, as the other elder sister (flor) got hold of my brother (jose), then she came after me, I lived in her house since younger, but forced to leave the same as sister (mara) when in mexicali, blamed the other sister (josefa) husband of sexual abuse, for me was exactly the same, a sexual misconduct (mean pancho hold my hand and put in his manhood, but I got the blame, for me was a relief to leave his home, but not when broke my reputation? -) against my persona, reputation.

When I was not good for nothing, mean after cashed my persona, gained a factory business as form of payment, then sold me (flor) to foreign land (as link explain: ), forced me to marry the ex/husband and all due to what her own son did to me (hold my hand to put in his manhood), which was an excuse to sack me, kick me out, full intention to damaged my reputation, I was blame with full intention to downgrade my persona, pay for lies that I never committed, spread against nobody.

So the sexual abuse, contest was there for everyone to see, members of my family and ex-husband family that bonded together during our marriage, when I was not looking, aware of their own games to frame and blame me after of everything, possible to mind, destroy me, leave me alone to suffer the slander against my reputation, unable to enter any family home and all due to the same abuse, mean holding human people at random, when slavery is a crime in law, any law worldwide, wonder who is paying criminal damages, criminal assault, crimes for my unborn children, etc.

I prefer alone ( ), that followed by psychopathy, sexual harassment, bullying, vendetta, abuse of power and profession, intolerance and what worry me now is this sick / ill disturbances of the third kind, used as an educational pursuit, tool for the elder sisters, brothers to own children, that today follow same patter of parents sick, ill pursuit against victims and in order to continue the legacy, mean me and mine (children), with the merry go round intolerance, that never ends with sick games, until the law is used to stop, full stop, but reasons why they remove everything from us ( ) to continue eating, studying and gaining life, even kill us to silence own sick / ill games, world, family business, malice, etc.

What is more sick, unable to understand, accept is after the sick games, ill spread, sexual abuse, mental torture, harassment, bullying from the elder sisters and brothers against me, intent to blame, frame and false accuse myself, then my children that they were not even born “on that time” not this time and my parents ( ) after, excuse for their own mental disturbances, is way out of order, when both families, including the ex/husband and his sister, social worker very happy contribute together with my family since the beginning, cashed ££$$$ on me and my unborn children used to spread, have the excuse to arrive places with the card against me, only denote their own sick / ill world.

It’s today, that I fully understand, the dangerous games, pastimes, crimes from such “family and their own problems”, removed from me not just my family in mexico, country, land, friends and passed to someone else with no care, respect, but also intent with my children, when in the past, I was unable to gain access to accommodation ( ) near us, with full intention to use me, as today, more than 666 FREE notes in my blog to address your BRITISH problems, deny us everything, act as nothing happened, because intent to break us, exactly like happened to soco and happens to my children friends, mean all connect, participate, play a game.

Today I am placed in the stand by, wait for my children to visit, like happened to soco and her own children, exactly like happens to me and my children now, but use friends lives that takes priority by own problems, illness and sickness, when nobody is able to purchase own life, because nobody is eternal, mean always find the excuses to break families, frame/blame, mix/match by own sick mind, like the ex/husband mother illness, need to find someone to supplant the woman, take over, because when suit the ex/husband family, I was part of them and when not I was an unknown woman, that learned to live alone in the UK, so what me and my children need to be in this world, placed in this “family and problems” and tell me, who create the same, take advantage, abuse?-

I saw it yesterday, when intent to purchase an item, I requested helped from one of my kind (child) regarding the matters, except the ex/husband was standing next to her, listened to all, because I heard the noises in the background, then I do not need to tell you, that the item was removed from my purchase, either by ebay, paypal or my bank account that the ex/husband transfer money to me, may get full access to see the purchase details and I am DIVORCE from him, mean which rights he got over me, “by the constant use of the children (?)”, so they get the blame / frame after?-

Because the same matter happened to me in the past, removed all my jobs, business and life in general, started on the time that my children were not even born to be blame today, like frame to me in the past, so who is causing this abuse of power and profession, possession into my life, use me as excuse, when slavery is a crime and my private world removed constantly, instant, by the full attachment into my personal world (exactly like peppita jr, told me back in 1985 that she kept sergio gomes pintado, mean I am unable to see what good from a person that abused me sexually, but maybe she kept the rest of my past, present life, including the ex/husband, friends, my children and the lot to control and wonder if this is a normal behavior no matter excuses, a world where they can inflict pain, terror, abuse, but not us expose in public, or send threads, etc!?- ) with no respect.

All the business in the UK use “confidentiality acts” all the time, but not for me, as the transaction yesterday was very clear to me (I worked in the bank, foreign exchange, post office, financial world, etc), between purchase and pay was a question of 2 hours the whole lot, mean I spoke over the phone at 2.00 pm for advice, by 4.00 pm all gone and served a full refund, mean somebody “went to tell them ( ), tip off, grass them and even falsely accused, because still selling the items (mean removed from my reach, then was actually a corrupt seller, etc?)?”-

As since the divorce, still waiting to gain justice, services in the community, benefits, life in the UK, employment, but for the rest all is sorted in 2 hours, or less, because is not a question of purchase, I can purchase again, no problem, but gave me a full insight into my world in less than 2 hours and who is in charge of the same, when we are supposed to be DIVORCED, because my children are not educate that way, I never used that system with them, I am not perfect, but hold no malice and me thinking SLAVERY, mean keeping a human person to own benefit ££$$$$, or for any other reasons, purpose of life, without the person consent, permit, knowledge was a crime in the UK, because if you notice careful, all the things are happening in the back of the person that is unaware, but dealing with the matters direct, “that alone can be dangerous”, for later to be blame, frame and not in reality, the criminal that caused the damaged, hurt, malice, Psychopathy VIOLENCE, etc!!? –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Melania Trump: “Africa Trip” –

My African Dream

I believe Melania Trump recent trip to Africa was excellent, courageous, gorgeous, stunning (as usual), brave, caring, generous, patient and very humanitarian, mean not bad for her first solo job, representing America in a very higher place.

I believe strong, this is why Melania Trump holds the power, responsibility, job, position and impossible for people like myself to represent Africa and the world in any way, form, shape, but in good hands and me out of the way for good! –

And I mean to say this matter, because, I cannot accept anymore FB friends, I am a nobody, I consider myself to be the same as you and yours, impossible!-

I am not rich, famous to cope with the amount of people that entered my FB wall and “out of the blue”, so pardon me, but I refuse to be different and anyway, I cannot afford the staff for help (thanks God!!) and as such, I am not hiring! –

I will never believe, that I am different to the rest world people not matter position, way of life, because I was born in Mexico, with a family that they will not let you, in fact will bring you down over and over again, with help from the ex/husband and his own “family problems”-

I do not mind to earn with my job, as writer, but the envy (“family problems”) won’t let you, instead I write in my blog and I will collect FB pages that speak of your culture, way of life, music and that way, I will not invade the privacy of nobody and I mean, if I want to share the same as now, Africa music༼ ♥️ God Bless! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker